Tired, but ready to relax and then play ball

I had to come here to talk to the media. Otherwise, I would have gone to the beach, it’s such a gorgeous day out. I think today I’m going to take the time to be with the family, go to the beach later on, relax and come back full throttle.

penauptonhighfive275x375.jpgThat’s the plan — just kind of lay low and relax, just enjoy the day. And I said this when I woke up, “Wow, today’s going to be so chill; it’s going to be such a great day.” So I’m going to do what I like to do, maybe read a little bit.

You should see everybody around here has got a little smirk or a smile on their face, which is a great thing. It’s just great, because our overall sense is, “Man, it’s just good to be here right now.” To be able to get to this point, we are ecstatic that we are still talking baseball on Oct. 18!

So we are never going to lose sight of that.

I am just so happy that I can sit here and talk to you about, “Oh, we got a game next Saturday” or “Oh, this happened.” I’m just glad I’m not home in Orlando watching somebody else do it. I’m actually part of it right now.
So we are all very grateful to be in this position, and I think that’s where our focus is — just going along for the ride.

We are confident and we want to go all the way, so we are enjoying every moment as it comes, trying to be very present and not let all this breeze by us.

Everybody’s really, really taking the time to enjoy every second that we spend in October. And hopefully we can be the last team standing.


  1. brian.choquette@gmail.com

    hey carlos….
    i envy you being back in Florida.

    Go get yourself a copy of Paul Simon’s Graceland and pump that beast in your house, or the clubhouse tomorrow. Nothing could put you in a better mood.

  2. 4mjj

    Hey Carlos,
    Congrats on your outstanding season. Last to first……….nothing could be sweeter…………except when you guys clinch the ALCS and move on to the World Series. Stay loose and good luck in tomorrow night’s game. We are all pulling for you and the Tampa Bay Rays! What a story!

  3. mgkme

    Carlos, I am so happy for you all, I can hardly stand it. I have been a fan of baseball for years. Never favoring one team over another…except for the last 10 years when baseball arrived here. There are plenty of fair-weather fans that have jumped on the bandwagon, but seeing all those seats filled at the Trop makes it a good thing.

    The team has really stepped up to the plate (no pun intended) and shown what it is to play together. The Rays have impressed even those diehard fans & announcers of other teams.

    Everyone of you deserve to relax today and regroup your thoughts. It was just a game and we lost. can’t change it. I think it was very polite that you let them win 2 games 🙂

    I will be in my seat on Saturday. Well I bought a ticket for a seat, but can’t stay in it! GO RAYS!

  4. jenndonavan@aol.com

    To be honest with you, I’ve never really been into baseball too much. I guess I just never really learned the game. Football was about the only sport to me. But when the county offered its employees a deal to attend a Rays game on the party deck at the Trop, things changed for me. My best memory of that game was YOU! As you were standing there before the game with your hand hurt, you were still standing by the side talking with your fans! My husband asked you to sign a ball for our 4 year old son. Although at 1st you said that you had a broken hand and couldn’t sign, when we told you it was his 1st baseball game, you walked right over and asked us to hold the ball while you signed it!

    I have to say…your action impressed me so much, that I started watching baseball just to see how you were doing. Now I am absolutely ADDICTED! From never watching it to even watching the NLCS series just to see who you WILL be playing in the World Series! I guess the person above would say I jumped on the bandwagon! But call it what you want…you’re the reason I jumped on and now I won’t be getting off!!

    I seen in one of your comments that you say you are living your dream…Well you live that dream Carlos, every minute of it because it is WELL DESERVED!! Not only are you living yours, but you are making other people’s dreams come true and on top of that…you are making your fans want to dream bigger! (Starting with those young fans that want to be just like you when they grow up!) My son will never forget you and I’m thankful that his 1st memory of baseball will be meeting a player like you!

    Your wife, your daughter, and the whole Rays team are fortunate to have you! As for Rays fans, we are proud to have you on our team! Your parents must be extraordinary people and I can image the pride you have brought them!

    Since you have made such an impact on my family, I wanted to take this time to personally thank you and let you know what a difference you do make!

    I am very proud of the entire team! I can’t wait to sit in that Trop tomorrow to watch you and the rest of the boys bring this team to the World Series! You ALL have brought excitement and honor to the Tampa Bay area! And the excitement continues with our very own Big Game James ready to shut down those Sox!! You guys keep your heads up because you have already shown the world that YOU ARE CHAMPIONS!! WORLD CLASS IN MY EYES!

    GO RAYS!!!

  5. pmaterri@yahoo.com

    What a series at Fenway, y’all may have come out on the losing end of the game last night but y’all were absolutely dominating up there. I bet y’all really surprised them by winning the first 2 so handily. I guess losing is a bit bittersweet, as much as I wanted to have y’all sweep them up there, I also wanted you to be here to share this celebration with your hometown fans.
    I just want all of you to know how very proud I am of you, individually and as a team. Afterall it is the indiviuals that are able to make this team so special. There cannot possibly be another team out there that works so well together. Thank you for giving us such a fantastic season.

