I just want to thank everybody. I want to thank the fans. I want to thank everyone for all of the support this season. We had so much fun. How electric this park was and even just going around town and seeing how everyone was responding to what was going on with our team, to me, it was so gratifying. It felt so good. I’m very thankful for that.

I didn’t want to leave without saying thank you to all the fans. Not only the ones at the field, but all over St. Pete and Tampa. Every time you went to a grocery store, a pharmacy, a drive through, or a restaurant, they were always there supporting the Rays. It feels so good to know that this team has such a huge backing.

And the great thing about it is, we came from the bottom to the top, and I know they feel that growth with us. It’s so cool to share this experience that we have been so privileged to have experienced with everyone here — St. Pete, Tampa, the whole state of Florida. Because everywhere I go, I hear nice things about this team. So I just wanted to tell everyone how thankful I am.



    Hey Carlos,
    Thanks for the great season you guys put together. It was amazing with what you guys turned out to do. Make sure that everyone on that team knows that what you guys did was better than winning the world series. I’m only 13. I’ve been a fan of you guys my whole life. This year was a blast. I’ve always dreamed of being in the World Series someday, I’ll never forget this year…. It made me realize that anyone can accomplish something if they have a little heart, and a set mind.
    -Tyler Schmucker-

  2. pope

    I just wanted to thank the Rays for giving me so many thrills this season. I have been living in Tampa for 9 years now and have suffered through many losing seasons with the Rays. However, that didn’t stop me from rooting hard for my new home team. I thought that going into this season that we had a chance to play .500 baseball and finally get out of the cellar. You guys just blew away my expectations and gave me a season I’ll never forget. We may not have won the World Series, but the word lose does not apply either. You guys are winners in my book, so hold your heads high and lets build on what we started this season. Once again Thank You for a great season.


    No matter what they say Carlos, you guys will always be a winner in our eyes. You guys have accomplished a lot and I am proud to say I have been a fan of the Rays since the day I came to this country 4 years ago. You guys are awesome and I just wanted to say that I am more of a fan now than I ever was because of the every single member of the Rays Team!!! Go Rays!!! Feel the Heat!!!

  4. allyycfero6

    thank you guys for bringing baseball back to life in the area. :] you’ve all brought both excitement and encouragement back into this sport for many people and we’ve all noticed. Congrats on all that was accomplished this year. The team is full of amazing people, both coaches and players. We’re anxious to be able to watch you guys again; but until then, enjoy your off season.

    Go Tampa Bay ! We love you guys. πŸ˜€
    Take care of yourselves.


    What a great year… Thank you for sharing your love of the game with us. You and the Rays have brought baseball to our lives.It made us a stronger family gathering to watch you on tv, as well as the games that we were able to attend. We admire the way you all conduct yourselves and the respect you show other teams. You guys are helping teach the kids the way the game should be played. Next year you guys will be better, stronger and faster.. We can’t wait for the season to start. Go Rays….

  6. kstars018

    Carlos, you can officially say that this whole Tampa area, and places all over the world, have fallen in love with you and your team! Forget the world series, You all have won SO much more than that. What you all have achieved cannot be put into a ring, or a banner. The memories you’ve given this town is so much more than that. We couldn’t be more grateful and proud of you all! The only thing I am upset about is I have to wait til’ Spring Training to see you guys play, which seems so far away! Cannot wait for next season. Bring on even more good times! Your fans aren’t goin’ anywhere. Thank you so much for a season we will never forget! xoxo


    Hey Carlos! Thank you so much for such a magical season!! We were so grateful to be a part of it!!! We could not ask for more!!! You guys should be so proud of yourselves for all you have accomplished this season!!!!! Just making it to the World Series is a dream come true for all of us!!!! You guys are the Best and we cannot wait to see you next season!!! See you soon!! GO RAYS!!!! Sincerely, Your Biggest Fans from Clearwater Beach, Florida xoxox


