We Are Winners

penabigswing550x250.jpgI’m devastated. I’ll be honest with all of you. I’m devastated and very sad, I can’t lie.

At the same time, I also am smart enough to know it has been a magical season all the way up to this point. I’m proud that I think, not only myself, but the whole entire team, we had faith — even on that last pitch — that something good was going to happen, that we were still going to find a way to win this series. And because of that unwavering faith we had, I’m extremely proud of this ballclub. But I still can’t believe that this is the end. I thought that this perfect story needed a perfect ending. This is not what I had in mind.

I’m proud because my team thought the same way right up until the last pitch. At the same time, we have to tip our hats. You have to learn how to lose. The good thing is that now we know defeat, but we know defeat in the World Series. And we have tasted victory in the playoffs. So for that, we’re very grateful.

Many great ones that have played this game have never gotten to this point to experience defeat or victory. And we understand that. We treat this with respect. We understand how blessed we are to get to this point. And let’s not forget this has been an incredibly magical season, and one that nobody thought could ever be possible. So in a sense, we are victorious in all aspects, actually, just to get to this point.

It’s been amazing, and I think we have inspired many. And that in itself needs to be a victory for us. So for now, it’s our duty to make sure we look at this situation with good perspective. And that is, looking at the overall picture, we are victorious. We are winners.


  1. ms306712@sju.edu

    Hey Carlos,

    I am writing from Philadelphia. I just got in from celebrating and I wanted to let you know that you guys were real class acts. Obviously, we had different goals in Philly and Tampa, but I just wanted you to know that we respected you guys as a team and that it was a real pleasure to play you guys. Good luck next year…you guys are young enough that we might see you again Oct 28th 09. Enjoy the offseason.

  2. vinsinkin

    god bless you and the team you gave it your all and gave us fans tremendous enjoyment and excitement thank you for all of it- I want to say one thing , I know there was a lot of lessons learned and tremendous growth- but i hope one lesson is not lost. when a team has such tremendous momentum such as you guys had never never let up maintain that level of intesity and focus in fear of losing it. when momentum was lost in the 7th inning of game 5 of the alcs it cost you the world series- you guys never got it back lost 6 of 8 well its water under the bridge god bless and you still have the ultimate goal to shoot for next year -vince

  3. brian.choquette@gmail.com

    Hey Carlos!
    First and foremost, I want to thank all you guys for such a great season. I mean, it really went beyond most of our wildest dreams for you guys to be in the World Series this year. I had the confidence you could make the play-offs, just from the comments coming out of spring training….but the World Series? Amazing. Not a bad run for the first taste of the post-season. I think for a lot of us fans, to beat the Red Sox in the ALCS was the sweetest achievement. The team showed a lot of heart there, as well as the whole season. Already excited about next year.

  4. brooksmarykay@yahoo.com


    Dont feel bad about tonights game. You guys came out there and gave it your all. You did great!!! From Rocco’s homer to Iwamara’s awesome catches……and you….you guys did great!

    Everything works out the way it does for a reason…..this was your first World Series…..just think of how many more can be in the Rays future!!!

    You are awesome and I am so happy to have gotten to “know you” this year. You are an outstanding leader and and I am so happy I am only 2 years older than you and my son has chosen you to look up to. There is a lot of media out there about you!

    Anyway, I was devestated tonight but, its ok….and you guys should feel so proud. You will take it soon!

    We are in the Northern US and cant wait until you play Baltimore…..we will be there with the cow bells and signs for you guys!!!! Brook

  5. WonderGoon

    I want to add my voice to the chorus of others here. The Tampa Bay Rays have proved, to the Baseball World, that this team is for real.

    I remember, back in ’91, another young team, this one in Atlanta, who had a “Worst-to-First” season. They too lost their first World Series. Both teams, the ’91 Braves, and the ’08 Rays, are very similar, and I look forward to following the progress of the American League Champion Tampa Bay Rays in 2009 and beyond.

    My hat is off to you, Sir. Despite the loss, the foundation has been laid for a future run at post-season glory. Your time will come.

    Hang tough in the offseason. Enjoy your accomplishments, you beat out the Yankees (always a tough club to beat), and the Red Sox for the Division. You beat a tough Chicago White Sox team, and then beat the Boston Red Sox! You succeeded when everyone expected you to fail. If you take anything away from this experience, take away that you ARE ALL winners.

    The Rays opened a lot of eyes this year. I believe you will open even more next year.

    Whatever happens, I wish you and your family great blessings.

    Your Fan,

  6. mec2182@columbia.edu

    As a Philly fan, I want to congradulate the Rays on a great season. Of course, I am ecstatic that the Phils pulled it off, but my second choice for the World Series was the Rays, so I think either way it would’ve ended would’ve been good for baseball.

