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A Great Game, But More Work to Be Done

I think it is more nerve wracking to watch the game from the sidelines than to be on the field.  Because you find yourself you want to go on the steps then watch it on T.V. and come back up. I think when you are in the game you are able to calm yourself down a little bit more. But I had a lot of fun, I really did. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be in there tomorrow.

What a great game, so exciting to see Longoria perform this well. To come in so calm, so poised, like he’s been here before — like he’s been here a million times. It says a lot about that kid. We are just glad to have him.

Hats off to Shieldsie, first game of the playoffs. It doesn’t surprise me at all.  That’s exactly what he does. It’s exactly what we wanted to do. For us, it was important to win the first one. Every game is important, but that first one, it’s momentum. We feel like we are up one. Well we are up one, we won that first one, and it’s always good!

We try to treat every game differently. Today is today’s game, tomorrow is tomorrow’s game, but isn’t it nice to know that we are up one? And we can come in tomorrow and go at it. It’s so much more comfortable, it’s like a pitcher getting a nice lead. That’s the way that our team feels right now.