    We are so so proud of all of you, You have won the hearts of your Fans here in St. Pete/Tampa and beyond. I have a little story for you Carlos. Joe my husband (A fan from the beginning) and I were married this past June and instead of a rehersal dinner we took 75 of our guests to a Ray’s game. We wanted to show off our team and our stadium and give them a night to remember . They were here from were from all over the country. Indiana, Michigan ,Ohio, Mexico, and a few from Miami. Who knew then We would be in the World Series..WOW…And even better we BEAT The Red Sox…………..
    ALL OF THEM have called saying “We got to see the Champs at your wedding” and sending good wishes your way.
    We are counting the days till the first pitch (107) and we will be there.
    It’s kind of like Graduation Day, a bit bittersweet. We will miss you guys. Enjoy your time off and know you have made us SO PROUD.
    Julie and Joe


    No Carlos- THANK YOU! Thank you and the RAYS for doing what we fans always knew you could do.The RAYS are a force to be reckoned with now and the RAYS command respect. Going to a game at the Trop won’t be like going to an away game EVER again! I told you at Ed Smith stadium in Sarasota how much I love watching you play at the end of spring training and it’s even more true TODAY! I am SO PROUD OF YOU AND THE WHOLE RAYS ORGANIZATION!!!!!!!!!! Next spring won’t come soon enough!


    Good-evening Carlos,

    Just want to say “Thank-you” to you, the coaches, and the rest of team for a job well done!! I know that we lost in the World Series; but, we are still proud of each and everyone of you & of what you guys accomplished as a team this year! Thanks to the great coaching and great execution of the game by all players all through the year! We finally gained the respect of the baseball world ! We, my family & I and my friends, are all sooo proud of each and everyone of you and sooo grateful for the great season!
    Lord willing, we’ll all see you guys in spring training and home games next season!!
    Till then, wishing you and your family and all the team and their families a wonderful off season!


    WOW! What an AMAZING team and season! I fly for Delta and I have to say I was upset when I had to miss the 2nd half of the game the other night. I was in the cockpit flying somewehere over the US and I screamed NOOOOO as I saw the print out come thru that stated that the Philly’s won the WS. Well, the Capt jumped and was wondering why I screamed out….Well, I was devastated, and sad. Mainly because I wanted this for you guys because you desirved it, but in my heart you guys are the winners and we are very proud of you. I’m based in NYC but I live in Tampa. I just want you to know that I wore my TB skii cap today all over NYC and many people commentend on the Rays. All great comments. Go RAYS, and What an Amazing team, and I love the Rays.. It was all good and I have to say I was hearing this from total Yankee fans too… LOL.. It made me even more proud than I already am. Just wanted to share this with you. You take care and see you at Fan fest Next year! THANK YOU AND ALLTHE RAYS!! I still plan on keeping that cow bell on the luggage, expecially in Boston and Philly!
    You took off the Red SOX
    You took off the White SOX
    but they can not “PHILL” your shoes!
    Thank you soo much, God Bless all of you,
    Delta Dee Dee πŸ™‚


    Carlos, Thank you for this blog and allowing us to have a personal glimpse into this incredibly magical season! My husband and I were glued to the television (or the radio some nights)– and on many occasions right there at the stadium– watching this all unfold. You had us captivated right from that first pitch this year. We are so proud to be Rays fans and so proud of our team! Thank you for you showing me how exciting and enjoyable baseball can be. I will be missing the excitement and entertainment every night! The most remarkable thing about this team is that we felt like we actually knew all of you- you were that kind of team— OUR team! We support and love this team and you have fans for life in my husband, my now three year old son, our baby daughter and myself!! We can’t wait until spring training next year and are all counting the days until Fan Fest! Enjoy this off-season, you deserve it!
    Loyal St. Petersburg Rays Fans

