Another Great Game

penatagswerth550x250.jpgWhat a fun game tonight. I know we didn’t win, but it was just a great game.

First, I think I’ve got to tip my hat to Jamie Moyer. He’s going to be 46, and just think how awesome what he did tonight was. He has a great story that I think would inspire anybody. He a real example of professionalism, tenacity and hard work.

I have to give Jamie a lot of credit tonight. He’s a great pitcher. He’s unbelievable. He’s out there throwing outside corner, inside corner, and looking back at my game against him, I wondered how many pitches I got in the zone to hit. And I could count just one, and that was the first one I saw. It kind of caught me off guard; as soon as I looked up, it was coming. So I just took it. And that’s the best pitch I got to hit all night. He was going off the corners, inside and outside.

Once Jamie left the game, we managed to come back and tie it, and I was thinking we had a good chance to win it, but then they took it on a swinging bunt. And that’s the cool thing about this game, you can win on a hit like that or a home run. I’m sure the Phillies’ fans had a blast today with that. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t. But we just turn the page and get back after them tomorrow. Good break for them, bad for us.


  1. pregador27

    Hi Carlos, I like your positive attitude, but I wish you could be positive because we won the game! Unfortunately I did not get to see all of the game (I had to work at 11pm). I encourage you and the team to keep your eyes on the prize. If the bats warm up- and I think it will take one break-out inning to put the momentum back in your favor- I still think the RAYS have a great shot of taking this one here in the Tampa Bay area!

    Keep up the good work and know that the fans back here in the Bay area are 100% behind our RAYS!!!!

    Pete >>

    PS- I wish the games were earlier because my 7 year-old daughter wants to watch with me, but she has to be in bed by 9pm. Talk to Selig about that, would ya? ;)>+


    Did the rain delay have an affect on the players? Seemed awfully late to had to play a game and unfortunately I have to work early in the morning so I couldnt watch it either. I would say the this is a perfect example of why I prefer to keep the dome that we have, instead of an outdoor stadium, where the elements of the weather are kept at bay.
    Congrats on a great effort!

  3. raysfan24

    Morning Carlos, Yes, good game but NOT the OUTCOME. I know this one was a tough one to lose and the rain delay probably affected everyone, the late late night show hurt too. It was hard staying up but I did. The bats just aren’t in sync. Go back to the basics… KEEP IT SIMPLE… Tell the guys not to OUT THINK things… KEEP IT SIMPLE…. I think you and the boys are tying too hard. Go back to the basics… You’ll come out winning the the next game Sunday! GO RAYS!!! We believe!!! Tonights a new night!!!! Good luck and get back to having fun! Lets “play ball”. Great effort!


    Good morning Carlos! Wow, what a game!I know it’s tough when the game doesn’t go your way. I grew up watching an underdog team as well (Minnesota Twins). They proved everyone in baseball wrong twice. I know the Rays will do the same. Your team has heart and a desire to win. You also have the best fans in baseball! Go out there, have fun, and just enjoy the game! Good luck tonight! Go Rays!

  5. dawnblas

    Hi Carlos,
    I am also impressed by such a positive spirit. After the game I hard a hard time going to sleep because I felt so bad for all of you. After reading your blog this morning, I am feeling more positive. Your team is one of the best teams in baseball. There is no reason you can’t come back tonight with a win! Tonight is the night for the Rays to get hits. I feel it. I hope your attitude rubs off on the rest of the team. All of us in Sarasota believe in you. I am a teacher and it is amazing how much of a great role model your team has been for my students. In fact our whole school has Rays fever! Thank you Rays for giving us hope in such uncertain times. We love you.
    Dawn, Jim, and Noah


    Yes, it was a great game…the team had showed the Phillies that it is as capable of winning as other ” great” ones with experience and tradition.
    And, Carlos, is really refreshing your actitude…today is another game, another experience…

    PS: I am really sorry about the umpiers ” bad calls” yesterday, even when they are in “our” favor. These things are bad for the game 😦