    I don’t know if Carlos reads these comments, but if he does I’d like to say that I’m impressed with his attitude. I was reading Etheir’s and Braun’s blogs when the Phils were playing them and they always seemed to try and rationalize why they lost when they did. I appreciate that Carlos is able to stay so positive, even though the Rays ultimately lost, because even the fact that they got this far, beating the Yankees, the White Sox, and the Red Sox, is an inspiration and a display of how teamwork and a winning attitude still have a place in the era of huge payrolls. It was an honor to play against you guys in the World Series, and hopefully we’ll meet again next year.


  7. punksavedmylife@yahoo.com

    i can understand why you feel disappointed in yourselves. this is a part of the game. you were in the F****ng world series brother…. and the season and post season….. great great ballgames.. i enjoy a tight game and your past season has been just that, great baseball. reviving the spirit of why i started watching ball as a kid.

    as a fan i am so grateful that you guys went this far, everyone is. being sad is a part of defeat but like you said, tasting defeating….but if you think about it IN THE WORLD SERIES is a sweet taste of defeat, not many players can say “we broke down bosox and Yankees in the A.L’s and went to the world series”.

    to you, your fellow players and everyone involved with The Rays, since my first game , the first inaugural game of this franchise. CONGRATULATIONS ON A GREAT SEASON!

    you’ll always be #1 in the burg!!!!!

    get some rest and we will see you again next year.


  8. aaron-mock5@sbcglobal.net

    Carlos and Rays fans,

    I also am a Phillies fan. I just wanted to say that your team and your fans are a class act. You guys are all heart!
    You have a very young team that is only going to get better next year. Your future is very bright and I expect you guys to be right back in the Series next year.
    I know it’s hard…believe I know it’s hard I’m a Phillies fan.
    But don’t let it get you down. Your day will come.

  9. alphalampy2525@cox.net

    Mr. Pena, you have proven this season to be a true pro and gentleman. Congratulations on a great run and fantastic baseball player. I think Mr. Iwamura is ‘ba kaaaa kun’ at best, but your teammates are true pros.

    As a NOLA Redsox fan, I can’t wait for the home-opener of ’09. No bullies here, only a best challenge to bats, and better challenge to pitching. Welcome to the AL power of baseball. Mr. Pena is a true gentleman and professional baseball player, and will prove true talent for American League baseball for seasons to come.

    See you at Fenway!!

  10. rogbur22@yahoo.com

    Yes Carlos you all are winners. The Prize however escaped the Rays. The 2008 season was one of the most amazing baseball stories of all time. Win or lose the series this was the story movies are made of.

    With that being said. Some of the members of this team will never see a World Series again. That in itself is very sad.

    Just ask Cal Ripken who reached and won the World Series with Baltimore in 1983 in just his 2nd year. He never made it back to the series and retired in 2001.

    I loved what the team did this season. I had tears in my eyes as you beat the White Sox and Red Sox to enter the series. Unfortunatly I think the team was just happy to be in the World Series and lost sight of the prize. The team we saw in the series was not the Tampa Rays we watched all season.

    Still in all. Congrats on a great season and continued success in the future. We love you all no matter what !! I only hope that this season can be surpassed by next years effort.

  11. knockhimself@aol.com

    Truth is, no one, not even Dick Vitale expected this team to get where you went. You guys proved that team chemistry and pure talent, rather than “big money” players wins titles. If you guys continue to stay locked in, gel together even more, and allow the best skipper in my eyes, Joe Maddon to lead you guys, just imagine how much more of a success 2009 will be. And Carlos, just like you said, this season was a blessing; continue to keep God first and many more blessings are to come (Matthew 6:33). By the way, once my Giants were eliminated from postseason contention back in May practically, I jumped on your guys’ wagon for the 2008 season. And I heard a DJ on a Christian radio station talk about your team the other day referring to the “Devil Rays,” saying “once you take the devil out, good things are bound to happen!” God Bless and never stop working hard to get better and better!

  12. raysfan24

    Carlos, You guys are WINNERS! We had a great season and 2009 is going to be even better. You and the team were amazing this year. Sure we are all disappointed but we are all proud of each and every one of you and all the accomplishments the entire team has achieved. We love you all and can’t wait to see you in Spring Training! Enjoy some time off and the time with your families. Great Job and we will see you next year! Keep on Blogging Carlos!! Great job again!

  13. mbj727@tampabay.rr.com

    Yes, losing the series was not the highlight of my day, either. I, too, had this kind of unexplainable faith right up until the last pitch. And although I was also very disappointed when it ended, I can honestly say that I walked away with a smile in my heart. You guys played hard and gave it your all. I am so honored to have shared this season with you. I’m already looking forward to next season. So get some rest, enjoy the off season, and come out swinging next spring!