  13. douglasgorays

    Thank you Carlos Pena you have been an inspiration to me as a person and a baseball player.
    The good thing about baseball is there is always another game. Go Rays!
    Douglas Turner, St. Pete Florida (13 years old)

  14. haveagansett

    You guys just had a dream season. When I was a boy of seventeen, my baseball heroes, who could never win anything, put together a season and dared to dream the impossible dream. Yes, the ’67 RedSox were 100 to 1 odds to win the AL Flag and they did it, only to fall in game 7 to the great Bob Gibson and his powerful Cardinals. That season ignited the fire that burned and turned into RedSox Nation and we’ve had a good team ever since. The Tampa Bay Rays were “the cardiac kids” of 2008 and dared to dream the impossible. This season just started your “Nation” of fans and you guys will be a respected force from here on. Congratulations TB; RS Nation is proud to renew the rivalry with you next Spring, in the toughest divisin in baseball, the AL East.


    Carlos you and all your team mates did a wonderful job. Even with the bad calls that some of the umpires did you guys came back to play ball. You are all WINNERS in our eyes. You guys play awesome postseason games and I’m sure we will see many more fantastic ball playing next year and for the years to come. My son plays with West Tampa Little League and he admires you, B.J. Upton and Carl Crawford. He had the opportunity to meet Dioner Navarro and he hopes to be someday be a professional player as you guys are. He didn’t miss any postseason games. He use to go to school sleepy, but it was great training for him to see all you guys play awesome games. You guys are #1 in Tampa and St Petersburg eyes. You all did an awesome job this year to come from last place to 1st place. Our hats go down for you guys….GO RAYS!!!!


    Hi Carlos,

    Wanted to let you know that I’m proud of you guys. Never missed a game from you guys. I love that you guys come out with a big heart to go do your best and that’s what counts. I know that it’s hard to take a loss but think of it this way, you guys made it to the top. And to the people in Tampa and St Petersburg that means your #1…We love you guys for what you did. You all played outstanding games. GO RAYS!!!!!

    Besitos y Abrazos from your fans:

    Maribel Estevez and Raymond Joshua Gonzalez.

  17. raysfan0713

    Carols…first off, THANKS TO YOU for taking time to write on this blog, it has added so much to the baseball season for me and my family…I loved getting an inside glimpse of your baseball and home life. Thanks for a great season, we can’t wait for next year, this was just a taste of the great things to come. Let’s see 106 days I believe before catchers and pitchers meet in the spring, counting down til next year. Congrats on all of your success!

    Laura & Eric



    It is all of us who should be thanking you and the team for the most awesome season of baseball ever. We will never forget it. I myself was never a great baseball fan but you and the team have made me an addict. I am definitely getting season tickets – even though i cant possibly make all of the games. But you can rest assured that I will watch every game you play and I will always be rooting for you. Thanks again for making us believe!!!




    We want to THANK YOU! THANK YOU to all the RAYS for a truly amazing season. I’ve said it a million times, and it’s worth typing again. You guys restored our faith in baseball!! You proved that it doesn’t always have to be the Yankees or the Red Sox. Most of all you made baseball FUN again. This season was simply thrilling. You wowed us, you made us laugh & you made us cry. When you celebrated, we celebrated. When you hurt, we hurt. Thank you for including us, the fans, into “the family”. We are definately looking forward to filling the Trop next season. Don’t worry, we’ll bring the cowbells! We’ll polish ’em up in the off season so they’re nice & shiny. πŸ™‚ Thank you to a first CLASS group of professionals. You exemplify what real athletes are. Hold your heads up high gentlemen because you are champions to us. We’re so PROUD TO BE RAYS FANS! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
    Keep the dream alive.. 9=8 in ’09!!!


    Thank YOU Carlos and the rest of the Rays for this exciting magical season! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have always been a baseball fan and fan of the Rays since the beginning, but many times had to go to games alone because no one I knew was interested. Now I have many friends who have become Rays fans and want to go games next season!

