Good to see Family

penaslide550x250.jpgI’m extremely happy today. I have my brothers, Omar and Pedro, in town. I also have my brothers-in-law in town. So they are hanging out together, they are good friends — it’s a lot of fun. It’s cool to have them here, especially my brothers, because all the stuff we went through when we were younger. We’ve been reminiscing about all those times when we were kids and coming to this country together.

So it’s special to be sharing this moment with them, because obviously we’ve seen way more difficult times than we’ve seen right there tonight.

The funny thing is when we were younger and maybe we were going through tough times, we were always as happy as could possibly be. So it’s just nice to see how we have grown to men now. And everybody has taken a different direction. Omar is still going to school and also playing baseball, and Pedro is actually finishing up his PhD in molecular biology. So he’s a genius. And we are all so proud of him. He’s done some incredible things.

So I was just happy to have them here in the stands tonight. I’m having a blast.


  1. tbraysbucs

    Cool Carlos!
    Glad you had a wonderful day with your loved ones! Family is Everything; Love is Everything, and that’s the basic truth and meaning of life.
    Game one didn’t end as we’d all like, but that’s game one and no big deal. You have a new team to play against, but I HAVE FAITH IN YOU AND THEN RAYS!!!!

    Keep having Fun Carlos!
    Lots of Love for you and the RAYS!
    Just Believe!!!!

  2. whateveryousay

    Man funny thing I couldn’t catch the game, in real time, the whole family had an AWANA club to get to at church. So a friend of mine copied it on his DV TV (whatever it’s called) and I went over to his place afterward. So we get all the way to the bottom of the 9th 2 out 2 and 2 count… and … the recording was over. Oh man, I’m thinking what happened was it good was it bad? Lidge’s slider was filthy I didn’t think it was good. So I wasn’t sure how it ended until I came home and got on the puter to check. 😦
    Anyhow nice effort on the dive for the ball behind 1st and nice try on the quick throw from Kaz, both tough plays. I was pretty surprised not to see Joe come out and give ’em the what for on burrel running in the field of play (making that play so difficult).
    Close game, I still got the rays in 7 (fingers-crossed).


    tough loss. kaz pitched as good as hammels just gave up big hit! hammels didnt! i wont b there 2night im haveing back surgery 2day i gave my tickets 2 my father! you can bet ill b watching from uch. i wouldnt miss it 4 the world!go get em boys!hit 1 deep 4 me carlos!!!!lets go rays! lets go rays! brian

  4. raysfan24

    Morning Carlos, Yes tough loss but it’s only one game! We’ve been there and done that and a comeback is in tonights game. Kaz pitched great and really settled down. Rest up and come back tonight and KICK BUTT! The Rays are far more better at diligence and effort and I can’t wait to see you play tonight! Go Rays!!!


    Hi Carlos, So glad you are visiting with family. I bet they are so proud!
    Tough game, but you guys lost the first one in the ALCS too. You can come back and win it again. The umps missed a couple of calls that could have made a difference. The runner interference and the OBVIOUS BALK!
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to a big win tonight and on to kick some cheesesteak butt in Philly. Go Rays!!!


    Good game! Of course we don’t like the outcome, but it’s only one game and you guys are notorious for coming back big from losses like that. Chalk it up to nerves and kick their butts tonight!! Love you guys, been coming to games for a long time now and have watched you through the trenches! ONE FAVOR though – could you please tell Rocco that if he is going to put wads of tobacco in his mouth, to turn his back to the camera?????

  7. raygator72

    I for one am glad that you are happy! You should be happy right now for what you (and the team) have accomplished. Nobody can take that from you. Too many times people don’t take time to enjoy the moment. I don’t know your whole life story, but it sounds that you have a perspective that alot of people don’t. That is something that will enable you to come through losses without a sense of defeat. Also, kudos to your brothers for their achievements. God bless you and keep you, Carlos! Go RAYS!

