Nice to Have a Day with the Family

With a day off Tuesday, I made sure I gave my wife a break. I told her to go have her day. I took care of Isabella, our daughter who is almost 3. I was able to have some one-on-one time with my daughter. I just spent a lot of quality time with her. And when my wife came back, we all went to a nice dinner at a place near the International Mall.

I just pushed Isabella all over the mall in a stroller. I took her to the kids stores there. Earlier, we went to the beach.

A lot of people came up to me at the mall, which is cool. I always appreciate when people come up and tell me how much they appreciate what I do and how they love the team. I tell them, “Thank you so much for your support.”

It’s funny, every time Isabella sees a Rays insignia, she says, “Carlos Pena.”

She has stamina, she never gets tired. So last night after a busy day of activity, she still wants to watch “Dora the Explorer.” And I’m like, “It’s time to go to sleep.”

It was a fun day and now I’m looking forward to Friday night.


Hi Carlos!!

Glad you had a great day off!!! You really deserve it!!! Can’t wait until the championship games Friday and Saturday!! We will be ringing our cowbells and screaming as loud as we can!! We are soooooo happy for you guys!! What an amazing team you guys are and we knew it from the start!!! We will never stop believing!! You guys are simply amazing!!! Take care!! See you at the Trop and GO RAYS!! Sincerely, your biggest fans from Clearwater Beach, FL,
Dan, Denise, Christina & Elizabeth!


Carlos, I am so proud of all of the Rays players and hope everyone had a great day off and got plenty of rest. Now it is time to look forward, focus and be determined to beat those SOX! Ring the cowbells all you Rays fans, just remember the rules. I love my cowbell!!! I am hoping to get tickets to Saturday’s game. Got a 2nd chance email today so I am planning to jump on it when the time is right. If I cannot score tickets them remember that those of us not in the stands will be cheering you on from home. GO RAYS!!!! GO RAYS!!! GO RAYS!!!

Cool Carlos!
Wish my son had a dad like you. I’m sure you guys are enjoying the moment before the STORM! RAYS vs. Red Sox! Seems like everyone wanted it and now This Is It!!!! BIG Series for YOU!! I have faith and believe RAYS will win in six, but if you guys do it in 4 or 5 all the better!!
Have fun and see about opening all those upper seats!!!! I’ve sat way up there before, I don’t see any problems with it so let’s fill the TROP will more of us RAYS FANS!!!!
If I’m unable to get a ticket for tomorrows game I’ll be cheering at home!
All The Very Best To You And The RAYS!!!!

What an inspiration you are to the nucleus of this organization. I am inspired by your demeanor and professionalism. When an opposing player gets to first base, you are like the ” Welcome Wagon” almost always striking up a conversation with a smile. I have a daughter also, now 10 who is a ” Raymonds Rookie ” & loves to go to games and she loves you also !! Enjoy your little one as they grow fast. Best of skill in the ALCS. I’ll be there for game 2 not to far from you.. I will be sending you lots of white light & energy… Hey , if you ever want to get out on the bay fishing, drop me an e-mail… & may your journey in this life be reciprocated by your values, deeds and actions.
Be well and savor the ride Carlos…………. Jeff Tomes

Wow. A great ballplayer and a committed family man? I will have to hang your picture in my son’s (and daughter’s) room so that they will have a positive role model (other than mom and dad) in their lives. Thank you for sharing that on this blog because there are parents out here who want to have good examples in sports and media to show our kids. I had tons of respect the other night for Aybar when he bumped fists with the White Sox pitcher; that is what real men do. I may go out on a limb, but Joe Maddon might throw his hat in for President because he has shown what a true leader of an organization should be. Thank you and the rest of the Rays for all the hard work and dedication. GO RAYS!!!

Carlos, you are such a great role model! I hope my little brother grows up to be a great ball player, and a great guy like you and the rest of the team. When we watch the game, I’ll say Go Carlos! and he will yell it even louder. He loves you guys! We’re counting down the minutes til the game, you’ll do great like always. GO RAYS!

My nephew was exactly like that at that age. Of course, he’s only almost 5 now…


Glad to know you had a good off day. Good luck with the Red Sox, you proved you can beat them during regular season and its the same game, same rules, no different to when you beat them, so there is absolutely no reaon why you cant beat them again and become AL champions. Just believe in your abilities and your teammates as you guys have done all season…They like to score before getting papelbon in and trying to get the save, so be strong and cut off their on base runs with good defense and pitching and with your team’s offense you can beat them. I will be rooting for you in front of the TV from the Boston area. Lets Go Rays! You guys are the best! Go Rays!

hey Carlos!
The true is that Im not a Rays fan, but I am a fan of all those Latin players from all the teams.. I am Latin and I think its great to have Latinos in grandes ligas, for like all those latin kids that live in the Dominican Republic or any part of the world, that want to be a professional baseball player you are a great example for them!

Hola Carlos como andas, tanto tiempo! Me alegra ver que el equipo ha llegado tan lejos! Me contento mucho cuando veo los juegos y ganan. Saludos a Isabellita, y a su esposa. Attentamente Ailyn.(la teacher de Isabella) =0)

I am a Red Sox fan but a bigger Carlos Pena fan!! You have never changed from the young boy I coached in high school to the young man you are today. A tremendously talented athlete but a better person. What ever happens in the final game,I can’t lose!

Carlos if you weren’t married I would grab you up in a second. You were awesome in game 2 of the World Series Good Luck in Philly

Love your enthusiasm, focus, and balance of life. Glad you write about your family, as it’s great to have a public figure say these things. My son’s dad is only around occasionally and maybe if he sees your model he’ll get something from it and step up to the plate. Hope reigns supreme. :-))

Kudos to you for giving the wife a time out for herself.

My son is a natural player. The goal is to keep him that way, not have too much interference with training. heh He’s actually a very good natural athlete, started by showing he could swing a golf club, which at first was a wooden spoon, at less than one yr old like he had been taught. I let him go with what he feels and that has shown to be wonderful- he just loves doing all sports. Sounds like he’s older but he was born just a few years ago, in March of 2005. You may here his name in 15 yrs or so- Vincent Wesley, “VW”. He’s also 50% Puerto Rican so I hope he turns out to be a great role model of a well rounded person as you seem to be as well. Maybe by the time they’re older, you daughter will be able to play in the big leagues as well.

Hang in there and go for the win but love that it’s a game at a time. Nice to have such a great role model out there for my son (and his father). :-)) loraine

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