No Time to Give Up

I think I must state the obvious, especially after a game like today. Their bats are hot. Or their bats were hot. Our bats have been cold. They’ve also pitched very well. You can add a little bit of anxiety on our part and that’s not a good combination. So I think that’s why this game in particular went that way.

The game before that, I thought it could have gone either way. So today, that was one of those days. To be honest with you, tomorrow we have a game. That’s what we have. We have one ballgame. And we’ve won and we’ve lost the whole entire season, so that’s the way we view it. We don’t waste our time trying to figure what’s going on, what are we doing wrong. You come out and you give it your best. And you win and you lose, and that’s where you leave it. That’s where you leave it. And I think we’ve been able to do that all year.

And I expect the team to come back tomorrow and do the exact same thing — just play our game.


  1. tbraysbucs

    Have Fun guys!!
    Just go out there and have fun and magic will flow.
    If Frodo can go into Mordor and succeed, The RAYS can go into Philly and win a game and then come back to St. Petersburg and win the final two.

  2. tbraysbucs

    OK Carlos, RAYS….
    Bring in Rocco “Rocky” Baldelli and everytime he walks to the plate play the Rocky theme music.
    That’ll get things going, guarenteed!!!!
    The Rays need noise and some Rocky theme music and Philly fans getting irritated will bring some needed energy.
    We need to shift the momentum and NOW!
    Whatever it takes, but my gut says Rocco is a must in RF tomorrow and if by all means you can play the Rocky music then all the better!!!!
    Let’s Go Rays!!


    You guys can still win this! Get back to your game- take a pitch here and there- make them throw you Your pitch- anyone who thinks The Rays are done- well you haven’t been watching all year!! Get em’ Carlos!!!


    Carlos- you hit best when you’re walking alot and goin opposite field!!.. I want to see base stealing and running hard w/ off speed pitchers- again- get back to RayBall.


    one more word.. we have to back these guys off the plate- they looked wayy too comfortable in the box tonight..


    Do you know how proud we are of all of you???? Play your game & have FUN!!! This is the only time you’ll be in your very first World Series, so enjoy every single second of the experience!!! We love our Rays & we are going to celebrate the entire season!! You have provided us with some of the best baseball we have ever seen & we cannot wait to see what you have in store for us next season!!! Have fun & know we all love you guys!!


    Down does not equal out. Difficult is not the same as impossible.
    You guys have brought the drama to every post season series so far and surprised the critics at every turn. Everyone in Tampa Bay is proud of you guys and this season has been a wonderful ride so far. I am looking forward to tonight’s game and I will be celebrating the Rays no matter what the scoreboard says at the end of the game. But I really believe that you can do it.
    Hold your heads up high, play hard and know that we are all behind you.
    Go Rays!!!!!


    Dont give up. Relax relate release and have fun. I believe in miracles and Ive seen you all create them. You are all so special. Play Rays BALL.!!! Your Team has so much Heart now go out there tonight and show the world. 9=8
    We want you back at the Trop. I will never forget your last game in the regular season when you were out on the field
    spraying champagne. That was a memory that will last us a lifetime.We Love you guys. Believe,Believe,Believe and Thankyou for a wonderful season!!!!


    It has been hard to see “The fantastic four” – Iwamura, B.J, Longoria and yourself – doing so bad at the plate…please relax and try your best tonight, the Phillies are going to go for the kill in their our park.
    On the other hand, we will be “cowbelling” and expecting to have you near again this Wednesday…best of luck, you’ve been the best this year, anyway. Regards, Carlos.


    YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! DON’T GIVE UP THE FAITH! I’m praying for you guys. I fly for Delta and that cow bell is attached to my luggage. I’m ringing it all over the world!! Best of luck to all of you tonight. God Bless you. D2


    i just want you guys to know,
    we are proud of you guys, thank you and NOT giving up yet!
    we are so believe you guys.

    so please remember, we still have a big chance that is why
    we still playing game and have FUN!

    Let’s show them how we play base ball.
    we are #1, we just know so.
    We are the CHAMPION no body else will be.

    we love you guys.

