It’s like Christmas Eve With Thursday’s Opener Almost Here

Pena.jpgI tried to keep it as normal as I could today. It’s so important to us to keep the same routine at all times — for me anyway. Because you want to make everything as usual as you can. Same routine as far as practice is concerned. I don’t try harder, I don’t try to figure out something new — which is sometimes a temptation that we all have, thinking, “We’ve been going at this one level, now do we have to take it up a notch for the playoffs?”

No, you just want to keep it the same, remain the same, stick to the basics. Personally, that’s what I’ve been trying to do, and I know that’s what the team does. And that’s exactly what we’re focusing on.

But yeah, we are very excited. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being excited. I think it’s great to enjoy all of this. That’s what we must do.

I’m enjoying every second of it. You know, my teammates, just the energy around the clubhouse, the energy around the town. When you go to the supermarket, anywhere you go, they have people wishing you good luck, saying nice things, saying, “Oh, thank you so much!” And you are like, “Oh, you are welcome!”  I don’t really know what to say, but I am really appreciative of all the support.

(Time to take the podium for the media. You can read what more of what I said here  in my interview session with teammate James Shields).


  1. oregonray

    Good Luck Los! We’re rooting for you as misplaced Tampa natives in Oregon! We love our Rays and we’re looking forward to another championship for Tampa Bay!

    Go Rays!


    I think all of you are awesome! I have been a Rays fan for many years (at least 6 or 7) and have supported the team even in the lowest of times. No matter the outcome we are proud of you! My boss is even letting us put the TV on in the lunch room today! Woo hoo. I will be watching and or listening whenever you play. I have faith in “my boys” as they say to me at work. Love to all of you and can’t wait for you to win the World Series one step at a time! 🙂 JUST STAY FOCUSED. One base at a time is all it takes to keep the inning going. GO RAYS!!

  3. Tucker Elliot

    Carlos, good luck tonight! I was at the Red Sox series in June, and I was at the Cleveland game in August when you and Gabe Gross gave the team a ninth inning miracle that was just what you guys needed prior to that ten game road trip. I wish I was at The Trop today — I’ll be watching the game from Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany, wearing my Carl Crawford jersey, and my brother is watching from Yongsan Garrison, Seoul, Korea, wearing his James Shields jersey — pulling for you guys, go Rays!


    The Bay Area is so proud of you guys!!!! I had faith it would happen but I had no idea it would happen so fast!!! No matter how you guys fair in the playoffs, this was a dream season for us all. But I know you will kick butt! We believed since April that 9 = 8. Now in October 8 = 2! “WE BELIEVE!” GO RAYS!!!!!!!

  5. raygal

    Thanks Carlos for a great year and the playoffs. We have been to many games and will go to many more. Keep up the good work thanks for bringing the bay Area together as 1 Team with the Rays. RAYS ROCK.


    Get better, Carlos! We need you in there! Your boys did a great job, but we missed you. Rest your eyes tonight, and we look forward to seeing you back in place tomorrow…GO RAYS!!

  7. jonbsails

    ty 4 a helluva cpla seasons. ive been rays fan since beginning, and (believe me) that was tuff sledding fer 10 years.
    i was tellin everyone u guys were solid this year. Thanx fer makin me look like some freakin genius!
    i never had season tix, but always go to 15 or 20 games a year. usta be able to sit anywhere….lol…not any more.
    reminds me of the olden days w/Bucs. i would wake up on sunday call somebody and we would go to the bucs game and ….sit anywhere!
    i know yer a good family man (me too. i dont even drink) but hey come into a lil bar owned by my friend Steve at 933 central ave. just a lil dive the coast guard guys patronize. if Steve is there tell him Jonathan invited you. he is a bonafide baseball nut. my 87 yr old mom is in her 3rd year of bein a rays fan….ty for providing her with great entertainment for 162 games and 6 months.
    my sister also loved you guys but passed unexpectedly 2 years ago. i wish she coulda seen this!!!
    take care of those eyeballs dude. u only have 2 per lifetime! what an opener!! wtg RAYS!!


    Carlos (and all the Rays),

    We used to watch all of you play in Orlando when you were still shaking it up in the minors. How fun it has been to watch the team we have known for years become such an AL powerhouse! We have followed this year with such excitement and know that you are ready for this post season.

    Good luck to all of you – stay strong, stay calm, and enjoy the ride!

    JJ & the Boys

  9. richinpa

    Hey Carlos sorry you had to leave the game hope your eye is feeling better. I met you last year after a game I was at with Joe’s brother and I remember you tell him that next year that the team was going to do something special and boy oh boy have you guys done that. I was a Yankee fan for a long time,about 40 years but when Joe got the job I switched in 2005 to the Rays and I have never been so excited about watching baseball in a long time. I was going to wish you guys good luck but the way you and the team are playing luck has nothing to do with it,one game at a time and I am sure yoy guys will come out on top.

  10. kstars018

    You guys deserve this more than any team out there, end of story! You bring the real meaning of baseball back to life, everyone can just tell you guys love being on the field every second of the game and that means alot! Every single player is an MVP in their own way and I love it. Just remember that you’ll have your 10th man behind you and supporting you every step of the way!

  11. raysrenegade

    You guys are the darlings of the Tampa Bay area. It is a real honor to tell you I am a fan since before day 1, when we all had to put down Season Ticket deposits in the 80’s for the first baseball group to try and get a franchise.

    It was a bit emotional when the 51 employees got to stand behind John Higgins and watch him throw that first pitch. The enegry was amazing for all those long time employees.

    So go kick some butt and we shall see you in the parade.

    ”””””””””””””Magic number 11 ””””””””””””””””””””””’

    11 wins equals a ticker tape parade


    Hey Carlos, I have been a rays season ticket holder since day 1…I have seen many many games, nothing like Sat nights though…what an emotional game…after Fridays loss and to come back time after time it was amazing… I had the opportunity to see the 69 Mets play and win the world series after a game 1 loss…then they won Four straight.
    I wish this for our RAYS!

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