  7. bossman

    Another dissapointing display of batting by the whole team.
    Yes, Moyer is a decent pitcher but you all should have listened to Maddon and moved up in the box. The Boston pitchers were much better and you guys hit them. What’s up with Aki he usually hits all types of pitchers. The Rays pitching staff needs to learn from Moyer and only pitch on the corners, as I stated before if the pitchers put the ball over the middle of the plate Philly will hit it just as Garza did a few times and they hit home runs otherwise Garza and Howell were unhitable. Lets start playing like the Rays we know, you all should be scoring 6 to 10 runs a game on the Philly team. All the Rays have to do is put the ball in play and the Phillys will blow it. Carlos please wake up the team because before you know it, it could be all over. Everyone on the Rays team needs to get totally serious and focus on winning. The pitchers are keeping you in the games but there is no doubt you have to score 6 or more runs each game. Also I think Maddon made a mistake loading the bases. Balfour would have struck out at least 2 and not force the runner from 3rd. You all need to get your heads in the game to win. Us serious fans know you can win the world series but we can’t do it for you. ANDY HIT THE CORNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAYS BELIEVE AND IT WILL HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!! PLAY YOUR HARDEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. bossman

    Another thing Maddon blew it by taking Howell out after he hit the leadoff batter. Howell was pitching super no one could really hit him and he throws one bad pitch and Maddon takes him out, BIG MISTAKE MADDON!!!!!!!!
    Quit taking out pitchers who are pitching great and happen to throw a bad pitch, you are losing these games not the Rays players. Yes Maddon, you are losing these games and the young players are getting blamed for it. If Andy is pitching good and the Phillies can not hit him let him pitch the whole game as long as he is in control, no matter what the pitch count is because you probably won’t start him again in the World Series. If he does not have his stuff and you will tell in the first inning take him out right away. It doesn’t matter you cannot get behind early!!!!!! Carlos make sure Maddon reads this because this is what a lot of fans are thinking but are too afraid to speak their minds. I come to every home game and hear fans and Trop employees muttering the same mindset. How about since the players are not hitting change the batting order around, put Carlos back in the #4 spot and move Longo to 5th or 6th and just maybe they will start hitting with less pressure.
    Again Let Maddon read this!!!!!!!!!!

  9. marjiea1

    That was such an exciting game as I knew it would be. I loved the Rays rally in the seventh, eighth and ninth. That showed us that the Rays could win, but it just didn’t happen. It was a shame that Longo finally found his bat again and the wind dropped the ball into the park. The Rays have shown their great abilities, keep it up and next time we might get the win after the rally too. I believe. Go Rays!


    Wow, you’re incredible, Carlos. Instead of the fans picking up your spirits after a loss, you’re picking up ours. You (and your teammates) are truly inspirational. In the end, it is, after all, just a game. And the only thing you can ask of yourselves is your best effort. So go out there and play hard – but most of all, have fun. You will always be my team no matter what. Go Rays!

  11. raysindiansfan

    Hola,Carlos! tough game. The two teams are pretty even in terms of talent, so it will be a joy to continue to watch the series. Baseball is the American pasttime and I have been asking everyone in MLB that I know to make the weekend games at least in the afternoon -even if it’s at the normal FOX GAME OF THE WEEK TIME OF 4 pm. 8:38 pm is too late on Sat and Sunday for anyone who has to worship on Sunday (to pray for the players and that night’s game and thank God for the blessings during the previous week) and is one of the lucky Americans with a job at this point who has to get up at a decent hour to perform on Monday morning. Pass along the word. 4pm certainly is NOT too early for 1 pm on the West Coast. We can’t worry about what time it is for international viewers that are half a day away, anyway! 😉 A lot of tension in the batter’s box. Adjustments had to be made for Moyer, but certainly as a coach, I wouldn’t have opted to put on the headsets and announce on FOX DURING THE GAME to Joe Buck what I had told my team to do to adjust as Maddon did. Joe, man, you’re usually more discrete. Fact is, I was happy to learn that Sam Hollbrooke was not in the Umpire line up for the World Series because he makes horrible calls from behind the plate (there I said what you all know to be true) but this dude, was very one-sided in giving Moyer 3″ on either side of the plate to be strikes and he did not gift Garza with the same present. I like an even game and it wasn’t. I felt saw the frustration on your face, Upton’s, Longoria’s, Aki’s, etc when strikes were called that were WELL off the plate. The only adjustment to be made there is to just swing at everything with Moyer as it would be called a strike anyway if you didn’t. That was yesterday, thank GOD umpires rotate. All good prayers and best wishes for tonight. Take a siesta before you report this afternoon! I can’t imagine playing that late at night. Glad to know that you guys are ready to take these last two games and finish it at the Trop!