  6. sp1nster@hotmail.com

    Good-evening Mr. Pena,

    Hope you had a great day off with your family today 🙂 and enjoyed God’s creation. Please extend my sincerest gratitude to the rest of the team for an amazing year so far! Would love to be at the “Trop” tomorrow, to cheer you guys on but, alas could not obtain any tickets 😦
    Just want to say again, “Thanks” for the great year and Lord willing…many more! Go Rays!!

  7. ellenc

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    Hi to the DevilRays Fans… hey.. I wish you, well no I cant do that , but I can be nice.. But remember that all RedSox fans are not monsters and we do not all come here to “vent”. I came over looking for a “regular” persons blog, you know like a reporter/beat writer (our Beat Writer is Ian Brown) who has a blog..I wanted to know what y’all were thinking as regular fans.. those are always the best blogs. They write their own stuff,,, on the players blogs a publicist does the writing.. Just like the one by Jacoby on ours..
    Great teams need great fans.. You have a great team and you guys can be the Base of the Fan base… Thats an awesome thing.. I just want a good game.. it’s going to be a tough one I can assure you of that.
    Have a good night.. and if you would like to come over and comment on our blog (thank you for letting me on yours!! I appreciate it), just log onto REDSOX.COM scroll down to the end of the page and on the left is the blog section.. click on IanBrowns Brownie Points.. we welcome your good sport comments!!! I hope y’all have a good night…

    By ellenc on October 17, 2008 11:34 PM
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  8. mikedrays

    Carlos, good luck tonight. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. You’re an inspirational presence, here, in the clubhouse and on the field. I’ll be there to cheer you on Saturday, and help you celebrate the win in OUR house.

  9. jim_harkins@verizon.net

    Hi Carlos,
    My name is Jim Harkins from Lynn. I use to sit with your Dad in the stands watching the Haverhill vs Connery post 6 games talking baseball and Family stuff well into the evening and sometimes early morning! My Son Jason played against you one year and Omar and your Cousin a few years after that.
    Your Dad is a wonderful Man. We have kept in touch over the years reconnecting at Buckley’s Oldtime Baseball Game in Cambridge. I’ve been taking pictures for Buck for the last nine years at the game. That was the Game your Mom and Dad threw out the 1st pitch. I remember taking a picture of your Dad and his brothers at his request and stopping by your house to give it to him along with pictures of you in an Oakland A’s uniform at Fenway hugging your Relatives. Your Dad introduced me to you before the game.

    I sent your Dad a couple of programs from this years Oldtime Baseball Game and told him to give you one. I thought you might like that. Your Dad called me recently and I told him we keep praying for you guys. I’ve kept track of you and Omar over the years pulling for you and staying informed of your status over the internet.
    From Detroit to the Tulsa Drillers to Texas, Sox, Yanks and the Rays. What a trip it’s been for you!
    Like I told your Dad, I’m very proud of you and your accomplishments and your hard work over the years and along with the Oldtime Baseball Game Committe, and many others, are pulling for you.

    Keep doing what your doing and I wish you the best and hope you bring a Championship ring home to your wonderful Family. I was sitting in the 2nd row with my Daughter Julie at Fenway during the 14 inning game when you sent one over the monster! Although I’m a Sox fan, I didn’t go home bummed out and made sure Julie took a picture of you just before crossing the plate. Your Dad asked me what I thought of the hit. I think he still must be giving tips on hitting to this day! Good Luck Carlos.

    All the best,

    Jim Harkins


  10. raysfan24

    Hi Carlos, It’s so great to see you enjoying your life so much. I think that is what makes you one of the most successful ballplayer. Home, Family, the love of the game! A total combination of it all makes you successful. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the TROP WILL be full of RAYS FANS. I’ve seen my work office go from you like the RAYS???? to WOW!! HOW BOUT THOSE RAYS! Even my boss who was a doubter has finally confessed he believes the RAYS will WIN the ALCS. I know you can’t win them all and so what if you lost at FENWAY. We secretly wanted to see you take the series here in ST PETE! How sweet it is…… I think the key to team winning is the TEAM concept and you are all just having fun like kids. I can’t go see you but I have watched every game and have gone to about 20 games. I love you guys and win or lose the RAYS will be back with a VENGEANCE in 2009. Tell the guys on the team good luck luck tonight and tell NAVI to keep the variety of balls coming and keep the RedSox unbalanced. This is RAYS NATION HERE not RED SOX NATION!!! GO RAYS….. Keep up the great work Carlos!!

  11. tkillcoin

    Hey there Carlos,

    My name is Torrance. I wouldn’t be offended if you didn’t remember me, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you did, cause you’re that nice of a guy. I work at the Starbucks at the Westin Hotel in Boston.

    First, I just want to congratulate all you guys on a great season, whether it ends Sunday, or in a couple of weeks from now with a win over Philly.

    Second, thanks so much to you and all the guys for being so nice and so generous in the heart of Red Sox Nation. I know I speak for everyone at my store when I say that you guys were by far our favorite team to come through.

    Lastly, if you’re in Boston over the winter at all (and I’m sure that you will be) you should stop by for a triple tall latte filled 3/4 of the way. It’s on me.