  12. lorijeannj

    Do you realize that “Rocky” is a Philadelphia song, the movie was filmed in Philly and is played at Flyers, Eagles and Phillies games.
    I feel your pain, but not sure “Rocky” is the song you want played tonight.

  13. mmgroovy

    Go Rays! You guys have been such an inspiration all season. I know you will leave it all out on the field tonight — win or lose.
    My family has been Rays fans for several years, driving from Port Charlotte to see 12-14 games a year at the Trop. My kids (now 8 and 11) were even the “Play Ball” kids one game a couple of seasons ago. I can’t tell you what a thrill it has been to see your work ethic, positive attitude and determination this season. It has been magic!
    We’ve been to all of the playoff and World Series games and my 8-year-old son — a baseball fanatic — regularly sleeps in a Rays T-shirt (lately because he’s fallen asleep in the car coming home from the Trop!). It has turned my husband into a kid again, too!
    I want to tell you that I admire your faith in God, too. My husband is a teacher and FCA leader at Port Charlotte High School. We were at the small event last year where you spoke to FCA leaders and told about your dream that you were going to be on the Rays and how you believed God would accomplish it even after you were cut.
    I hope you can believe again now, even when all the odds look grim. You guys have been defying the odds all year! Regardless of the outcome, though, you and the Rays have made many, many special memories for my family and we are so excited for you to join us in February in Port Charlotte for Spring Training! GO RAYS!!!!


    I have a great idea for you. Wrap all the guys bats up in blankets today. That will warm them up for tonight. Just remember that everyone back here in St. Petersburg is behind you guys and we want to see you back at the Trop on Wednesday. Good Luck!

  15. utleygirl

    Hello Rays fans,

    I am not coming here to bash or anything,because like us you do have a good team… But someone is saying play the “ROCKY” theme for Baldelli.. The Rocky theme is a Philadelphia thing and will always be for Philadelphia.. Do you really want that to be played? Because it will just pump our team up even more!

  16. kstars018

    There would be a Phillie fan on here, typical. Anyways, Carlos you all never give up and i have no doubt in my mind that you will win this and come home to St.Pete. Ignore the Phillie insults, they’ll never change, it’s just how they are. Just promise to give it your all out there tonight, you all have accomplished so much and it will not be overlooked if you weren’t to win this series. Don’t worry about a thing, just go out there and give it your best like you always do. Your fans are so proud of you all! I love my Rays. Go get em’!

  17. utleygirl

    If you realize there is more than one phillies fan on here. Most of them will throw insults. I did not come here to do that because like i said your team is a good team and deserve everything they got this year. Most of our fans are respectful. I have seen your fans come to Shane’s blog and have total disrespect for everything. I wasn’t trying to make it bad, I was just stating that Rocky is a Philadelphia thing and if its played its gonna be for us.

  18. penafan

    Carlos i have extremely confidence that you, Longo and the Rays will come true!! I know you can win this thing, we have been the underdog the entire season, so lets be one more time!! Come on Carlos keep the positive attitude!! I will see you tomorrow night at the Trop!!


    You guys have nothing to be ashamed of at this point. You’ve had one heck of a season, both regular and post and no one can take that away from you. Who would have ever thought the Tampa Bay Rays would have been in the World Series this year. You all have been very inspiring to the whole country and probably the world. My dad and I have been fans from day one, attending game one back in March of 1998 with full season tickets through the first three years, many games between than and now, with season tickets again this year and enjoying our post season package. We’ve enjoyed Rays ball through many losing seasons so this year has been awesome!

    I keep hearing it’s do or die tonight, but in my heart no matter what happens the Tampa Bay Rays are champs in all Ray’s fans hearts. Just look around town and see all the people wearing Rays shirts, sporting RaysHawks, and all the good luck signs. So hold your heads high and be so very proud of what you’ve accomplished as a TEAM!!

    Go RAYS! Do your best, but have fun doing it! I’ll see you Wednesday night at the Trop watching from the 300 section.

