Charter to Chicago Followed by a Workout Day

Great flight last night. We left around midnight and got into Chicago at about 2 o’clock our time. Everybody’s still really excited to be here.

Our charters are always fun, we had a blast last night — like I said we usually do. We play the music, we start talking, telling jokes, playing cards. This is a very close team, so you can basically walk up and down the aisle and have fun with every single guy that’s a member of this ballclub.

I was in charge of the music last night, so I put on a little Reggaeton — it’s like Latin hip hop. I had good feedback on it, so I might have to play it again. I said, “Can I have the speakers?” And they said, “OK.” It was quite easy to get the speakers. But that’s the kind of team we have. You get a couple of requests and play them. We had a blast.

Today is a rare day since we don’t have a game. We still have the workout, but I’ll have a chance to go out and have a nice dinner and get some sleep. My wife and daughter are coming in, so they’ll join me. We’ll have a great time, go out and see the town, maybe do a little shopping. See the family, just relax. This day gives us a chance to kind of recharge those batteries and come full force tomorrow.


  1. raysrenegade


    You have done so much for this team this year that the two days down will recharge your batteries and you will come out gangbusters in Sunday’s game.
    The great thing about this team this year is the fact one guy doesn’t have to carry the team. Aybar had a great two game when you were out, but now it is time for Carlos to take control and lead us to that next plateau.

    I will be at the airport, even if it is 4 a.m., you can count on our fans to rally and be there to show support and cheer you onto the next round of this amazing journey.

    I yelled to Scott Cursi, the Rays’ BullpenCatcher that you guys need to take care of business and get home soon. I have gut feeling we will see you real soon. Have a great game tomorrow, and we will see your smile soon at the terminal

    Cliff aka Rays Renegade


    i am enjoying th blog Carlos, it’s cool to get a little insight to the team. I have moved around this year to New York City, and then San Francisco, and I have met a lot of people who are digging the way the Rays play, and are rooting for you in the play-offs…..even in NYC. I think that really speaks volumes about how you guys play the game. Keep playing it that way…one game at a time and go and take it!
    Go Rays!

  3. kstars018

    I hope you guys have a blast up in Chicago, all your fans wish they could be there to support you at the park, but know that we are all watching and cheering you on from home! You guys are great! We know you will do your best, come home to the Trop soon, we all miss you already! GOOD LUCK! (not that you ever need it.) xoxo to all the Rays.

  4. realebucs

    Hello Carlos, You have to fire the boys up and let their fans know the only reason they are all in black, was for the White Sox`s BLACK SUNDAY. The day their season ended!!
    GO PENA!
    GO RAYS!

  5. tbraysbucs

    Hey guys, you are making history, Wonderful History!
    Let’s complete your first post season playoff series with a SWEEP!!!!
    Have a blast Carlos! Good Luck RAYS!!


    Hi Carlos,

    We don’t even know where to begin!! You are such an amazing person and player!! What are wonderful role model you are to everyone!! We are so happy you are with the Tampa Bay Rays and it would not be the same without you!! We haven’t missed a game and we are always there at the Trop cheering you guys on, wheather it is spring
    training, a regular season game, or the playoffs, we are always there ringing our cowbells as loud as we can!! You can count on us!! We are your biggest fans and can’t wait to get another picture with you as soon as possible!! GO RAYS!!! What a magical season!! Keep believing and go the distance!! You guys are going all the way!!! Sincerely, your biggest fans from Clearwater Beach, Florida!!! XOXO!!

    P.S.- Can’t wait to see you when you guys get back to the Trop!!! We miss you already!!!

  7. xorays

    Thank you – you, BJ, and Aki are the reason I love baseball. I used to tell everyone that my two favorite days of the year were Christmas and the last day of baseball season. When I moved to St. Pete last year and thought I should at least try to watch part of a game – support the home town team and all – and I fell in love with you guys.
    So go play the game you love the way you love it and bring home the victory.

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