    I wish Mike Lowell a speedy recovery–we love him here–but if he has to retire, you should come play first base for us!

  12. brantley@carter.net

    Howdy, Mr. Pena from Trop section 122, row P! We sit right behind you on first base (have all season) — I jokingly tell friends I have a great view of Carlos Pena’s fanny!
    Thank you so much for writing this blog — we’ve been going to Rays games for 9 years — since we moved to Tampa — and we’ve suffered through some tough seasons. I can’t tell you how much my family and I have enjoyed watching you guys really come together and gel as a team this year. We’ve enjoyed watching the camaraderie and friendships of the young men on this team — it’s inspiring to watch you all work and play together.
    I was feeling blue after the loss in Boston this week, and your blog made me remember — it IS just one game — it doesn’t MEAN anything beyond just that one game. You’ll come back here and win tonight or tomorrow night — and everything will be fine. I have complete confidence.
    Thanks so much for letting us fans be a small part of your season — it’s truly been a wonderful, wonderful experience I’ll never forget.
    With all best wishes,
    Claire Brantley

  13. jaayco

    I am so sorry about the last game in Fenway, however I am thrilled that you will be at home with your fans for the BIG WIN.

    I was only able to get tickets to game 7, as much as I want to see the game I am praying there will not be a game 7. I will gladly forgo the game to see you win tonight. My husband and I will be cheering at the top of our lungs from home tonight.

    I am a native NY’er and was an avid Yankee fan until I moved to FL where I can actually afford to go to games. I hope you had a great day off and know we are all rooting for you.
    Bless you all
    Lets Go RAYS

  14. dlcama@verizon.net

    Carlos, way to go with the homer Thurs, looking forward to another one or two tonight – I too only had the opportunity to buy tickets for tomorrow’s game but I am willing to forfeith them for a win tonight – GO GET EM RAYS!!!!


  15. raysme

    Carlito!!!…(that’s what I yell to you just before you hit a homerun…it’s my superstitious habit!)
    I was just browsing the web and saw your blog. That is so cool and I hope you honor your fans by reading their comments because they really do love you! You are an inspiration and your leadership is very apparent on and off the field! Rays in 6 tonight….I missed out on tickets for tonight’s game but will be cheering as if I were there – well, maybe not the cowbell! And I am so confident that you all are going to wrap it up tonight (Saturday) I did not even try to purchase games for Sunday!

    GO RAYS….we love you!

  16. pewterpal@yahoo.com


    I just want to wish you and the Rays the best of luck in tonights game. You all have had a great season and its been a pleasure to watch all of you. I usually don’t watch baseball on tv, but I have been watching since the start of the season and its amazing to see the change in the team.

    My hometown is Chicago, and I’ve been a Sox fan all my life, but since living down here some fifteen years now, and watching the Rays team grow, I have become an avid Rays fan. I even cheered for the Rays when the played the White Sox in the playoffs.

    You are an inspiration to many and enjoy doing things with your family. That is what a good husband and good father is all about. God Bless you and your family, and GO RAYS!!!

    Joyce C.

  17. raysfan24

    Hey Carlos, tough loss Saturday! But I have faith! And the World Series will be all yours to enjoy against the Phillies. But if by some remote…. and I mean remote! chance The Tampa Bay Rays are still WINNERS!! You’ve accomplished so much this year! I’m sure this will carry over to 2009 season and you and the rest of the team will be more respected! Go Rays!! Bring it on Boston you’re gonna need it! You haven’t seen the Rays (oh yes you have) come back with a vengeance! Carlos you are a true leader… pump em up and show Boston what you and the team are made of, Resilience and perseverance and True Ball Players that will not go as unsung hero’s! Lastly, WE the FANS BELIEVE IN YOU AND THE TEAM!! BREAK A LEG CARLOS! Hit one out for all the years of the team not being respected. We love ya!

  18. raysrenegade


    I still can not sleep after that spectacular celebration at the Trop. after the game. Carlos you and the guys are some of the most fan-fielndly guys I have even met in my life. They way you make sure the Fan base celebrates with you is the sign of the class in the Rays from the owner on down to the clubhouse attendants like Jaime Greene.

    Seriously dude, the series was amazing and we still got 4 games worth of work to do until we can rest. But whatever the outcome, this has been such a magic carpet ride all year long. I hav been pinned to my seat in Section 138 the entire season.

    Wish you luck, health and a fast bat in the World Series. You are one of the true leaders of this Rays team and a shining example of what teammates and team work can accomplish if done with respect and honor.

    Rays Renegade


  19. fanray

    Hey Carlitos, thank you for a great year,you and the rest of the team made this such a special year for all us fans. I know that winning the WS would have been so sweet, but I do not believe it could have been any sweeter than the year that we had. You guys are great. Congrats on winning the Gold Glove, no one deserves it more than you. I can’t wait to see you next season.
    Your friend, Marty (your Cuban fan)

  20. sandytows@tampabay.rr.com

    Congratulations on your Gold Glove Carlos. We said you deserved one! You are an inspiration to our kids. Keep up the good work and we’ll see you in the spring! GO RAYS

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