  8. raysindiansfan

    Glad your family is able to hang out together to give you support both in St. Pete and your parents’ living room! Let’s not pretend that we’re not in the middle of a huge point in the lives of the entire RAYS organization-don’t forget to talk about the game, Carlos. It’s great to be positive, just remember to stay grounded in reality as well!Let’s acknowledge with a collective sigh that the there was runner obvious runner interference in the first base line which resulted in an undeserved error on you, the blatant balk by Hamels was completely ignored, Victorino was clearly out at second but remained on base, and Upton & Longoria got ripped off with balls way inside that got called as strikes-these among other bad calls. Ok, so now that we’ve said it, we can erase the memory and only pray for a fair game tonight. Not that any of those calls change the outcome as God has that written long ago. I truly BELIEVE that he has the RAYS written on the World Series trophy and a bunch of rings in store for the team. Pitching was great and the game overall, a good contest. it’s a kind of genuine baseball that is lacking during the regular season where the two teams actually didn’t play each other, so last night was a trial run of pitchers vs. batters and baseman vs. runners and fielders vs. sluggers. It was interesting because all the coaches and scouts had were books on other teams, not the Rays and Phillies with each other. Pure baseball. It will be neat to see what adjustments are made for tonight. Meanwhile, TO Big Game James & the bullpen, THROW STRIKES!!! And, Carlos, if Rocco really did put TOBACCO in his mouth, please do your public service ad of, “I don’t dip, I don’t smoke, I don’t chew,” and tell him to shove gum in instead (like he normally does). Also, tell him that with mitochondrial myopathy, chemicals are one further burden for the body to have to detoxify as they accumulate more nitric oxide and peroxynitrite in the cells and it would just be plain stupid to do. Ask Pedro if he’s interested in helping with a group of talented doctors, biochemists and myself as director in researching these muscle diseases as well. Give him my email. I’ve made great strides in the last 10 years. All the best, cognac


    Que alegria me da saber que estas disfrutando de estos momentos tan importantes en tu vida con las personas que son todo para uno: nuestra familia. Me alegro muchisimo por eso.
    And don’t worry becuase this is only the beginnig !!! Ayer solo fue el comienzo. Ya veras lo bien que les va a ir.
    Un abrazo


    Carlos: Tell Mr. Madden he may not want to draw too much attention to “balk” moves. Mr. Bradford balks almost everytime he throws a pitch, he doesn’t come to a stop before he throws. Mr. Balfout balks when he is throwing a curve/offspeed pitch almost everytime again doesn’t come to a stop. He does stop when he is going to throw a fastball. That was an obvious pitch tip off in the Sox series.
    The umps have been real lenient on the stop thing all season long but if someone starts bringing it to their attention they are going to start calling it and it seems like it would hurt Tampa more than the Philles.
    Good luck with the series!


    Carlos, we the fans feel this world series win is the team’s destiny. Just keep in sync, keep good communication with your team brothers, keep doin what you’re doin…. you guys walk on water! We are rooting for you!

    Tarey Wolf

  12. diana92la

    Hey Rays fans and carlos

    well im a huge Dodgers fan and i know most of you know that we lost the NLCS against the phillies =(

    so yea in the world series i go for the national league but this year NO WAY RAYS ALL THE WAY (dont care if u guys are the American league)

    come on RAYS i want u guys to crush the phills

    PHILLIES SUCK !!!!!!!!!!!

    GO RAYS!!!!!!!


    Carlos Pena! I cannot beleive that I have a chance of you reading this! You and the Rays are just amazing. I just wanted you to know that I am a huge Rays fan. I live in Charleston, South Carolina and am in ninth grade. It has been my dream to got to the Trop! I wear my Tampa Bay hat every single day, it had been knocked off multiple times by other stubborn team fans, but I just put it back on and keep on walking. Thank you so much for this amazing season and seasons to come. Tampa Bay is number one! Got a new name now we’re here to change the game! You’ve gotten this far, now lets finish it off!



    Great season of memories!! Thanks to all you amazing Rays. My 7 year old granddaughter has a big crush on you Carlos and is very shy about it. This season may be over but the fun has just started. Congratulations on achieving so much. What an inspiration you are to our young people. God bless you all and stay real.

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