Another Great Game, another great plane ride

penaperez550x250.jpgSaturday’s win was so exciting. I’m just glad I was able to experience that. I was actually telling our hitting coach, Steve Henderson, that I had the best seat in the house when B.J. Upton hit that home run. It was a loud crack of the bat and the fans went up in a roar; and to me, that was the coolest thing ever. That was such a cool thing to experience. And I was telling everyone how cool that was. I was like, “Man, I’m really lucky I had the best seat in the house.”

It was so great to win this ballgame, and in extra innings! To get on that plane and actually enjoy the plane ride to Boston is totally different than if we had lost. You don’t even know what a difference it is.

Here at home, the fans are behind us, and to go to Boston, we understand we are going to Fenway Park, but we have proven it to everybody that we have won and we have done it. And that’s very important for us now, you know? We can. So we got to go out there and play like we are playing in our backyard. And for me, I kind of am. My mom and dad are going to be there, so it will be cool to see them.penaswing550x250.jpg 


  1. bossman

    Great Game Guys
    I am a season ticket holder and have seen Maddon and Hickey make the same stupid mistakes with the pitching. Take Kazmir out of the rotation and put Price as a starter.
    Quit taking out a pitcher such as Howell if they are pitching good leave them in until they start to get hit. If the coaches would have taken Kazmir out of the game by the third inning and left Howell in for the next 3 or 4 innings we could have won the game in 9 innings, probably 8-4.
    I was glad to see the coaches starting to use the pinch hitters but where is Rocco? Is he hurt? Zobrist needs to bat left handed that’s where his power is and lastly the fans who only come to playoff games are annoying. I have season tickets in the first row and when we stood up for either the 3rd out or a 3 and 2 count most of the people behind us were complaining. If you don’t get into the game stay home and watch it on TV and let the Real Fans enjoy the games. GO RAYS ALL THE WAY!!!!!


    What a wild ride of a game. I had promised my staff Champagne but we had closed our restaurant and the seventh inning was just starting. They insisted since the Rays had the lead it was a viable toast and it would bring good luck. After the game continued through the end of the shift, the ride home [on radio], the shower [where I missed the wild pitch, Dan Wheeler, by the way, did the most impressive pitching job in that clutch situation that I’ve seen all year] and into the night at 1:45 am, I text the staff that we will be having Champagne every Ray’s game. I had to watch the replay sveral times to see how you had gotten to home plate within seconds of Perez scoring and only by going on the Ray’s website was I able to see the great view of the play you had. I had joked that I was surprised that the Sox catcher didn’t try to tag you. Great game and we’ll be cheering for you while you’re in Fenway and we’ll see you at the Trop’ when you get back!

  3. raysindiansfan

    Glad to know that the team enjoyed the plane ride! I’m sure that Perez & Upton were in charge of tunes this time. On Friday, I witnessed a frozen, almost paralyzed lineup of the Rays against Dice K showing signs of fear on their faces at bat and a restrained energy throughout the team in all facets: defense, offense, pitching… The energy was completely retrained. What I observed SATURDAY was the Rays we know and love in familiar form wherein each member of the team gave it all they had. This team atmosphere has been created from the top down under the leadership of Joe Maddon. He’s a blessing to baseball because of his manners both onfield and off towards the sport and his players he serves as an example of integrity in a society where so much of it has been lost. Hissy fits are not his style. He quashes negativity in the first press conference over any gossipy events of the team. He kills negativity with player incidents the moment they hit the clubhouse entrance and doesn’t allow the media feeding frenzy. he has promoted a positive atmosphere for growth for young and seasoned players alike and most importantly has made valuable every member of the lineup. The pitching success in last night’s game was both a starter and bullpen success and the closer by committee concept worked with Maddon’s team whereas it failed with other (the Indians) precisely because of the consistency of the coaching in valuing each and every player on the team in the duggout and each and every member of the bullpen in the pen. So, when these guys hit the field, they all feel confidence and are eager and ready for their chance to contribute. Maddon has not erred into allowing players to be individual superstars but each a contributing ingredient to the mix, without with the outcome would not be the same. Praise to Maddon, praise to the players and let’s not forget the entire organization that makes what they do possible along with the fan support. Carlos, as for you, we hope you get the Roberto Clemente award from MLB this year for your community service acts of selflessness. In addition, it’s a pleasure to have a baseball player not only who demonstrates talent on the field (Mr. Ribi himself), but who in the press and in his blog demonstrates not only his intellectual ability, but also his emotional depth and love for his career. Thanks.