  20. raysindiansfan

    Yes, Carlos, all that is true. Kudos to Sonnanstine for getting a HIT and getting on base. Any pitcher who hits, rocks. Some great stops in the infield. Nice job on the “around the head” catch at first, Carlos! In this household, we call AKI Spiderman because of how he jumps and lands like him. I agree, we need the Baldelli slugger in the lineup from the start tonight. Warm up your hands, warm up your bats, hear the cowbells in your mind, and lift up your praise & spirit and the rest will come along. The offense is overdue for a slugfest! Kazmir always keeps people warm, so maybe this will work to bring you back home for more World Series Baseball! God Bless!

  21. raysindiansfan

    Carlos, I read the interviews that you, Longo and Maddon did regarding the cold bats in the middle of the lineup. Very humbly, I would offer only the following: the Phillies scouts did their job well after Sat night. They figured out that you hit low and Evan hits high and pitched you both the opposite way. In order to connect wood with cork & leather, you must adjust at the plate during the game. I could see the frustration in your face every at bat. First, hopefully your hitting coach will get an idea on exactly how wide the umpire at home plate is calling the zone to help and then, how they are pitching your differently tonight so you can adjust. Pray for guidance as to where they are going to pitch you. You’ll be blessed!

  22. section420

    Carlos, you are up against a destiny greater than your own. Hopefully some of those fair weather fans that appeared out of thin air will stick around with you guys for next year. This team deserved better than the BLATANT disregard they gave your organization this year.

  23. tbraysbucs

    Go RAYS!!!!
    I don’t care if Philly Thinks they own the Rocky song, yes, the movie was filmed there in the city of “Brotherly Love” which the city lacks in my oppinion and in many others around the world. Philly is known to have nasty fans and not a family friendly city to go to games and bring your children.
    Play the Rocky theme if you wish. I think it’ll be a hoot and get things fired up for the Rays as right now we are the underdog and we are the “Rocky” going against the odds.
    Ignorant Philly fans believe they need to come on OUR RAYS BLOG to educate me or anyone here shows how retarded they are. RAYS fans are a more Intellectual and Respectful bunch.
    I never been to The Phillies blog and care not to.
    I’m a RAYS fan and THIS is my place.
    I think playing Rocky in Philly would be cool and especially for Rocco as he’s PROVEN to have a Rocky like story this year!
    GO RAYS!!!!
    Make Your Dreams Come TRUE, Carlos!!!!


    Carlos… You can do it!!!!!

    I was sitting next to your dugout at game 7. What an amazing experience!!!! It could have gone either way but you guys stole the game from the Red Sox!!!! Now you guys are in a similar situation…. bring the heat tonight and bring it back home to Tampa Bay!!!!

    Good Luck!!!!



    HeY RayS…

    As you can see by the sign-on I bleed pin-stripes BUT I am stuck in Red Sox Nation country AND more Importantly – I have called it since late April – that you guys are on Fire – a total force to be feared – I knew you guys werent going away to say the least & what a season & I AM rooting hard for you – ThANk you for giving me baseball in the Oct – the play-offs & a World Series I can be excited over – Thank YOU for showing Red SOx nation that there are other teams – out there & obviously the Best Team has won & is representing the Amer. League – please find your strength – show Philly what you ALL are made of & WHY you all have come to the BIG GAME – I caught Evan stating something about ‘Heroes are born in GAME 7’s’ may they come out tonight – HOME RUN DERBY time – may the Force be with YOU all & all that other good stuff… bring it back home to FLA & give your fans the celebration they have dreamed about as well.. Take Care & GOOD good luck.. GO RaYS..


    You guys have done a great job this far. Don’t back down now. You still have fight left in you. Bring it back to Tropicana!


    We are proud of all of you on the team even if it ends tonight. You have had a fabulous run, but we don’t want it to end tonight. Please ask Longo to recarve his ‘hawk’. I’ve noticed that he hasen’t had it defined since the Chicago series and we all know how superstitions go throughout baseball. Maybe it would give him a little boost. Hey, it can’t hurt. Good luck to you all tonight and remember we still think this is our season no matter how this series ends.