    Looking forward to next season!

  21. cfloyd2643

    I live in Philadelphia, and have been a fan of the Phillies all my life. So, obviously, I rooted for the Phillies during the World Series, and jumped for joy when they won it. I really enjoyed watching both your team and our team play their hearts out! But I am ashamed of my fellow “fans” who ridiculed your team the TB Rays during their time here in our city. When the Baseball Commissioner thanked the Rays for playing excellent games during our city’s post-game ceremony, there were very loud and offensive “boos” from the fans. Most Philly fans, I have to agree unfortunately, look at visiting teams as something that stands in their way of a championship and, therefore, deserving no respect. As far as I’m concerned, your team is our equal, every bit as deserving as the Phillies because they DID play a very exciting, competitive game, even until the end. Both the Phillies AND the Rays were stars even before the first pitch was thrown in their WS together. All five games, except game 4, were very close and only decided by one or two key plays by the Phillies that the Rays didn’t match. During the two-day rain delay, the Rays were staying at a nearby hotel in Delaware, and I was disgusted to learn that some of our “fans” took the time to go to the Rays’ hotel and ridicule them as they boarded buses to go workout. Now as this city celebrates the Phillies’ WS Championship, I am ashamed that city property is being destroyed just because the Phillies won. Your manager Joe Madden had a lot of class when he told the team that “I am very proud of you all for getting as far as we did”. The Tampa Bay Rays and its fans accepted the loss of the WS with a lot of class, but the Philadelphia “fans” reacted to winning the WS without class. I am happy that your city is giving your team a parade, too !!

    Christopher from Philadelphia, PA


    Carlos and all the Rays,
    I am a teacher in Englewood Florida and to be honest, while my father was always a baseball fan ( sorry- the Yankees)I really never found myself drawn to MLB. This years’ Rays changed all that- for a few weeks the economy, politics and all the rest went away and i was caught up with you and the “dream team” Yes I am disappointed that I wasn’t able to take my husband to game 6(yep I had tickets!). ) thanks to all of you for giving us all “Southwest Florida Pride! I will be there in the stands in Charlotte County for Spring training- GO RAYS!


    I am a Phillies fan and have been all my life, and I can honestly say that I am thrilled that you and your team play in the American league.

    I feel sorry for Boston and New York……(NOT REALLY)

    See you next October.
    Good luck,


    I was crushed after game 5….the next morning, I thought about it & this was my conclusion: I would have wanted you guys to win….because it would make you happy (and because you deserve it!) But, I asked myself “would I feel any more proud of them if they won last night?”, and my conclusion was a resounding “NO!”….I couldn’t feel any more proud of you than I already do. I am particularly proud of the way you have conducted yourself as a team….no name calling, no nasty comments, no whining! There were no “I’s” only “We’s”, you showed respect to other teams, win or lose. You conducted yourselves in a quiet, respectful, dignified manner that should be an example to all other teams! You are a group of young men who demonstrated true team spirit and made your fans truly proud! This is not the final chapter, it is the first, with many more to come! GO RAYS!!!

    By on October 31, 2008 7:57 PM

  25. douglasgorays

    Carlos, I was watching your documentary on Inside the Rays and I realized what an amazing story you are, how you came from the Dominican Republic, how your family put education first, but most of all how you never gave up. This is a very common praise for ballplayers but very few of them have had to never give up while going through some of the things you had to. Very few of them had to never give up while Moving to the United States. Very few of them had to never give up while still working as hard as they can in school. Very few of them had to never give up while striving to be the best they can at everything in life. Very few of them had to never give up while being as great a person as you. Go Rays!!!


    Carlos, you all are wonderful! My only complaint is that there is a tremendous void in my life that won’t be fulfilled until next Spring.

    Bucs will have to do for now, but we’ll be waiting for you guys!