  4. haveagansett

    That would have been one of the greatest games in playoffs history if the home plate umpire hadn’t “forgotten” how to recognize a strike in the 11th inning. Navarro was struck out and Zobrist got a call on a ball right down the middle. Too bad the ump didn’t let two great teams decide the outcome; I guess he was tired and needed his nappy. Anyway, good for you guys, but I don’t think that’s the way you wanted to win it; to see a mockery made of Mike Timlin, a hall of fame quality pitcher.


    I cannot explain how excited I am for all of you Rays. I am a 73 year old widow and I would like to adopt all of you. You have made my life exciting again. Please don’t let those Red Sox fans get to you this week. Remember and keep it in your hearts that your fans are all back home in their living rooms cheering for every one of you.

    I have always been a football fan and even though my sons and grandsons have played baseball and I went to all of their games, I still preferred football. Not any more. I have become obsessed with the Rays and I don’t want this season to end. What will I do until next spring? Crochet and knit, I guess. I have made a down payment on season tickets for next year.

    You are all wonderful young men. My grandson, Paul Buhrow, who is a friend of J.P. Howell’s, asked me the other day if I would like a baseball signed by Evan Longoria. I said sure but I would rather meet him. Then he asked me who else I would like to meet and I started going down the roster. He said, “Grandma, what would you do if you met them all.” I said, “I would tell each one that he now has another Grandma rooting for him.” Thank you all for making me feel young again. Go Rays!!

  6. tbraysbucs

    Oh, LOVE the Lady above me, how could anyone not want a grandma like her!! She can adopt me too!! I’m so glad for all those who now have greater respect and appreciation of baseball!!
    CARLOS, great at bat last night!! Nice to see you and Crawford get two hits and I’m sure it made your night too!!
    Upton and Longoria both homering in the same game!! Longoria having 3 HITS!!!! Price showing he can play post season ball no problem!! Our Bull-pen coming through nicely! Maddon was on the ball to make sure a pitcher wasn’t left in too long after showing signs of trouble.
    ****Jonny Gomes, you had a word with MLB yet?? Yes, lets get those upper seats open and available at the TROP for games 6 & 7 (if needed). Why do we must wait until the World Series, let’s open them now!! More RAYS FANS cheering you on the better!!
    Lots of Love and Good Luck!!!!
    Keep Believing!!!!
    Go RAYS!!!!

  7. tbraysbucs

    Oh, Sorry, I forgot to mention Cliff Floyd’s home run!!!! That was wonderful to see!!!! I’ve seen how frustrated he’s been! RAYS you are all getting VERY HOT NOW!!!!
    I pitty the other teams, NOT!!!!

  8. indiansfan83

    Last night’s/this morning’s game is what post season baseball is all about…. Take all this energy to Fenway… no other team DESERVES this more than you guys…

  9. kstars018

    Carlos, great game last night! The loss on Friday didn’t phase me, I knew you all would come back swinging. I had to be up very early this morning, but I HAD to stay up for the whole game, I didn’t get to bed til 2 am =). I am so happy for you guys, to be capable of ignoring all the negativity of those Boston, um, fans and media, and focus on each other and how great you are as a team. I just know those teams wish they had the chemistry you all have. It’s unbelievable! My friend visited me this weekend, and she never gets into baseball. But I had her watching you guys, and she was getting into it more than I was! Just goes to show you how wonderful of a team you are. AMAZING! Your fans will be cheering you on from home. Make Fenway go silent like you did last series =) xoxo GO RAYS!