  14. tysgram@tampabay.rr.com

    Carlos, you have every reason to be proud!!! We, as fans, are SO VERY proud of all of you & so VERY thankful for all you have given us!! Thank you for a season full of amazing baseball!!! Thank you for never giving up & having your heads & your hearts in every single game you played!! As fans who sat in the Thunderdome & watched the very first Rays baseball game ever played & who have remained fans all these years – we can tell you – you’ve come a LONG way baby!!!! Now, please, let this city celebrate the Rays & let us show you that win or lose, we all love & appreciate you!!! Hold your heads up high & enjoy every single moment of the off season!! We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2009!!!!!

  15. jmharmon@tznet.com

    Hey Carlos,

    Class act… Is how I view the TB Rays team!
    I am very proud of the leadership the team exemplifies.
    I became a fan of the TB Rays this past season when traveling to FL from the midwest.

    It’s ok to feel dissappointed for a bit. However, just remember, the team and yourself have MUCH to be proud of. Congrats on a wonderful season!
    This is being sent from a new Rays all the way from

  16. redimerfortitudo@aol.com

    This season has truely been amazing. Having watched this team from the beginning of the season, I could not have asked for a better experience than that I got from watching you guys. This team has given me so many fond memories from the whooping of coco, Garza’s one-hitter, mohawks, 9=8, winning the AL east, beating the white sox, n beating arch nemesis the Red Sox ( the sweetest victory by far), and finally taking us fans to the World Series. There’s just something about this team that separates it from any other team i’ve seen. The chemistry..or how you guys treat each other like family…or the attitude you guys bring to the field….or the stuff Maddon comes up with. I genuinely love watching this team. You guys have given Tampa Bay memories and a joy that it will never forget. You guys are the joy of Tampa Bay. I am sad and disappointed. Not because you didn’t win the World Series, but because the season is over and I won’t be able to watch my favorite team play anymore. Im already ecstatic about next year. Keep crushing those balls Carlos and providing the leadership your team needs. Tampa will be ready come 2009.

  17. marthabea32@hotmail.com

    The winner takes it all Carlos…but we, fans are really proud of you as a Team: you fought as warriors until the last minute…Go always Rays! Congratulations, enjoy your AL tittle.

  18. phlflyer1


    I don’t know if you read any of the responses to your blogs but I am another Phillies fan who happened to be lucky enough to be at last nights clincher.

    I want to echo the comments of another Philly fan above who have gained a lot of respect for you and your team because of this World Series and because of your thoughtful and honest posts on here.

    I also read the blogs from Eithier of the Dodgers and after every loss to the Phillies, he made some kind of rationalization about why they were the better team and not the Phillies. The disrespect that he had for the Phillies was painfully obvious.

    You, and your teammates, have every right to be optimistic about next year and the future as you have a great core of young, talented players.

    Best of luck next year!

  19. bellangela67@yahoo.com

    Carlos, and all the boys,
    I just woke up this morning, to a feeling that is PRIDE. Your team has accomplished a great feat this year, and my family & I are so proud. I work in the Trop & have believed in our team from the beginning. You have shown so much class to this World Series. What great obstacles you all have overcome. My daughter carved TB RAYS in her pumkin this year & we all love it! No one told her to do it. That is just to show you & your teammates what you have done for this city and state. I am looking forward to seeing you all next season. God Bless you & your family.

  20. cgaines68@yahoo.com

    Worthy comments from a a fine player on a team that finished second to the World Champions. Lived in Tampa for 20 years and suffered through the Bucs’ and then the Rays’ losing seasons. My son moderates RaysIndex.com.

    To the entire team and organization: Be proud and thanks for a great season. See you next year on the Field of Dreams. And don’t forget, it’s a game.

  21. lilxxsillyxxme@yahoo.com

    I don’t have any idea if you read any of these comments after you post your blog but I hope you do.

    First of all I would like to thank all of you for the ride this entire season. You have no idea how mad my teachers got because we spend the entire class period talking about how good you guys have been playing and arguing in JANUARY how far you guys would get. I have a friend that lives in Boston and for the past four years every time the Red Sox came down here and they won I would get a phone call saying “Hey! The Red Sox won against that one team that you guys have down there. What are they called?”. You have no idea the great pleasure I took in calling her after game 7 of the ALCS. No idea. I don’t think I have ever been happier.
    The fact that you guys have even made it this far in what I consider the most diffcult league in all of baseball is just in its self an amazing accomplishment.
    You have restored the pride that Tampa has in its teams. I’m looking foward to watching you guys next season. Besides the fact that I have to pay more for my seat…..I guess that is the price I will have to pay to watch my team continue to do the things that people never thought could be possible.