  28. raygator72

    The theme to “Rocky” may be a Philadelphia song originally, but I would argue that this could be more of a theme song for the Rays. Carlos, pass this along to the team: “Rocky” is the story of a man who was at the bottom of the boxing world and worked his way up to be a contender. Then when he got into the big fight with the champ, he was beaten down and given no chance by the skeptics to win. But, even though he was down on the ropes, he was not out and he came back to win. This is the story of the Rays, not the Phillies. So every time they play that song tonight, just pump yourselves up because it has more meaning for you. The Rays Nation believes in our team. They will not go down without a fight. Love to you all!!

  29. dutch36

    Carlos– Our family is proud of you guys no matter how this series turns out. You guys have given us so much joy and excitement this season and we thank you for that. We enjoy watching you guys “play your game” and will always stand by you guys. Now go out there tonight and PLAY YOUR GAME.We love you guys.
    Love The Mocks from Seminole


    give it up tampa, eva couldn’t hit her way out of a wet paper bag. if you don’t watch tonight you wont be disapointed

  31. bossman


    The only thing that can be done at this point is the PITCHERS, starting with KAZ needs to pitch ONLY ON THE CORNERS AND NO MISTAKES OVER THE PLATE and he must GET AHEAD OF EACH BATTER and everything else will fall into place. Carlos, you and Longo are trying tooooo hard to hit home runs, just MAKE CONTACT and the rest will be history. GOOD LUCK, MAKE US PROUD!!!!!!!!!

  32. haveagansett

    When Boston goes to the World Series, it’s four games and a big parade. Get on the stick! Philly’s making monkeys out of you.

  33. haveagansett

    When Boston goes to the World Series, it’s four games and a big parade. Get on the stick; Philly’s making monkeys out of you.

  34. allyycfero6

    oh man, i was scared maybe your arm might of gotton hurt on that one play at first. D: but you seem to be doing fine.

    i’m not going to try to give advise or whatev.
    just good luck tonight and stay warm you guys ! :]
    we’ll be rooting for ya !


    Hey Carlos!!! WE BELIEVE!!!! We know you guys can do it!! We are all behind you 110%!! Hope to see you back at “Our Pit” where we will be cheering as loud as possible and ringing their cowbells!!!! GO RAYS!!! ALL THE WAY!! BEAT PHILLY!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love you guys!! Sincerely, your biggest fans from Clearwater Beach, Florida! xoxox

  36. bioinfolib

    Dear Carlos and all of our Amazing Rays,

    You are absolutely right – No Time to Give up – and No Need to Give Up – I know that you all will play with joy, and you will play your hearts out. Please know that all of your Gainesville fans are SOOOOOOOOO proud of you, and so thankful for all of the joy and excitement that you all have brought us this year. I’m sure that this was the best baseball summer that most of you have ever experienced, and I can tell you that because of all that you and the rest of the team have done, this has been the best baseball summer of my nearly 50 years as well.

    Keep warm – good luck – thank you so much – and GO RAYS!
    We will see you in St. Pete on Wednesday!

  37. prowlingstarfish


    The game is about to begin, I’m at home here in Largo, thinking about the year that you and the team have had.
    No matter what happens in this game, please know that you and the Rays have brought us TREMENDOUS JOY all season long. This town has had a blast and so have we. So not for a moment should “the Rays” have one moment of regret…LOOK AT ALL YOU HAVE DONE!!! I grew up in the Bronx, sort of rooted for the Yankees until 5 yrs ago, I’ve lived here for 10. NEVER have I fallen in love with a team, NEVER before have I sat in the stands chanting and cheering..and during the second ALCS game, surrounded by Boston fans..drowned out their chants with ” LETS GO RAYS !!!!” . You and the team should feel PROUD, know that you are loved ( for being good men, too) and know that we are forever grateful for having the best players, the best team in ALL of BASEBALL!! PS I think that tonight is the night your bats return.


    Carlos! You and the Rays are so amazing! Just Believe! I and eveyone know that you guys can do it! Believe!

  39. districtboy

    You know Carlos, I’m disappointed. I’m not disappointed about the recent Rays struggles, but I’m disappointed in you. You did not run as hard as you could on that “double” off the wall in the 4th inning. You were watching the ball! You should always run your hardest, and not look at the ball. That’s something you learn in little league! And to do that in the World Series……….If you don’t run hard in the World Series, then when will you ever run hard? And yes, I also remember that Carl Crawford stopped running on his liner to Rollins in the 1st inning. Of course Rollins dropped the ball, but Carl was still out because he stopped hustling. It’s ridiculous. Your team cannot be compared to the ’69 Miracle Mets if you do not give it your all every time on the field.