  10. raysfan922

    Yo CP,

    Sweet game last night. The excitement of going back and forth with runs was so stressful! However, when BJ hit the ball to right field, I knew Jet P would turn on the burners and win the game…. It was a long, late ride back to Port Charlotte, but well worth it. —

    It’s too bad ESPN is a bunch of Sox lovin clowns and have to force their biased opinions that two strikes on 3-0 count’s would have made a difference in the outcome of the game. Those opinions and heavy coverage, feeds the nation with excuses for their lose. Yet, fact’s are, the nation may not have even been in Tampa if Veritek’s uncontrolable tag at third base against the Angel’s would have been called correctly. However, that is what baseball is all about. You take the calls you get and move on. And, the Sox certainly get their fair share of gift calls for sure…I think you guys should boycott interviews with ESPN for their lack of coverage and biased opinions for the TB. Rays!!

    Ok bro, it’s even up now! So, lets get busy and bring this thing home. Make us Rays fans back home proud!!

    We are one team, with one common goal…WIN!


  11. marjiea1

    Exciting game. Remind the guys that the sound of silence in Fenway is the same as screaming, clapping and cowbells at the Trop. We’re still here in Tampa Bay cheering you all on. Go Rays!

  12. raysrenegade

    Hey there Carlos,

    First of all Congrats on the game last night. You had a front row seat to the play at home since you were in the On-Deck circle. It is truly amazing how these guys get it done every night for the team. You always stress that it is like a family on the squad, I can agree totally. The way you guys even talk about the fans, and the games seems to be so perfect right now.

    Relax tonight, I know Joe Maddon gave most of you the night off in town. Some had to come to Fenway Park to do some news conference stuff, but you got most of the day at home here in Florida before leaving and getting up there around 6-ish.

    Enjoy the next 3 games and stay loose. You guys will go as far as each of you let this team now. Lester is only a man, even though the Boston faithful are treating him like the next Roger Clemens.

    Bring it back to the Trop so we can win it at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rays Renegade aka Cliff


    I am just going to say we expect you back home guys!
    You are doing great, don’t let “experience” and ” stars” put you down. Remember, the cowbells are ringing, wherever you are 🙂


  14. raysindiansfan

    We know it’s the biased media (ESPN) that is hedging it’s bets on the tried and true Red Sox, but the reality is, they don’t know the Rays as they weren’t even here for coverage during the regular season. So, simple minds have to rely on simple things and past experience in order to make predictions….hey, relying on historical precendence hasn’t worked in the stock market lately either and is for the inexperienced as well. After this year, you can be sure that the “major” networks like ESPN and FOX game of the week won’t wait until the end of the season to cover the RAYS. But followers catch onto trends late in the game, while true leaders are there slugging it out all along letting their cowbells speak for them. So, for those of you on ESPN whining about Sam Holbrook’s calls at home plate, what happened to your camera angles when BJ got the undeserved third strike call earlier in the game? Too busy talking about the history of the SOX I guess. Success is squelched when you start worrying about what other people have to say about you. The media bottom feed on negativity-don’t feed the sharks. The only thing that matters in the books is that Carlos got his HR credited earlier in the season due to home run replay rule. Whine all you want after all the other calls. It was a joy to see a battle of a CLEAN baseball game compared to the Dodgers’ and Phillies’ juvenile displays throwing at heads. So, keep up the integrity, team spirit and go buy some mittens to keep warm in Boston so you’re warm when you beat them! GO RAYS!

