Cant Get Down in Defeat

Yeah, we lost Sunday, but you walk into our clubhouse and you can’t tell whether we won or lost, and that’s exactly what we want it to be like.

We want it to be like this where it’s almost like we’re oblivious to what’s going on. I know that’s easier said than done because it’s not human, but we are professional athletes. I’m not talking about blocking things out, I just mean we should be able to just focus on the right thing.

So tonight, we’ll just go home and enjoy our families, enjoy the rest of the night, relax and come back tomorrow like nothing ever happened. We try not to get too emotional about anything.

We says thanks — it’s really cool to be in these playoffs — and then we go, “All right, let’s play baseball.” That exactly what we do during the regular season, what we do during Spring Training, even though everything around us says otherwise, like there’s more intensity on every pitch and every play. You can’t play like that. That would be like going up to the plate or to first base with a bag of cement on your shoulders.

We’re embracing this. That’s why I like this team. We’re not sitting here overthinking what the playoffs are all about. We’re sitting here thinking that we’re so grateful to be here. We appreciate it and we respect what’s going on. And then we go play.

Can’t wait to get back at it tomorrow.



    Hi Carlos,
    As a fellow “Hillie” and “Husky” I’ve been following your career with great enthusiasm from the beginning. Being from Haverhill it’s natural that I’m a Red Sox fan, so I was thrilled when you played for the Sox. But I only saw you play (in person) as a Ray, on June 3rd when you got hit in the hand, but still managed to hit one out of Fenway! You lost that game, as you did tonight. But you and your teammates have accomplished so much since that loss in June, you have every right to be the proudest players in the league. As I watched you tonight in the ninth with 2 outs and a 2-2 count I was hoping and praying that you’d be able to pull off the miracle every Ray fan and I were hoping for. But when you struck out I felt proud of you anyway for giving it your best shot and for the 2 hits you contributed to the game earlier. I said to my wife, “well the Rays may have lost this one but it wasn’t because Carlos made the last out. He gave it his all and tried his best.” That’s all anyone can ask of a man. Whether you win or lose, you’ll always be a winner in my book. I wish you and the Rays all the best during the playoffs. And if it should come down to the Rays and Red Sox, may the best team win. But I’ll be rooting for you personally. Good luck Carlos.
    By the way, your cousin Luis M. (whom I work with at the library) will be pleased to know I “spoke” with you. Go Rays!

  2. tbraysbucs

    Sounds great Carlos! Leave the bags of cement for other teams to carry. Go enjoy game 4, and soar like eagles all over the field and around the bases!
    We are cheering you on, Go RAYS!!!!


    We love our Rays, win or lose! We are behind you guys all the way, and we know you can pull it out when the going gets tough, so get ’em going tonight, Carlitos! Keep warm, and drive it home for us back here in St. Pete…we’d love to see you again on Wednesday here, but would rather wait till Friday, OK? Good luck and good hitting tonight! GO RAYS!!

  4. raysrenegade

    Nothing to fret over. It was good game that we just ran out of time and chances. We all know what this team can do on the field.
    There were a few things that popped up out of the supernatural ( mound clay and pigeons giving the evil eye) but this team is also strong enough to know that sometimes you have to go down a notch to reach the top.

    No worrys. We have a 5:07 date with destiny today.

    Bring it home guys, then we can have another wild airport party


    Carlitos — please know, and please convey to the entire team, that that all of Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay region are thinking of you and cheering you on. I saw Rays flags flying from houses and strangers stop each other in the store when they see another person in a Rays tshirt. You and your team are an inspiration to ALL of us. I have not heard one conversation about football — JUST THE RAYS!!
    PLEASE KNOW THAT YOU MEAN SO MUCH TO US. We could not be prouder of you and the guys. We send you our love and prayers and best wishes for the game Monday.


    No pressure on the Rays Mr. Pena. But a win would be much appreciated on monday night. I already called out work sick on thursday, friday, and again last night. It was actually good for me that your playing again tonight because its my day off. So if you would convey to the team that its time to win…that would be great.

