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Savoring the Moment

pena275x375.jpgI went to the beach this morning. It is something I like to do as much as I possibly can. So I went down there and spent a little time at the beach — it’s the best thing about living in St. Pete is the beach is right there. I went to the Madeira Beach and then headed over to the stadium. I was thinking on my way over to the stadium: Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just actually hit pause and pause this moment?

That’s what we were just talking about in the clubhouse. It would be nice to press pause and have it happen a little bit slower, then press rewind and do it again. We are so excited, and I appreciate what’s going on and you kind of want it to go slowly, instead of so fast, so it would be nice to pause all of this.

I have enjoyed every single moment, so much that I wish I could rewind it and do it again and again and make it last forever.

But we are excited. We are getting really excited and are truly appreciating every moment. The ALCS starts tomorrow, I know, but it would be nice to pause all of this and really cherish it.