  22. sluzzy@live.com

    Carlos, I’ve been a Rays fan from the beginning! This has been an awsome, remarkable, and magical season. I’m so proud of the entire team and look forward to another exciting year in 2009. GO RAYS!!!!

  23. mmgroovy

    YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! The fans are so proud of you. Your positive spirit and determination has been an incredible inspiration to me and so many fans. You gave us such an amazing story this year. My family had so much fun watching you. The Trop has never been more alive! I can’t imagine how much fun you guys had playing! This is definitely not the end for the Rays. You guys will be back again and again. Thanks to you and all the Rays for all you’ve given this season and for giving glory to God. Can’t wait to see the magic continue in 2009!

  24. kschweyer@gmail.com

    Thank you, Rays!
    This has been the best season of baseball for Tampa Bay fans ever. There WILL be World Series victories to come, but even then, it won’t be as magical as this season has been.
    All year, our Rays played hard, competed, bounced back, overcame odds and stunned the doubters. Every player on the Rays is someone I am proud to say I stand behind. Everyone was a hero at some point, everyone was clutch. And even more than that – this team is classy. From the best manager in baseball all the way down the line, there are no attitudes or egos that take over the field. Just some really talented ballplayers who played hard and enjoyed the ride.
    Last night was not how any of us envisioned the season ending and it was disappointing, but the Phillies are a good team and we just got outplayed.
    It doesn’t matter though – I am proud to say I’m a Rays fan (and I have been since BEFORE this season started) and I’m proud that the rest of the Tampa Bay area has ‘seen the light’.
    Only 107 days until pitchers and catchers report. I can’t wait!

  25. loriwills21@yahoo.com

    Dear Carlos,

    You are one of the most inspirational people I have ever had the pleasure of watching play a sport!!! I saw the pain in your eyes last night as you watched the Phillies celebrate their win and it broke my heart! But then I smiled, because I know what a GREAT TEAM the RAYS are and that you WILL BE BACK!! Your positive attitudes, your strong desire to win and your awesome skills do not and WILL NOT go unnoticed and you WILL win the BIG ONE!!!! You and the rest of the Rays team must know and remember that you are heroes to so many people both young and old. Please hold your heads up high and know that GOOD THINGS COME TO GOOD PEOPLE!!!! Losing the big game hurts but it makes it that much more special when you WIN the big one and I know in my heart that will happen to you very soon!!! I can’t WAIT to watch you guys when your year comes. When YOU are the ones who will rush to the mound to jump into a pile of guys who have just won the WORLD SERIES and prepare to lift that AMAZING trophy!!!! Thank you for giving Tampa Bay such a great summer and a team to be so proud of!!!!!!! Can’t wait for next season!!!!

    Lori Wills

  26. scrpbkqueen@verizon.net

    Carlos and the rest of the guys,
    I’m so proud of you guys! This was an unbelievable season. You made baseball the most fun it’s been for me in over 14 years. Thanks for showing that the game still has heart. I can’t wait until next season to see y’all go all the way and win the Series. Enjoy the off season and enjoy the memories this season gave.

  27. dldandarlaw@aol.com

    Dear Carlos, and all the rest of our Amazing Rays,

    Thank you so much for a wonderful season. We have been through so many years with our Rays, and this was a season not to be believed. I cannot begin to tell you how you inspired us, and how much we enjoyed your comradery and teamwork, and your respect and honor. In all things, you did things the right way. We are so proud of all of you and all that you have accomplished.

    I’m glad that you guys are able to put it in perspective. I’m sure you are disappointed; so are we. But we are also so grateful for how far you made it – American League Champions! Wow!

    Again, thank you so much for your hard work and your good spirits at all times. Above all, thank you for being a great role model to our boys, and to the rest of our family. God bless and keep you all.

    St. Pete

  28. mnkesmate@aol.com

    Congratulations RAYS!!! Each and every one of you, Joe and the entire team, the coaches and ancillary staff…the owners and front office staff!!! You are an amazing group of individuals whe came together as a cohesive unit and made it happen. I choked up this morning when it sunk in that the “game” I watched last night was the final game of the world series….but then I remembered that the TAMPA BAY RAYS, my RAYS, had beaten the reigning champs and won their way to the world series.
    Stay focused, continue to believe, and I look forward to next spring, next season and “my” TAMPA BAY RAYS!!

  29. rbeckman2@tampabay.rr.com

    Yes Carlos, your all winners. The Ray’s gave us many hours of great enjoyment. Have a great off season with your family. Please pass on to your team mates our sincere
    “Thank You” for an outstanding 2008 season. We look forward to 2009.