  7. bioinfolib

    The folks in Gainesville are pulling for you too! We are so proud of the entire team. Take care of business this evening, and we’ll see you at the Trop on Oct. 10 and 11. GO RAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. pregador27

    You have fans in Hernando County also! I half expected the RAYS to make another comeback late, but you know you cannot win them all. I hope y’all break through with a good 13 or 14 run game tonight.

    My daughter and I watch the special channel 47 had on you one day- that was great. It was nice to learn about Mr. Peña. She liked it too. I am teaching her to be a RAYS fan too. We are proud of the team no matter what happens.

    Deus te abençoe! Dios te abendiga! God bless you!



    As a very long time baseball fan, since my Dad took me to the Braves games in Milwaukee in the early 60’s, I would like for you to pass on to your teammates my appreciation for the most spectacular year I have ever witnessed!! I know that you guys will come back today and take care of business. Got tickets for Wednesday, but really do not want to use them ya know. But no matter what happens the rest of the way, I am so very proud of this team. I don’t blog alot but read alot of the banter on Fox Sports, and ya know what?? The Red Sox fans are finally shutting up a little and are probably pulling hard for the White Sox so they don’t have to play you guys again! See ya Friday at the Trop……..

  10. marjiea1

    Early in the season, I started seeing something different this year in the Rays. It?s not just that you have been winning games, but I see you playing with heart. I see effort to steal bases, hit, catch, and pitch strike outs. I see you still trying beyond the seventh inning and not give up when behind. I see you do some of your best work with two outs in the inning. So, I love to watch the Rays this year more than any other year before because win or lose, you are putting your heart and soul into the game.

    It’s fun and exciting to watch you all play. Just remember even if you don’t have fans in the stadium we’re watching on television. We are cheering you on, even if you can?t hear us, not just because you win, but because you try and try hard. That’s all we ask of you, do your best and have fun at it!


    Hey Carlos,
    My roomates and I out here in Utah are cheering for you guys! Keep up the good playing. Finish it tonight! Go Rays!


    Hi Carlos,

    Just here to wish you luck and to let you know that here in Tampa the Hispanic community is also rooting for you and The Rays. I admire you as a player and for your humbleness. You always show great sportsmanship and to me you are a great example of success. Forget the “Novelas”, nothing tops sitting next to my dad to watch a baseball game. We plan to see you at the Trop if there is a Game 5, if it’s God’s will. Keep making us proud. You guys are a Great Team and have Great Fans that will support you forever!!! Let’s Go Rays!


    Hey Carlos

    Just remember you are the best team right now in baseball, not by statistics but by the way you guys are playing ball with overall team spirit, enjoyment and amazing sportsmanship. Just keep that spirit going and it will help get you guyz over the line in close games. I live in the New England area and I’m hoping you guyz go all the way and beat Boston and take the World Series. Its so much fun watching you guyz play. Go Rays!!!

  14. raygator72

    Thank you for remaining so positive and professional. We believe in you down here in Southwest Florida. My husband has followed the Rays from day one (ugly uniforms and all). When I married him seven years ago, he forced me to convert from a long-time Braves fan to a Devil Ray. Well, once I got on board, I cheered (and railed) as much as I had at my Braves. This season has been an awesome ride for the fans. We will stick by you guys no matter what! So, go out there tonight and play the game with the same dedication and heart you all have played with all season. And remember: there is NO CRYING in baseball!
    RAYS ARE #1!


    Carlos, you are such a class act! Thank you for being the leader of these young guys. So glad you got the patience and the “eye” this year. You’ve made a tremendous difference.


    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! We can’t even describe how happy we are for you guys!!!!! We have been screaming this whole night!!! We an amazing team you guys are and we could not ask for better group of players!!! Can’t wait to cheer you all on as loud as we can when you guys are back at the Trop for the Championship Series!! You guys are simply AMAZING!! May the magic continue!!! GO RAYS!!!!! XOXO!!!


    What a great game! All of you are all so talented individually but you really rock as a team! I went to my first major league game at the end of the season last year and have fallen in love with the game and the team! I KNOW you’ll win the Division and then go on to win the World Series – and I’ll be watching ya’ll every step of the way! GO RAYS!

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