    Carlos, You guys have such a BIG future!! I cant wait to see what next season holds! I am so happy you guys have such a warm response to your team in FL but also know you have a ton of fans all over the country!! I for one, cant wait until you guys come back “up North” so we can take some road trips and watch you play in Baltimore and NY!
    The Rays have already, and are going to continue to take MLB by storm and I am happy to be a fan! Thanks for an exciting year and postseason!

  28. poz13


    I am a proud Phillies fan, but I want to thank you and the Rays for a great Series. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that the Rays are here to stay. You are a class act. I loved reading your comments, especially about Moyer.

    I now have a second favorite team and that is the Rays. I will be sure to make a stop in St. Pete when I come down to Clearwater in March for Spring Training. Enjoy the offseason. You guys will be back to beat up on the Yankees and Redsox.

  29. dawnblas

    We just wanted to say thank you for a fabulous season. We enjoyed every minute of it. The Rays are a first class team and should be extremely proud of their season. We will miss watching your games in person and on TV. We bought season tickets to the pregames in Port Charlotte. We look forward to it. We wish you a much deserved vacation. See you in a few months.
    Your biggest fans,
    Dawn, Jim, and Noah

  30. ne121

    I’m a Phillies fan, admire you and your teammates, but have to take exception with the other fan who thought that the crowd was booing the Rays. Absolutely untrue. They were booing Bud Selig and his horrendous decision to let the game go as far as it did Monday night. Even though the umpires said that the mound and batter’s box were fine, it was obvious that the fielders and/or runners, from either team, were in jeopardy of getting seriously injured in that slop. It was cold, raining, windy. My dogs wouldn’t go outside, and you, the players, had no business being out on that field in those conditions. I worried about the health and welfare of ALL players, not just the Phillies.
    I was at the game Saturday night, and the conditions at game time were much different.
    Congratulations on your fine season, and we’ll meet again next year. Have a safe, enjoyable, well-earned rest.
    Sharon HV

  31. daraysrraw

    Thank you for playing outstanding ball this season. I am a die hard rays fan, and have been since 1998. I am so happy that you guys accomplished all you did this year. I was there a lot, from Longo’s 3 homer game, to you guys clinching your first pennant. I think you guys played awesome being as young a team and playing in the post season. I believe that next year IS our year.
    Thank you Carlos for a magical season. Now do it again next year!


    Dear Carlos,
    I have never been obsessed by anything or anyone, but I am obsessed with the Rays Team. I don’t know how it happened but it has been a wonderful spring, summer and fall. Now what will I do?? I tried watching football, but it seems so violent to me. I am watching college football and Orlando Magic games, but they won’t satisfy my craving for the Rays and baseball. I can hardly wait for Spring Training. How did this happen to me? I think it’s because just before I became addicted to the Rays, I experienced two losses in my life and so there was a void – then it was filled up with Rays baseball and my losses seemed not so important. I was so happy when I found your blog and could respond to at least on Ray. My son and I went to the rally on Friday and it eased my obsession a little and when you told the story about your daughter wanting to stay and play, it made me realize that you all have families to attend to and a well deserved vacation from baseball. So now I can deal with my obsession. Please have a wonderful off season. We will see you in Charlotte at spring training. Love you, love all the Rays. You have made this city come alive.


    I want to thank you and the rest of the Rays for a great season, and esp. to you for this blog allowing us an inside look at the hearts and minds of the team. As so many others have said, you guys played with such heart and class. I was sitting in the Dallas airport between flights coming home from my visit to Tampa, watching the game that should never have been started. There were a couple of fans in Phillies gear but I was the only one to cheer when BJ got the tieing run just before they suspended the game. It was very clear that you guys were freezing and the conditions terrible. I was also watching Wed. when you guys tried so hard to pick up where you left off and just ran out of time. I know that if you had played the entire game on Wed. you would have brought the series home where the weather and the fans are much warmer and we would be celebrating a Rays World Champs. Next season my love will want me to root for the Yankees and my hometown Jays will always have a place in my heart, but I’ve got to say I will be secretly rooting for the Rays. The Yankees have had their share of WS wins, its your turn now. I am hoping when I come back to Tampa to visit my love in the spring that we can come see you play. Enjoy a well earned rest and come back swinging hard in the spring. I’ll be waiting to watch.