    Hey Carlos,

    If Joe Maddon or any of the coaching staff needs access to some more advanced radar, than what the weather channel showed on TV, which looked laughably light, let me know and I’ll lend you my AccuWeather PRO account for the World Series (or the organization can just buy a $250 yearly subscription.)

    You can go here for more information:

    Let me know what you want to do.

  41. ne121

    Mr. Pena- We are Phillies fans, (even though we rooted for your team in the ALCS. We have a place in Clearwater) and tonight, after the rain delay, I read your blog about Saturday night’s game.
    My husband and I want you to know that we think you are a gentleman to give the kudos to Jamie that he truly deserves. We were both pleased with the warmth in which you spoke of his finesse and abilities. We were in the stands, in left field, Saturday night, and it wasn’t until some time yesterday that I read that Jamie had been ill since he returned home from St. Pete. He is amazing and an inspiration to all who want to be the best that they can be for as long as they can.
    It appears you’re getting your swing back. Drats!


    Wow Carlos!! What a night – cold rain and both you and Evan warming up! How exciting this game. I have been taught not to pray for wins or money or any material items, so I always pray for you and the team to have courage and strength before each game you play. This time I said to Jesus around the 3rd inning, “Can’t you do something to help them?” Lots of rain was what you got!!
    So now it’s up to you guys. Go play the end of the game and win and then bring the Series back to us in St. Pete, so we can help you win the next two.
    My son and I have worn our Rays shirts every day this week and it’s amazing how many people shout, “Go Rays.” I know many people want to welcome you home so I hope it’s announced when you are coming home so we can be there?
    This blog of yours is a wonderful idea because now us Rays fans who love all of you so much can express our feelings for you. You have made us so proud of you. Go Rays!

  43. tbraysbucs

    When things gets tough, things get going!
    This is what we want to see! Everyones watching these games. You must ALL play 190%!!
    After hitting the ball run to the plate full speed, you never know what can happen!!
    Don’t take nothing for granted!
    The RAYS still have a chance and make it your DREAM Carlos!!!!
    Best of Luck, ALWAYS!
    I’d LOVE to be a talented Baseball Player. I atleast can cheer for one and a team called The RAYS!!
    Go Carlos!!!!
    How many times have the Rays SWEPT this year???? That’s all you have to do- 3 GAMES, and the World Series is YOURS!!!!
    Go RAYS!!!!

  44. thetoon

    hi carlos, i would just like to say congratulations to you and the RAYS, we have been followers of the RAYS for the last 3 years, ever since we came to florida on vacation and went to the TROP, in our home we have a few RAYS momentos, even a cuddly RAYMOND! we live in DARLINGTON in the UK, so you can imagine we have had quite a few late nights and early mornings!!!!! but boy what some great games we have seen! we will be back to florida for our vacation in august 09 and will be heading for the TROP for as many games as we can, thanks again to you and the lads for a fantastic season, see you in august!
    chris & ally rogerson
    GO RAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Good Morning Carlos,
    First I would like to know do you and the other players really take the time to read all these blogs? I sure hope so. On that note here is what I have to say WAY TO GO CARLOS & EVAN! Now that you are out of the no hit slump let’s go kick some Philly butt!! I need to send my mom and sister some Rays World Series Champion momentoes for Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚ I believe you can and will do this and am cheering for you all the way. Bring it on home to finish it up just like you did on the Red Sox. GO RAYS! GO RAYS! GO RAYS! GO RAYS!