  15. bossman



  16. raysfan24

    Hey Carlos you were great the other night!! I think every single player is amazing! You are what baseball is all about! Getting back to the basics. I have given up my personal life to watch every single game the Rays have played. We may not be at every game but we are always watching you. The Ratings on ION when you play prove we may not all be there but we are watching the Rays! It’s hard to decide what Rays shirt to buy. I want all of your names on my shirt! Nobody is more important or greater then the next why just single out one amazing player when you are all amazing.

    When you go to Fenway you are the leader Carlos, the motivator…. The Rays have proven they are among the elite teams in Baseball. Go Rays we are cheering for you back here in Tampa and all over the U. S. A. No matter what we are all proud of you and the team! Keep having fun and playing ball the way it was meant to be played!

  17. huenadonatron

    Brewers fan but also Tampa Bay fan. You guys rock. You’re winning the game hard core right now. 9-1 in the Ninth. Yeah!

    Joe Maddon is the man.

  18. raysfan922

    YO CP,

    What a game! I went to our local Beef O’brady’s to watch the game and the place was crazy with excitement.

    Stay focus bro and take the knuckle baller out!!

    Go Rays!



    Way to go RAYS! What an awesome game tonight at Fenway! Great pitching, super hot bats and Rays superb defense…you sure did quiet those Red Sox fans. Fans all around the country are cheering you on especially here in Tampa Bay. One game at a time and soon you’ll be back home to some real cheering and cowbells.
    We love you and we BELIEVE!
    Go Rays!


    Thank you for a fantastic Game 2! The Rays gave us a game and a finish to be proud of. It was worth every single penny I put into the ticket (and that was a lot of pennies!) and the late hour – wouldn’t have missed that for the world. Game 3 was phenomenal as well. Am so incredibly proud of you, Carlos and the entire team and coaching staff.

    We truly are ONE TEAM! I know the Rays will be in the World Series and you’ll win it at home!!!

    I love my Rays!!!


    I just wanted to tell you what a great person(besides being a great ball player ) you are. What a great example for our future kids. You were kind enough to speak to me when you were walking by. i just wanted to thank you for that. it was a greaT moment for an old lady(76)like me. GOOD LUCK IN YOUR FUTURE AND TELL YOUR MOM WHAT A GREAT JOB SHE DID IN RAISING YOU.


    Hi Carlos,
    My name is Jim Harkins from Lynn. I use to sit with your Dad in the stands watching the Haverhill vs Connery post 6 games talking baseball and Family stuff well into the evening and sometimes early morning! My Son Jason played against you one year and Omar and your Cousin a few years after that.
    Your Dad is a wonderful Man. We have kept in touch over the years reconnecting at Buckley’s Oldtime Baseball Game in Cambridge. I’ve been taking pictures for Buck for the last nine years at the game. That was the Game your Mom and Dad threw out the 1st pitch. I remember taking a picture of your Dad and his brothers at his request and stopping by your house to give it to him along with pictures of you in an Oakland A’s uniform at Fenway hugging your Relatives. Your Dad introduced me to you before the game.

    I sent your Dad a couple of programs from this years Oldtime Baseball Game and told him to give you one. I thought you might like that. Your Dad called me recently and I told him we keep praying for you guys. I’ve kept track of you and Omar over the years pulling for you and staying informed of your status over the internet.
    From Detroit to the Tulsa Drillers to Texas, Sox, Yanks and the Rays. What a trip it’s been for you!
    Like I told your Dad, I’m very proud of you and your accomplishments and your hard work over the years and along with the Oldtime Baseball Game Committe, and many others, are pulling for you.

    Keep doing what your doing and I wish you the best and hope you bring a Championship ring home to your wonderful Family. I was sitting in the 2nd row with my Daughter Julie at Fenway during the 14 inning game when you sent one over the monster! Although I’m a Sox fan, I didn’t go home bummed out and made sure Julie took a picture of you just before crossing the plate. Your Dad asked me what I thought of the hit. I think he still must be giving tips on hitting to this day! Good Luck Carlos.

    All the best,

    Jim Harkins

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