    Dear Carlos and the entire Rays franchise:
    Although the Phillies may hold the WS trophy, the Tampa Bay Rays are the real winners. What a thrilling season! I haven’t watched baseball (don’t call, interrupt, etc. when the Rays are on) since a kid growing up in CT (parents were Yankee fans). I saw one early spring game and was hooked – it took me back to a time when baseball was truly the nations greatest past time. You (the entire franchise) brought that passion back with the Raymarkable ball played this year. Don’t be sad, you guys are the defending American League Champions. You have beat all of the icons of the game and have put yourselves on the top of the heap. I will admit I screamed at the TV – umpires, players and announcers and danced in my living room. I also kept telling you while playing away games, don’t worry every body in the Tampa Bay area is rooting for you. What a thrill and true pleasure it has been, and so cool to watch the communities rally with the total support for our great Tampa Bay Rays. Heck, even the PSTA buses were flashing “GO RAYS”, how cool is that. The best part was being able to attend some games at the Trop and be a part of this history making year that has been so humbling. THANK YOU RAYS FOR THE RAYMARKABLE YEAR!!!! Enjoy your time off and look forward to another (and many more) great season(s).


    I was heartbroken when my hometown team, the Boston Red Sox, lost to you and the Rays in game 7. However, with Orlando being my second home, my second favorite team happens to be the Tampa Rays, so I shifted gears and was all about seeing you win the World Series. I was once again, heartbroken to see Philly pull it off. You guys were awesome in that series, and even though you didn’t quite make it, I enjoyed watching you play all season. I loved when you were playing for Boston back in 2006, and continued to follow you when you were traded to Tampa. I hope you continue to do well next season, when once again, it will be the battle of the teams for me!


    Thank YOU! and all Rays for brought us to WORLD SERIES.
    Not the end this is the start right Carlos?
    We are so exciting about next season but first,
    enjoy off with your family and enjoy the seat of American league Champion!!


    Great series! You guys are good sports and a scary-*** team to play. Congratulations to the American League Champions and hope to see you in the Series again next year!
    Helen McK, Phillies Phan


    What an absolutely awesome season! Thanks to Carlos and the Rays for bringing baseball to the TB area. It’s been a long eight years for this fan, but it was well worth it. I am so looking forward to next season and already have my season tickets. But Carlos, I don’t understand something. I was at the rally on Friday (as well as three airport trips, doing the stadium at 2 and 3 in the morning to welcome the Rays home, etc.) and my friend and I were a little distressed that you didn’t sign any autographs or acknowledge the fans (before you went on stage). We were calling to you and you didn’t even look at us. Grant, Ben and Big Game James were most gracious and giving with their autographs and **** chat with the fans, but you and Joe never even came over or looked at us or anything. It just seems like a glaring juxtaposition to all the verbal thanks you heaped on us this season. But, I will be there next season–in my Pena shirt–screaming till I’m hoarse and ringing my cowbell. Barbara

  39. brunkie

    I have to say that I had to have myself a good cry when the Phillies won. To me it didn’t matter that we won for St. Petersburg, the Tampa Bay area, Florida or even for the many fans – I cried cause I wanted it soooo bad for the guys of the team. You all worked so hard and I wanted that win for you! We didn’t need to win the World Series to know what a great team we have!

    It was a very exciting season! We loved watching and cheering for the team as with each game it seems like you all grew in confidence!