  46. raysindiansfan

    I send the entire team my respect for going from Fla to Pa only to hit 40 degree weather with pelting downpouring rain with 16-25 mph wind. Not a Floridian’s idea of ideal baseball conditions. Even though the Trop’s suites aren’t fabulous like others, I sure an grateful that at least weather (which can be an all dominating factor in FLA) is NOT a factor when it comes to RAYS baseball at home. Huge food for thought in any discussions going forward regarding a new local home. Cole Hammels getting hit in the hand is all the reason in the world why pitchers in the NL shouldn’t have to hit and why it is so absolutely absurd to make AL pitchers hit-it’s a sick joke at best. The loss of a pitcher’s hand even for one rotation is not worth the price. MLB at least should drop the rule for interleague play including the World Series and go to all DH’s or just plain drop the pitchers from hitting period. Accidents like last night are accidents, but with NL pitchers throwing at heads of other NL teams during the playoffs, it leaves a lot to be concerned about with pitching hands when similar malice is involved. I hate to imagine it and am glad AL teams don’t make pitchers hit. Enough said-now tell MLB.

    Bring your mittens, hats, scarves, hand warmers, and raincoats and do whatever it takes to WIN GAME 5 on whatever night it is played and come home to the Trop to warm sunshine, warm atmosphere, warm people, warm hearts. Way to tie it up! We have tix to GAME 6 and will show up whatever night it is played! GO RAYS!!!

  47. raysfan922

    Yo CP,

    Lets go bro!…bring this thing back to the Trop where we Rays fans will raise the roof like you’ve never seen before!




    Hey Carlos,

    It was great seeing you and Evan finally getting a hit last night. I have been rooting for you guys all season especially this post season and like you said when the game got suspended, you guys still have a heartbeat and as long as you have that, there is still hope, hope that you can turn it around. But stick with the philiosophy….one game at a time, one at-bat at a time, one pitch at a time. The game’s tied 2-2 and whover wins the next 2 1/2 innings wins the game, so come out strong and with the belief that you can win this game and think of the next game only once you won this.

    You guys beat Boston when the forces were against you so there is no reason why you cant do it against Philadelphia. Just Believe in yourself and the team and come out strong.

    Let’s Go Rays!

  49. tbraysbucs

    Stay Warm RAYS!!
    Thanks for the crunchy taco Bartlett!
    “Crunch” ….Now go Crunch the Phillies!!
    Oh, go chill Philly fans, I KNOW YOU are reading our blogs!


    Hey Carlos,

    My son and I just started following you guys after seeing one of your games while on vacation in Florida this past June. We are so excited to see you guys come to this point. My son (9) has been proudly wearing his Rays shirt all summer, and now is waiting for cold weather so that he can wear his new Rays jacket!! He’s so proud (as we both are) to be a TB Rays fan! Not many people here in New Mexico have heard much about you guys, but they’re sure getting an earful now!!! Kick butt tomorrow and finish this off on the RAYS turf!!!

    We’re proud of you ALL no matter what happens over the next few days!!

    We can’t wait to go back to St. Pete’s in the spring! You can bet we’ll be catching a game!!

  51. bossman

    Carlos and Teammates,

    Now that’s what I am talking about!!!!!!!!! Way to play and tie it up at 2. I could feel the momentum shifting towards the Rays and felt you would have won Monday night. Keep that momentum going and the Rays we know will make a great come back. Remind the pitchers not to pitch ANYTHING down the middle of the plate and the phillies won’t hit. Kazmir did a fantastic job and I feel he was not warmed up that first inning. CRUSH the Phillies!!!!!!!!!! Pitchers throw at them and knock them out of their comfort zone. GO RAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. raysindiansfan

    Take advantage of the Delaware homefront & have someone make a run to the hunting section of the local Kmart or WalMart and get a bunch of breakable handwarmers for all the players, but pitchers first. I’m told that they can make a big difference in a cold game when you’re from a Southern team! I haven’t seen any in the bullpen or duggout.
    And, yes, JASON BARTLETT, YOU STOLE THE FIRST BASE OF THIS WORLD SERIES, but all the kids in my neighborhood went to Taco Bell after school this afternoon & STOLE TACOS compliments of YOUR EFFORTS, TACO BELL AND MLB. THEY ALL SAY THANKS! GO RAYS!!!


