Savoring the Moment

pena275x375.jpgI went to the beach this morning. It is something I like to do as much as I possibly can. So I went down there and spent a little time at the beach — it’s the best thing about living in St. Pete is the beach is right there. I went to the Madeira Beach and then headed over to the stadium. I was thinking on my way over to the stadium: Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just actually hit pause and pause this moment?

That’s what we were just talking about in the clubhouse. It would be nice to press pause and have it happen a little bit slower, then press rewind and do it again. We are so excited, and I appreciate what’s going on and you kind of want it to go slowly, instead of so fast, so it would be nice to pause all of this.

I have enjoyed every single moment, so much that I wish I could rewind it and do it again and again and make it last forever.

But we are excited. We are getting really excited and are truly appreciating every moment. The ALCS starts tomorrow, I know, but it would be nice to pause all of this and really cherish it.


  1. pregador27

    Carlos, Thank you for the memories of this season and for the ones yet to come! My daughters are not totally into it, but they do like RAYS stuff and they know who you are!

    Go RAYS!!

  2. kstars018

    Trust me, what you guys have done already will never be guys have made history, but it’s not just plain old history, it’s really inspirational, especially to all these little kids watching and learning from you all. You’re fans wish we could pause it too, I have no idea what I’m gonna do when October is over. I don’t think I can wait for next year! I keep telling myself I’m gonna move to St.Pete, so I could go to the beach and then walk over to the Rays game at the Trop. What could be better?! xoxo from your fans in Tampa

  3. section15

    Hey Carlos! A Haverhillite here – and I just wanted you to know that your high school chemistry class buddy — my daughter – Jill C. – is getting married on Saturday out at UMass!!! Even though you’re on the “other side” with the Rays, and we’re all Red Sox fans, we’re all Carlos Pena fans as well. Best of luck, and see you Monday in Fenway.

    Greg (section15)

  4. tbraysbucs

    With each win will make the playoffs even more exciting!!
    Keep the faith, hunger, and enjoy every game!
    You can do it Carlos!!!!
    Go RAYS!!!!
    8 More Games to WIN!!!!
    8 wins = RAYS 2008 World Series Champions!!!!

  5. raysrenegade

    It is one of the true reason to live here……the beach.

    The best part about Maderia Beach is to go down near John’s Pass and just look out at the tide taking the water in and out while the boats and fisherman pass by you………..tranquility never felt so great.

    With the whirlwind of the playoffs, that was probably the best thing to do to recharge you batteries for the upcoming series. It is going to tough and a nightly adventure. but I have a boatload of faith in all of you.

    Go get them Carlos and we will keep banging the Cowbells for you

    Rays Renegade

  6. raysfan922

    Yo CP,

    This is it bro!..This is what you’ve been waiting for. The showdown at the Trop. — I’m still mute from the last series, but I’ll be attempting to scream TB, TB, TB as loud as I can.

    Dude, you are due! Calm down, keep your bat still, and across the plate between pitches and focus. I’ve watched every game this year and you hit homeruns when you do not wave the bat around between pitches. I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve proven my theory to many friends while watching you bat. Try it!

    Ok, good luck. Win or lose, you guys are our summer hometown heros and we are extremely proud of our Rays team. Show the nation who’s the best! And, lets take the Trop for ourselves once and for all!


  7. raysfan0713


    Enjoy these moments as we the fans are enjoying every single moment. We will be watching on TV Friday night and we will be in the stands Saturday ringing our cowbells…look up to rightfield section 142 and give us a wave 🙂 Good Luck and thanks for making this season so much fun! You are the best…..Laura and Eric

  8. Jessica

    Coming from the heart of Red Sox Nation, I have to say that I am so happy for you and the entire Rays organization. I also have to say that I am a little scared for the Red Sox on the upcoming series against you. You and your teammates have really made a difference this year and although I will be rooting for the Red Sox tonight, just remember that everyone in Red Sox Nation is terrified of the Tampa Bay Rays, and the odds are in your favor this series. Good luck, you guys seem like a genuinely grateful group of baseball players

  9. deadeye

    You seem like a class act. Proud to have you represent our team. My wife loves you. Always says Go Carlitos! (She is Colombian) Stay away from her 🙂 Now go kick some RedSox butt!

    Go Rays!


    hey carlos, for the past 8 years my entire family has enjoyed the rays and watched this team grow. my parents have passed and never got to see what is happening this year and the next few years. i want to say thank you and all the rays for having eased the loss of my family members. our love, hearts, and prayers are with you,your immediate family, and the rays family. thank you, john


    You have given us all a new reason to keep on looking forward! No matter what happens at the World Series, We are so proud to be your fans we have waited a long time for this beautiful year. Its all because of you guys. I Made this and 4 web page designs on MYYearbook site for you. WE love you Carlos you are the best. Zona Meeks

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