    Ray Beckman
    Lakeland, FL

  30. ice5prncss

    I have to go along with the rest of the Phillies fans and say BRAVO to the Rays. I was rooting for you against Boston and glad you made it to the championship. You guys did a great job and are a class act. Your attitude, talent and heart will definitely get you a series win in the future. Congrats on a great season!

  31. info@atiempo.com.co

    Hola Carlos,

    Tambien estoy triste pero comence a ver las fotos y videos de todas las emociones que tuve este a๑o y me da algo de nostalgia con una inmensa alegria por los resultados obtenidos. Nunca olvidare esos viajes que hice desde colombia hasta el Tropicana Field solo para verlos y verlos ganar siempre.
    Te deseo una buenas vacaciones al lado de tu familia, mucha practica y una temporada 2009 llena de exitos.

  32. jhlafferty@comcast.net

    Hey Rays! I’m writing in from Philly. I’m escatic about the Phillies win but at the same time I want to congratulate the Rays as well! You’ve been an awesome ball club the entire way through the postseason. Your all a real class act! I know for sure we’ll be seeing you again next October. Goodluck to all you! Have a great off season, stay safe and healthy. We will see you next year.


  33. kritter@tampabay.rr.com

    Carlos words can?t express how proud we are of you and the Rays for all you have accomplished this year. To go from worst to first is no small task and very few have ever been a part of such an amazing feat. This season has come to a close and it?s not the ending we all desired but I have faith that this is just the beginning. On a fresh spring morning the Rays will take the field and the Magic Will Continue.

  34. capone@mc.net

    Carlos: From your Cub fan in Chicago (also now turned Rays fan in Tampa), I just wanted you to know that you guys are tops! Yes, you lost the series, but you have won so much in return. You guys have accomplished in 10 years’ time what our Cubs have failed to do in…..how many years? I’ve lost count. Therefore, you are CHAMPIONS and a true class act in my book. Unfortunately, in any game, someone will win and someone will lose. I wished last night’s results had been reversed too, but such is not the case. However, it’s HOW you lost and HOW you played the games that also count. And so, be proud of yourself, your team, your management and your entire organization. You are the AL Champs, and all things considered, that’s quite an achievement in itself for the length of time your team has been in existence. My only wish now is that our Cubs and their organization were watching you VERY closely and what you accomplished. Sometimes good things rub off, and Lord knows, we hope that happens here one of these centuries. You are winners in my book, and I’ll be keeping an eye on you guys next year. I sure wish you would play our Cubs in Intra-League play instead of who we always get stuck playing against, the name of whom will remain anonymous :). I’d love to see you play at Wrigley. Who knows, I might start cheering for the visiting team, which is something I’ve NEVER done in my life. Be grateful for what you’ve done this baseball season. You’re true champions. You’ve earned my respect and I’m sure, the respect of many others. God Bless you guys!

  35. rays_kisha

    Carlos , I live here in St. Petersburg and I don’t know if you players know how proud you have made all of us fans in the bay area with the way the Rays played this season. I have enjoyed having my team who through good and bad the past ten years I have followed achieve so much so quickly . It really has been fun .The Rays have gained a lot of respect in baseball and can’t be called losers anymore . Thank you for the season and I look forward to the Spring . Have a restful off season and I ‘ll see you and all the guys next season at Tropicana Field . As always Go Rays !

  36. pmaterri@yahoo.com

    I just want to say that I am so proud of your team, you are ddefiitely winners! I too thought that you would find a way to pull it off but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be in this round. Y’all have such a bright future together and I look forward to the next season. You have been such an inspiration, y’all play with your hearts and the love of the game-that shines through and is so refreshing to see. Your whole team and staff should be so proud. Thank you for an amazing season!

  37. canderson@goldsgym.com

    Hey Carlos!!!!!
    You guys rocked it!!! Anybody remember when we were all talking about 81wins??? Wasn’t that long ago. You guys have all the tools necessary to do it again. Price is a witch!!! I can’t wait to see him full-time next year!! Hell I can’t wait for next year period!!! 107 days are going to go by REAL quick!!! Enjoy your off-season, STAY HEALTHY, and look forward to having a whole lot more of us rooting you on next year. My Spanish isn’t the best but I believe this is correct: Beinvenidos a le tierra des los RAYS!!!!!!