    When my son was working and the Rays were playing a game, I would have to text him the score, who was doing what. “I would text him and tell him, Carlos did this or did that…make sure you take care of him when he comes through the drive thru tonight” Won’t say where but know that you will know where. Whenever you go through just ask for Kyle and he will take care of you! lol

    It is amazing how many lives the team has touched and in ways that you probably never thought possible! Our family are great fans of the Rays! Our 9 yr old daughter can tell you all the names of the players, what positions they play. Her bedroom wall is covered with all the posters that we bring home from the games. At school when she has writting assignments, they are all about the Rays!

    Anyway, can’t wait til Spring to do it all over again!!!


    To the entire RAYS organization from all of Tampa and St. Pete – – THANK YOU!!! for a great season. You all demonstrated everything that is right about professional baseball today. You all are an example of the best talent, attitude and you have redefined the meaning of “team”. As much as we all wanted to see you win the series we are all so proud of what you accomplished!!! I hope you all have a great off season and I cannot wait for 2009 to begin!!!!!!!


    Thanks Rays! I have been a fan for 11 years now(going on 12 years). I was there when Wade Boggs got his 3000 hit but I have to say my fav. Ray game i went has to be the 7th game against the Red Sox. That game rocked! I lived here all of my life & I never seen where a team & the community had bonded together! Everywhere I would go People were like How about them Rays! I had tears in my eyes when we lost against the phillies but it wasn’t tears of sadness it was tears of happiness! YOU GUYS ARE WINNERS ON & OFF THE FIELD! Thanks for letting me be apart of this magical season! GO RAYS! Kim

  42. fruitgirl

    Haverhill, MA had a couple of fans cheering for you. Your family & Don Davoli of HHS.
    As a Red Sox Fan, I was not.
    I cannot believe how awful the stadium fans were at Tropicana. Did they just get out on parole ? What do cow bells have to do with anything ? They are so stupid & trashy. Losers.
    Did you see how the fans do it at Fenway ? You cheer the team, but you don’t need bells to act & look stupid like the losers (which you are, because the Phillies mopped the floor with you) that they all are. A zoo for retarded animals.


    Congratulations!! You certainly deserved to be awarded the Gold Glove Award for your talent at first base. You are very humble when you give credit to your teammates for your achievement. You are right though, it takes the talent the Rays showed all season of working well together to get it done. I can’t wait for Spring Season to start. Enjoy your time off with your family. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.



    Congratulations!! Very well deserved too. You and your teammates have given us a very exciting season, created a new interest in baseball for us and made us very proud of our Tampa Bay team.

    Charles and Carole aka Santa and Mrs Claus


    Hey! This message isnt so much for Carlos (it will be in the end)…….I already left my thoughts on on that! I live in NW VA and cant WAIT till they come to play in Baltimore and NY!!!

    I NEED YOU GUYS (the FANS) to help me decide what to put on my signs!!! I am going to these games!! What do we need to say to get attention??!! I know its early for this but, cant think of a better time to get some ideas. I want the RAYS to know they are loved at these games that will be tough with the competition! WE need to think of some good stuff!!!!

    What do you think we should put on our signs?!!!!


    Hats off to the best Golden Glove there is, congrats! As everybody will see with you winning the Golden Glove and Evan winning the AL Rookie of the Year, and more than likely Maddon as Manager of Year….WE GOT THE RIGHT STUFF!!!!
    Thanks for the sensational season, can’t wait till it starts again. Go Raymarkable Rays!!!


    This is a late entry but I followed the Rays every game played in Tropicana, the last season and cheerd you on! Congratulations! You deserved the Golden Glove.
    It is always wonderful to watch those fantastic plays.
    I have a request; will you please continue to use the “merengue” that you had playing for you all last season. People heard that song and mentioned you..
    You had people dancing in their seats!


    Hi Carlos! My grandson, Dagan, thinks you are the best. Could you send me an autographed pic of your self. Telll me the price and size and I’ll send you a self addressed , stamped envelope. Okay? Thank you!
    Jeanne Irvin

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