    been playing and watching baseball my whole life and i have never seen such poor umpireing these guys cant tell what a ball and a strike is!i know ur not supposed 2 let it get to u but i know kaz had 2 b pissed because he struck out burrell twice but they gave him a walk then shane hits a 2 run single thats just the iceing on the cake there have been so many bad calls i used 2 not think a series could b won or lost by umps but i was wrong these umps should b sent back 2 school or lose there jobs i know there only human but that many mistakes makes me wonder?we can only win this one way thats hitting the ball so far they cant have a call on it and thats what you guys r gonna do bats r heating up keep it going guys bring it back home one game at a time i just really think the umps should b looked into im still confident we r gonna win the whole thing but u cant expect 2 get a good call from them they r blind!!!!!! lets go rays! lets go rays! even tim and joe were saying those umps r horrible this is the world series the best should b umpireing these games and if they r the best major league baseball is in trouble!! big trouble! if we get beat we get beat but call the game correct they r terrible!!!!!!!!!


    Hey Rays
    Keep believing to the end. You never know.
    Being a Tigers fan, great to see Carlos making it with the Rays.
    I think the weather is going to help the Rays – chance to bond together and chill out. They have been just trying to hard at the swing and not running out hard to the plate – similar to the Tigers in 2006. Underdogs all year and suddenly a real chance for the World Series.

  55. raysfan0713


    I do not know how you are getting any sleep, I can’t sleep I am so excited for game 5 to resume, I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I missed it! I was panicked lol…just wanted to give you a shout out and let you know we are enjoying the Rays in the World Series no matter the outcome, but we KNOW you will pull it out tonight and bring it back to St. Pete! We are praying for you and the teams well being…Hopefully that cold rainy nasty weather will not get you sick, stay warm, stay dry and stay POSITIVE!!!


    Hey Rays,

    Just want to start off by saying that I’m a Phillies fan. However, I wanted to express how impressed I am with the Rays and their fans. You’ve been a great series to watch. I’m glad that were playing you in the World Series. You’ve showed great sportmanship to each other throughout the entire series. You’ve all been a class act! Your such a great ball club and there is no doubt we’ll see you guys again next October! Goodluck.

    Jenn, South Jersey


  57. bossman

    I AGREE THE UMPIRES ARE THE WORST BUNCH I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFETIME. They missed calls for both teams but it seems like the Rays never get the benefit of the doubt and most umpires showed favortism towards the redsox and again with the phillies, especially the pitch calling.

    Keep those hands warm tonight and try to use a golf glove to keep them warm, they are thin. Pitchers keep pitching those corners. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!! GO RAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    YOU ARE OUR “RAYS” OF HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are an amazing group of guys. We all believe that you deserve the title of World Series Champions. You know that we are waiting to welcome you home and to finish this series in style. You are already the champions of good human beings. Good luck tonight and please know that no matter what the umps and phillies do nothing can stop us now.


    Tell Evan, to keep chewing his gum and blowing the bubbles while batting. He was doing this when he had to hot bat.. Then when in slump wasn’t doing it.. The other night when he broke out with a hit.. He was chewing again.. Maybe he is more relaxed that way.. Can’t hurt.. Carlos keep up the good work,, we need your hits and defense.. Let’s bring it home to St. Pete and play where its warm.


    Carlos….You have quickly become my and my son’s favorite baseball player! We love watching you and the Rays play! You are an awesome player and obviously a great team leader! My son says he wants to be like you when he gets older! Being a single mom, I am excited he is choosing role models like you.

    I know you guys WILL win tonight. You absolutely can do it! Just go out there with that energy you had on Monday night and it will happen! You guys deserve it!


    Everyone pray the Umpires have their heads in the game tonight….this is too important for them to call like they have been….!!

    Go out there and show the Phillies who the RAYS are!!!

  62. erzulieloo

    i’m proud to be a rays fan.

    see you guys at spring training! we’ll be there to cheer you on through next season.

    we love you. thanks for such an awesome season. i’ll never forget how great it felt to be there with you guys for the seventh game when you beat boston. really a highlight in my life!!

    take care of yourself and your family till we see you again, carlos!