  38. bossman

    Carlos even though disapointing to the Rays and the fans you still had the best year in franchise history. Losing will only make you tougher to beat next year. Now that you have all been there you know what it will take next year and years to come to not just win but to win the world series. ONE THING I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE CLEAR TO ALL OF THE FANS IN THE TAMPA BAY AREA IS THAT YOU NEED TO SUPPORT THE RAYS AND GO TO THE HOME GAMES. I AM A SEASON TICKET HOLDER AND ITS TERRIBLE TO SEE 10 TO 12 THOUSAND FANS AT MOST OF THE GAMES AND WHEN THE REDSOX OR YANKEES COME IT’S FILLED WITH MORE OF THE OTHER TEAMS FANS THAN RAYS FANS. It’s demoralizing to me and I would hate to see it affect the Rays performance.
    If you don’t have much money just buy the cheap $15.00 seats nobody will judge you as long as you show you support your team, they deserve it!! Now on the negitive side I think the coaching blew the game by not leaving Howell in to pitch (so what he gave up one hit) everyone else had a hard time hitting him. And as you have done all year with a runner on first and no outs hit into a double play. YOU HAVE TO BUNT TO MOVE THE RUNNER OVER!!! NO EXCUSES next year everyone gets paid so everyone should know how to lay the bunt down. One last thing if the coaches are not going to play JONNY GOMES trade him to a team that will play him. Your killing Jonny by not playing him and ruining his confidence. He is an excellent player but he needs to be a starter then he will hit like he used to hit.

  39. philliesparade

    From Philadelphia, just wanted to say you guys were great competitors. Your team played with a ton of heart. Be proud because you are still AL champs and nobody can take that away from you. Please tell Mr. Maddon he is a class act and as gutsy as they come. We admire that here in Philly. Tell your public relations guys not to underestimate the power of the tenth man, keep those new fans interested in the off season and get them back there with their cowbells next year. As a lifelong Phillies fan, I can tell you there is nothing like the power of the fanbase. Good luck in 2009.

  40. grondin2@verizon.net

    Congrats on a fantastic and magical season. See you in 107 days when spring training begins. Can’t wait, GO Rays!

  41. tkiker

    As a DIE HARD Phillies fans, I’ve got one word to describe the Tampa Bay Rays, from managers, coaches, players, and an organization.


    You guys should be proud not just because you made it to the World Series and have the talent to do it again and win it, but because you handled yourself all season with class. You won with class, you played with class, you present yourselves to fans and media with class, and you lost with class.

    I am very impressed with you Carlos, this club and all those associated with it. Again just a class act. God bless, have a good off season and good luck next year. Hope to see you in the World Series again. Hopefully against the Phillies!!

  42. julia163@aol.com

    I am a Philadelphia fan, but when I was in Tampa in the beginning of March I made a prediction to my family. I said the Rays would be one of the best teams in baseball this year along with the Phillies. I was right. You guys are one of the best teams in baseball, and I am proud that the Phillies were able to play a team like yours. You guys played with class and alot of heart. I expect to see you guys back here next year. We want a rematch. Congratulations on a great season you made Rays fans and baseball fans around the country very proud.

  43. uconn23@yahoo.com

    Two years ago I was at the airport in Manchester NH, I was in the security line, I said to my son, do you know who that is in front of us? He said no, I said its Carlos Pena. As it turned out we were on the same flight as you to Orlando. We got to talk to you alot at the airport in Manchester as well as the airport in Orlando. My son Tyler is now 8 years old and is the biggest Rays that there is, because of you. I wish you knew how much you have affected the life of an 8 year old. Everyday he wears his Carlos Pena shirt. (he takes alot of abuse living in NH) We got tickets to game 2 of the ALCS series. It was one of the best father-son nights a father could ask for. I thank you for that. I’m not sure if you remember us but I wanted to thank you for changing and 8 year olds life forever. And of course, he is Carlos Pena for halloween. Thanks for a magical season, we’ll see you at trop a couple times next year!!!!!

  44. detdestroyers@comcast.net

    I am a Philly fan, but putting that aside the way you guys played was great and you’ll be contenders for awile, we in Philly know your pain all too well, so just tell yourself there is always next year to make a run again. and believe me I know that dosen’t help either, but you’ll be ok, your whole team from manager to players have a very bright future in the AL. better luck next year and thanks for a great World Series!!!

  45. tbraysbucs

    BRAVO Carlos!!
    Well said.
    Wishing you and the RAYS the Very, Very, Best for the future!!
    See you all soon!
    Go RAYS!!!!
    xoxoxoxo ๐Ÿ™‚
    9 = 2009

  46. terry180

    Class act? That is so funny! When Garza in game 5 tells the Red Sox fans to be quiet and point the scoreboard that’s class? Or when Longoria after game 2 tells everyone that the Red Sox are done? Or when Perez on game 7 laughs and points at JD Drew after he strikes out?