  12. raysindiansfan

    Forgive me for blogging twice, but, a very important award was given before the game last night and that was the Roberto Clemente award to Albert Pujols of the Cardinals. He is amazingly involved in a multitude of charities both here and in the Dominican Republic. Many of his missions for dental and medical for the poor in the Dominican go places where no one else would dare due to the violence, just at Roberto Clemente did during the wars in Central America and other places. Roberto died in a missions plane crash on his way to deliver supplies. But, our very own Carlos Pena himself was the team winner for the RAYS and received a monetary award for HIS charitable efforts from Roberto Clemente Jr. at the Yankees game on September 3rd this year. I voted for Carlos on the MLB website. Currently on they are conducting the voting for yearly awards and the RAYS have many candidateds needing your votes, so log on and vote for Maddon for manager of the year, Balfour or Wheeler for setup man of the year, Longoria for Rookie of the year and any other of the Rays players nominated. They need your votes!!! Get the word out so that they win!

  13. tbraysbucs

    I agree with you on Jamie Moyer and everything.
    Too bad the game was played uner crappy weather, but both teams had to deal with the elements, but unfortunately that effect the Rays and most notably Longorias fly ball that would had been a 2 run homer under normal conditions.
    No time to waste on game 3. Let’s play a GREAT game 4 and get a WIN!!!!
    Go RATS!!!!


    Carlos, my son Matt is a true fan. You are his favorite
    player on the team. We have always liked this team,
    but this year all season long we have become true fans.
    We are so proud of this team for making it this far into the
    season. Whatever the outcome may be (hopefully will be
    a good outcome) each and every one of you are true role
    models for our children and we thank you for that. Carlos
    you are a true leader for your team and for all of us fans.
    We live about two hours from Tampa and are already talking
    about coming to games again for the next season. Keep up
    the great work, and remember GO RAYS!! The Beebe family

  15. allyycfero6

    I open up your blog and Crawford got a homer. Give him a high five for me :] haha. You’re absolutely right, it was an amazing game. Remember, we’re all still cheering for you guys ! This 2oo8 season is great and i’m still seriously happy you all get to experience this.

    Great players, great athletes.
    double thumbs up for everyone x]

    ps- can you please tell Iwamura he’s super awesome for me? haha. he seems to be having a tough night tonight; but i know he’ll get back into his swing of things. n__n


    I am fan who gave up on baseball 30+ plus years ago. You guys have brought me back to the game. Bottom line, what I am seeing is the better team is losing this series. For the first time all year, you are showing your youth. So here is the deal…quit staring at the bright lights of being in the world series and tomorrow go out and play sand lot baseball. Have fun, don’t focus on the fact that you are in the series. If the Red Sox can go down 3 to 1 and win…you can too because you beat the Red Sox. Lets see some positive emotion…lets see some kids having a good time and at the end of the eveing you will win a ball game. You know what Hamels is going to throw, you have seen it in game one. You have faced better pitchers and beat them. Go get a win!!!!

    PS, what I don’t get and maybe you can comment on, when you guys seem intimidated, why doesn’t the manager get in your faces, why in every sport but baseball, you will see the coaches coaching throughout the game? Screaming, hollering and patting a good performance on the back?


    You guys are awesome!!! We believe in you!!!! Remember to take this 1 game, 1 pitch, 1 runner at a time. Just do what you’ve done all year long! Gooooooooooooo Rays!!!!!


    You rock for appreciating and giving respect to Moyer. 45. Crazy right?? Your team also rocks. No matter how this World Series ends up, kudos to your team for busting *** from the bottom to make it to the World Series. But I’m a Phillies fan so … GO PHILS!

  19. jkit

    You guys ROCK! The Fans are still behind you Carlos!!
    The Rays all the WAY in 2008!! Come back to ST PETE and WIN IT!!

    Love ya!

    Rays Fanatic!

  20. Michael Thrilla

    Hey Carlos, congrats on a great season bro.
    Your team, along with the Sox and Yankees make the AL East the beast of Major League Baseball.

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