    Thank you for an incredible 2008 season. We are so incredibly proud of our Tampa Bay Rays, the American League Champions! You have inspired so many people and we are already looking forward to the 2009 season. Enjoy this time now to look back on your accomplishments and spend time with your families. You guys are the best no matter what. Thank you for the incredible memories and we are looking forward to the future. Next year you will be the World Series Champions Tampa Bay Rays! (we know you would have been the champions this year if the umps had been fair)! Sheila

  64. tbraysbucs

    It’s tough, I know…
    Keep your heads high. We still support ya!
    I’m sure some of you are bashing yourselves up over lack of hits and all. Crap happens, just a cruel fact of life, but you guys came so far and won the AL Championship! Won your Division!
    Philly players just was better over all. I’m glad for them, but I know in most cases the Rays should had won, but not this time. Oh well, Let’s Move Forward and be happy will all the great drama, wins, and celebrations we had this year.
    This is the beginning and I know you’ll all be back next year!!
    I truely felt Rocco was gonna do well tonight and he blasted a home run. I guess it’s the Rocky thing, Philladelphia, and his story which I hope continues on and the Rays will keep him next year as well as the fine group of talent within the Rays roster.
    You are special Carlos!!
    I got very impressed with you early in the year after reading a newspaper interview on you. Your great heart and character was obvious, infact I had to search the internet to see if you were single after reading that!
    Character is truely everything and from having good character other wonderful things can come from that.
    Keep your head high and tell the others the very same.
    Great things are coming!!
    #1- I hope a generous Bonus for everyone in the Rays.
    #2- Better pay and more Love, Support and Cowbell!!
    All the very, Very Best!!
    Keep Smiling that beautiful smile and keep dancing throughout the off season!!
    See you next year at the Trop!

  65. tkiker

    First of all know that I’m a huge Phillies fan and really pumped right now. But I just felt the need to tell you that your blog and your teammates have shown this entire season and in the World Series an incredible amount of class. You are one outstanding player, on an outstanding team. You have tons to be proud of.

    I’m grateful some of the bounces and breaks went our way because there is no doubt you guys are extremely talented. I just appreciate seeing the game played the way should be played and I thank you for that.

    God bless you have a great offseason and I hope you make the World Series again next year, and I would love for it to be against the Phillies!!

  66. tbraysbucs

    Ps. I think it was last year I read that interview on you! This year has been a whirlwind that’s it’s hard to keep track of everything!
    It’s been a wonderful year and I hope all those wonderful times stay with each and everyone of the Rays Players, coaches, fans, ect as we remember this year 2008!
    You’ve done GREAT!!
    9 = 2009!!!!

  67. marjiea1

    Just shooting for 9=8, you blew that away, then 9=4 came and 9=2, wow! The Tampa Bay Rays, 2008 American League Champions, one of the two best teams in baseball, that is amazing. Thanks to you and the whole team for an awesome season. It has never been so exciting watching baseball in Tampa Bay until this year. Keep up the good work and maybe next year 9 will equal 1.


    I’m a huge Phillies fan but I must say congratulations on a wonderful year. I’ve been reading your blog since the Series started and unlike Andre Ethier you have constantly shown respect to the Phillies and it takes a real man to do that. You and the Rays deserve to be cheered back in Tampa and once again congratulations on a great season Carlos, you guys are a team on the rise.


    Way to go RAYS! Even though you guys didn’t get the final win this year, you are still #1 with all of us! We are so proud of you and the team for getting to this point. I hope that you all have a nice, well deserved break and come back to another rocking season in ’09.
    We love you guys!!!


    I was crushed after game 5….the next morning, I thought about it & this was my conclusion: I would have wanted you guys to win….because it would make you happy (and because you deserve it!) But, I asked myself “would I feel any more proud of them if they won last night?”, and my conclusion was a resounding “NO!”….I couldn’t feel any more proud of you than I already do. I am particularly proud of the way you have conducted yourself as a team….no name calling, no nasty comments, no whining! There were no “I’s” only “We’s”, you showed respect to other teams, win or lose. You conducted yourselves in a quiet, respectful, dignified manner that should be an example to all other teams! You are a group of young men who demonstrated true team spirit and made your fans truly proud! This is not the final chapter, it is the first, with many more to come! GO RAYS!!!

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