Gearing Up For A Great Trip

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Obviously, I was heartbroken to tell Joe I couldn’t go today. I was going to go, but I had to tell him I’m not 100 percent. He told me how the lineups would go and how it would affect our team if I had to come out midgame. So eventually I said, “Look Joe, I’m not 100 percent.” And that was so hard for me.

I’m very excited for Chicago. I want to play so bad, I really do. Badly. And everything says that I will be. So I look forward to that day.

I’m expecting it to be an outstanding trip.


Was sorry to not see you in the lineup again but just rest up that eye and get back in there in Chicago. Willy has done great filling in for you but would feel much better with your bat and especially your glove in the lineup.

Man…the boys really picked you up! Imagine how things would be going with you in there! I hope your health improves quickly. You are my team in these playoffs. Best of luck the rest of the way!

Good move to go ahead and let the eye heal. Hopefully you’re back at full 20/20 strength in Chicago. Though Aybar did perform admirably in your absence.We’ve had a great series so far, two comeback wins and everyone chipping in to win as a team. Let’s finish the job, go Rays.Brenton

I’m happy for you and the team! It’s been great just having you as a team win or lose, but man it’s much more exciting with you guys winning a lot this year! Division Champs, beating out both Yanks and Sox, whoo-hoo! Hee, he…
Thanks for all the memories so far and all the ones I look forward to. I do miss not doing flips on top of the visitors dugout. That’s my FUN way of kinda like “stopping” on the visitng team (lol…) and at the same time getting the other fans reved up! No matter what some may say to me the past has been fun times, but the future looks brighter than the sun coming within 200,000 miles from us! Rays, you guys are just steaming with FIRE- at bat, defense, and the X factor of Balfour and Gomes, LOVE It….
Blowing you and the team a big one from the petite one!
Go All The Way RAYS!!!!
Your DREAMS Are Coming TRUE NOW!

Misspelled- I was like “Stomping” on the Visiting team, not really, but they were “Under My Feet” and that felt pretty good. Get Fiesty, Have fun!!

Looking forward to having you back in the game Saturday!
The music won’t be the only thing BLUE in Chicago after your game Saturday.
Have fun Carlos and RAYS!
PS. Extra kisses to all the pitching staff!
Kisses to all the coaching staff!
Ok- so what if my kisses are flowing out like champaign; it’s the postseason!
We Are here, Baby!
Let’s Win It! xo

Congrats on winning the first two games — now get back in the lineup and let’s take care of this thing with a broom!

Congrats on winning the first two games — now get back in the lineup and let’s take care of this thing with a broom!

You have a big fan club in Massachusetts rooting for you to get better soon. Thanks for the blog entries to let us know what is going on. We are wishing you all the best! Have fun!

Ohhhh Carlos, your presence was definitely missed!!!!!! But like you Rays do so well at filling in for each other, Aybar did great!!! I am praying for you to feel better, and be able to play in Chi-Town, my hometown. Yes, I was a lifetime Sox fan, but have definitely become a Rays fan these past years, and I root for all of you every game!!!! I admire YOU, not only for your awesome ability, but for your community work, and that HUGE heart that you have!!! Keep smiling that beautiful smile, and think positive about Chicago…With God’s will, you’ll be heading back to Tampa on Monday!!!! YEAH BABY!!!!

Now this is fun!! The Pit looks beautiful in October!!!

Get better. My calendar says its your turn to be the clutch guy on Sunday!

I’ve been a baseball fan all my life (don’t even ask how long!). This is the most fun I’ve EVER had!! Thanks Rays!!!

Make ’em FEEL THE HEAT in Chi town!

You and the boys give them hell Carlos!! Show the country what a great bunch of stars the Tampa Bay area has been blessed with. Your the leader big guy, show them the way.

Yo CP,

Check it out..I’ve been to a Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, but neither compare to the feeling I had at the Trop during Game 1 and 2 of the ALDS. You guys had to have been pumped up hearing the fans cheer for the you?…… AKI..AKI..AKI!! and MVP..MVP..MVP!! ….Its was so freaking exciting!!

I’m glad to hear you’ll be back for the Sunday’s game. My 12 yr old daughter absolutley loves you, man. You signed a ball for her in Fort Myers one day. We were the only Rays fans in the SOX’s staduim and since that day, it’s been nothing but CP..CP..CP! She screams and gets tears in her eyes when you come up to bat …I swear!

Not only are you guys great baseball players, I think, by witnessing the players actions, that the Rays players, more than another other team, really care about the youth in our town and the fact that they are truly the future of the Rays Republic!

Lets finish this thing, Carlos, and get back to the Trop. All of us Rays fans back home will be watching and cheering you on. I have a little request to ask of you….I want to hear the TBS broadcaster say “Theres’s a shot,.. its deep, iTs, IT’S..GONE! Carlos Pena takes one deep, deep to right feild!!!! What a shot by Carlos Pena!”

Be cool!

I had the most fun I have ever had at the past two postseason games. I went deaf and lost my voice after the second one. Though I was all the way in the outfield, it didn’t really matter. Your fans are one big family too, let me tell you! We made up our own chants, hugged, we just had a great time and it’s all thanks to you Rays! I remember you saying once to make the opposing team fans as uncomfortable as we could since this was our house, and did we ever. There was only two of them that I saw, of course, but they left WAY early =). Hit a homer for all of us back home, GO RAYS!
PS-Willy is absolutely great, but boy did we miss you #23!

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