  47. jrksunflower25@yahoo.com

    I have to say that I think you all showed awesome drive and determination. You might not have won the series, but what an accomplishment for you guys to have made it to game#5 of the series. From Philly, I know a lot of the people are not very welcoming or fair, but I have to say congrats to you guys as well as to the Phillies. You all played hard despite the weather conditions you are not used to, and the fact that you were living in a hotel away from home. I was happy at the outcome of the game, but my heart did go out for you and all the guys on your team. Chin up you played an awesome season!! Good job to all of you, hope to see you guys again next season!!!!

  48. allyycfero6

    My goodness, you guys did so amazing this year. :] I won’t lie, it was a very disappointing ending to it all.. but the story itself was the terrific part . Each and every one of you guys did great. I knew i’d be proud of you all no matter what would happen. I wore as much rays gear I could today to school because I wanted to show that no matter what, I behind you guys 1oo%,
    & it was honestly very annoying when so many who were wearing your logo and cheering yesterday, ask me today why I was wearing what i was and “you do know they lost right?”. >:[
    my reply to each and everyone of them was “actually no. honestly, they won, thanks.”
    haha. but yeah,
    Pena, you are such a great role model; so many of you are.

    whatev. they can choose to do as they want,
    as for me; i can’t wait to see you play again next season ๐Ÿ˜€ i’m totally gunna try to get to that opening game.

    have a great off season, enjoy being with your families
    &happy holidays for when the time is right x]

  49. harlamguy


    As a Phillies fan, I will even say that you and the rest of the 2008 Rays were one of the biggest examples of what baseball is really about. Before the possibility of my home team facing you guys in the World Series, I was hoping that you guys would win. You guys beat the two most popular teams in baseball! Anyone who beats the Red Sox is a friend in my book.

    I hope that your day to shine comes very soon. It may not have been this year, but your team is young, and as you guys gain experience, you will become nothing but better.

    In shorter terms, you’ll win it all someday.


  50. twinkiegurl

    hey Carlos

    like i said before i am a Twinsfan,but have beome a big fan of u guys,what a great yr u had,u should not feel bad,losing hurts,but u should be proud of what u did I know all ur fans are,what u guys did is great for baseball,no Red sox or Yanks this yr,nice to see somene else in the series ,it is so cool how ur team is so close,well good luck next yr,ur my 2nd choice for next yrs WS

  51. ne121

    Mr. Pena- Another Phillies fan weighing in. You were the best in the AL, beating back the naysayers who said that other teams were much better and deserved to win. We heard that about the Phillies, too. The World Series is between the 2 best teams in baseball. The ones who beat all the others in the way.
    Congratulations on your success. I hope that more successes come your way, and perhaps next year will see a rematch.
    Sharon HV

  52. sggcusseaux@hotmail.com

    Hi Carlos,
    First of all, I would like to say…Welcome back to Tampa. You guys are the best and will be for a very long time. I am a serious Rays fan and I just wanted to say congratulations to you, the team and Joe Maddon for being “Our Champions”! God Bless you all and thank you for a very memorable season!!! Take care!!! “You will always be “The All the Way Rays”. See ya’ in 2009 with my season tickets.

  53. bossman

    I have a new Goal for the Rays!! Something to build on and keep in your minds.
    105, 105 WINS = 105th WORLD SERIES CHAMPS (105=105) This is the new Rays math for 2009. I also think Raymonds uniform number should be 105 to remind everyone. Bob H.

  54. kstars018

    Carlos do not get down on yourself! You and the team are unbelievable and had a wonderful season. You have accomplished SO much, more than a world series ring could describe. You proved the world wrong, and you all stuck together as a team. Despite all the negativity you guys still played with class, and that is really something. This area could not be more proud of you guys, and I wouldn’t wanna support any other team besides the Rays. You ARE the definition of a real team, and we couldn’t be happier in supporting you guys. You deserve nothing but the best, and never forget what you all did this year, because the world has NOT forgotten, trust me! We are all so PROUD! I’ll be sporting my Pena shirt until it’s so old I have to buy a new one. You may have not won a world series YET, but you and this team have won the hearts of ALOT of people, as cheesy as that might sound, it’s the truth. I LOVE MY RAYS! Come on home, we’re all waiting with open arms! Can’t wait to see you all play again. xoxo

  55. sandytows@tampabay.rr.com

    We are so proud of you all! You showed the world what drive & determination can do. You are an inspiration to our young people. Living proof of what a team united can do! Welcome back to Tampa Bay, and congratulations on a job well done. God Bless

  56. twinsce@verizon.net

    Rays, thank you sooooo much for an amazing season!! We were soooo happy to be apart of it and we will never forget it!!! You guys will always be the amazing Rays and Congratulations on everything!!! You all should be sooooo proud of yourselves!!! It would not have been the same without any of you!!! We will never forget our 2008 Rays!!! Next year is our year!!! WE BELIEVE!!!! We will miss seeing all of you during the offseason and can’t wait until the 2009 season!!! You guys are simply amazing!!!! GO RAYS!!!

  57. cbeebe5@tampabay.rr.com

    We are so proud of you and the whole team. Hats off
    for a wonderful season. Our family has become true
    Rays fans. In fact my son said to me this morning, Mom
    what are we going to watch on tv now that baseball is
    over. By the way you are his favorite player on the team.
    Cannot wait until next season. Again we are sooooo proud
    of the whole team. Enjoy your off season. God Bless,
    The Beebe family

  58. raygator72

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for making the World Series mean something to me. I know it did not turn out like we had all hoped, but I think you all played your hearts out. We appreciate what you did and look forward to spring training in Charlotte. GO RAYS!

  59. joeminfla19@aol.com

    Like you, we are all devastated. I’ve been going to Rays games since the beginning. But to accomplish so much in so little time, and from having the worst record last year…it’s all amazing and so inspirational. You guys played your hearts out. Now, you are wiser and experienced. Go out and win it all next year, and the year after, and the year after…
    We love watching you guys play. Keep the heart, keep the spirit, and keep being inspirational to us all.
    We’ll be watching again next year!
    GO RAYS!

  60. jloibl2002@yahoo.com

    Mr . Pena, I am a die hard Padres fan. I lived in San Diego for many years, I moved to Florida about five years ago. I became a Tampa Rays fan after my first game. I saw then the same baseball played with heart that I saw in San Diego many years ago. That heart, along with the talent the Rays have, is what brought you and the Team the American League flag. The Rays are the American League Champions. That is something to be proud of, very proud. In addition, you guys did it with class. I not once heard a negative word out of the Rays about another team or player. You guys just played good ball and showed how professionals should act. Children can look up to any of the Rays players as role models, and Champions. In this day and age, it is not possible to say that about all the teams and players. If you put out good work and have a professional work ethic, good things will happen and the team showed this. I look forward to watching the Rays next season, you guys will only as a team and get better. Keep up the class act, and the professional image. You guys are Champions and will raise the flag for the American League at Tropicana Field, I cannot wait to see it flying high here. We love our Rays !!!!!

  61. prowlingstarfish

    Dear Carlos,
    What a wonderful season it’s been. You have no idea how much joy you and the team have brought, not only to my family but countless others. So many in the Tampa bay area have faced layoffs, foreclosures, personal hardships and yet your team, our dear Rays gave them all reason to cheer, and believe that dreams can come true. Saying thank you to you and the team somehow seems inadequate. Let’s say that you and the Rays are loved. You all are not just some group of super star untouchables living on the highest spheres of ego. You are our neighbors, your struggles and triumphs have represented ours, you have all maintained honor and dignity, setting an example for all the world to see. You are the men we would be proud to have our sons emulate.
    The Rays brought a new joy to baseball, it’s a throw back to those good old days when players lived among you, said hello on the street, and played the game the way it was meant to be played. Sometimes the team reminds me of the stories my dad tells of the Brooklyn Dodgers. This is good, this is sweet.
    Next year we will be waiting for the dream to begin anew. We aren’t sad for the loss, heck, we are thrilled for the ride we’ve had and the incredible events. CARLOS, YOU PLAYED IN THE WORLD SERIES!!!!! YOU KEPT BOSTON FROM PLAYING!!!! How COOL is that!!!! Enjoy the break, send our love to the team.. stay well and embrace that precious family time…We’ll see you next year!!!!

  62. prowlingstarfish

    PS. I think that we Rays fans, really do appreciate the kind posts that the Phillies fans, and others have shared. We all look forward to meeting, and cheering again next year!

  63. jkit

    Carlos and all the Rays! You guys made us so proud this year! It was amazing – You all have made us very proud!
    You’re on the MAP now! This is only the beginning of many great games to come! Enjoy the time off – we miss you guys already – what do we do with ourselves?? AGAIN GREAT JOB!!

    We look forward to the Rays Fever continuing!!

  64. johnnyk42

    Dear Mr. Pena
    I just thought you should know that me and my friends in Omaha Ne where rooting for The Rays all Year. You did awesome all season. If you ever have thoughts on retiring please ask to b traded to the Kansas City Royals. Maybe then you could be sent down to the AAA Omaha Royals. I hope you consider this when you’re 45 and have mostly finished you’re hall of fame Career. Better yet maybe you could Mange

    From Johnny

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