Forget About the Loss

penaatbatwide550x250.jpgThe mood in the clubhouse remained upbeat, even though we lost Friday night.

Obviously during the game, your intensity is through the roof, but afterward, I kind of just go around and talk to the guys, and I was pleased to see the guys were still smiling and being themselves. That is key. Because we did lose some games during the regular season — we didn’t go 162-0, you’re going to lose some games. And I think when you overanalyze things, it does you absolutely no good unless you’re a masochist and you want to beat that drum of defeat.

We just have to turn the page and basically do exactly what we do every night — go home, enjoy our families and come back tomorrow. Just relax like it was any other game. That is so key for making sure you minimize these things so you can go out there the next day and relax and play your game.


  1. raysrenegade

    Sometimes you just run into a pitcher who is having a career night at your expense. Dice-K had an exceptional night, but you guys did have chances to ruin his parade.

    That shows that the passion and the intensity is there, it just did not click on all 8 cylinders tonight. You guys have the emotional stamina and energetci passion to ride out this storm and kick some butt tomorrow night. We all still have a huge amount of energy to throw towards the field to help you all out tomorrow night.
    That is why we play the best-of-7 series and not the first to win series.

    Rays Renegade

  2. mikedrays

    6 more games, 9 innings per game. That’s the way this works. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Carlos, and I’ll be there tonight to see you guys dominate game 2. Let’s play ball! (in 12 hours or so, anyway) 😉


    Let’s not forget that our Mr. Shields pitched just as good if not better. The lead off walk that lead to the first and only run given up by him was a strike out if the ump behind the plate knew what a strike was………….But yes the Ray’s did miss on many opportunity’s.

  4. raygator72

    Thank you for posting after the game; that had to be difficult for you to do. My husband had to work today, so he did not watch all the game last night. When I spoke with him this morning, I pointed out to him that last night everyone saw the best two teams take the field with the most outstanding pitching in any of the playoff games. If only it were possible for the Rays and Red Sox to play the World Series against each other! Do not hang your heads in shame at all! Just go out there tonight and play Rays baseball. I have the faith that you will succeed. GO RAYS!

  5. uclefty45

    I’m surprised that you didn’t mention SWINGING 3-0 against a pitcher that hasn’t had his good stuff all year….and oh yea, there were no outs and two runners on. If you do something like that at even the college level, you’ll be running until the next series. I understand that you’re 98% sure you’re gonig to get a fastball, but if you walk, you have your 4, 5, and 6 hitters behind you with no outs and bases load. I think you take the gamble like everyone else would and NOT SWING!! It’s okay though, I’m a born and bread Sox fan that moved to Tampa with my family so I’m not disappointed. I just couldn’t believe that in this situation, someone would get that greedy to hit a 3-run homerun and be the hero, rather than take a pitch or two and being a team player. Goodluck tomorrow.

  6. bossman

    I agree you guys can come back after all there are 6 more games. I don’t mean to be negitive so I would like to leave some constructive criticism toward the coaching and I hope Joe Madden is reading this comment. First of all the Rays have gone all year winning games in the later innings or so by usually pinch hitting someone in the clutch. Why would you not pinch hit Ben Z. or Rocco B. for Floyd or even Gross.
    The same thing for Evan L. if he is not hitting bench him one game and Put Willie A. at third. I guarantee Evan’s next at bat would be productive. You also need Eric Hinskey’s bat at the DH spot. There is no harm to substitute for players who are not hitting especially in the DH position and don’t wait until the END of the game, by the 3rd inning if they are not hitting put someone who is chomping at the bit to play.
    Finally KEEP Balfour as the closer for every game. BH.

  7. tbraysbucs

    Dice-Ke’ was a monster last night! Let’s get him hame 5!!!!
    ….I agree somewhat with the fan above. All season long the Rays have broght in pitch hitters and they became some of the “unlikely heroes” of the games.
    I don’t agree to sit out Evan for a pitch hitter because of the strength he brings to RAYS Defense! We need him at 3rd!!
    But YES, BIG YES on bringing in our RAYS WELL RESTED AND HUNGRY PLAYERS!! Ben, Eric, Rocco, Willie…I’m sure they’re dying to get their frustrations out on those Redsox!
    It’s our depth of strong players and pitchers that got our RAYS to where YOU ARE today.
    Let’s keep that in mind Maddon!! xoxo.
    Was nice to see Price yesterday; he’s looking strong and Balfour was an ANIMAL as always! xoxo. …No, his overall pitching, not his one pitch that went astray.
    LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
    I wasn’t able to get a tix or win a tix 😦 but I’m there in spirit!
    Go RAYS!!!!

  8. tbraysbucs

    hame 5, lol – Game 5! typos sorry.
    hame, yes, let’s make ham and eggs out of those Redsox and eat them up!!!!
    I’ll fry up some bacon to go with that and then THEY’LL BE TOAST!!!!
    Oooohhhh Yummy!!

  9. raygator72

    It would be nice if the negative Sox fans would stay off this blog. Carlos and the Rays: stay true to what you have done this year. We fans may not always agree with the decisions made in a game, but I think Maddon has proven this year that he knows what he is doing. Bringing in different hitters against Papalbon might have worked. I certainly was wishing for Johson to show up. But that game is done and we should all be looking forward to tonight. GO RAYS!

  10. indiansfan83

    Greetings from Cleveland! What a great baseball story this has been… It is so REFRESHING to see such a young, energetic team play on the postseason.
    It’s not over… I can’t wait to see the Rays win the whole thing!!!!

  11. vinsinkin

    carlos great game, you guys out played them all the way around . they just got the win. check swing double. it was obvious who the better team is and its obvious who the better fan is – go rays- ps I feel sorry for the red sox there good organization too bad there stuck with the worst fans on the planet – go Manny – unless you walked in manyy shoes shut the f up tim mccarver- signed deon sanders

  12. tbraysbucs

    Hey Red Sox fans living in FLORIDA: If you LOVE your CITY and Red Sox SO MUCH, Then Go Back there to LIVE!!
    …HEY MLB Big Wigs: Open the upper seats at the TROP!! Was told The RAYS can’t do it as you MLB are not allowing us at the TROP to sit there as it “obstructs our veiw”. RIGHT, I’ve sat up there and IF I BUY A TICKET AND DON’T CARE ABOUT “MY” OBSTRUCTED VIEW what’s the beef you have against that!!?? WE are the ONES BUYING THE TICKETS and WATCHING from up there! If we don’t mind paying to sit there than why can’t we??
    Oh, but we are RAYS fans not another bigger team with more $$ so let’s pick on us, eh??
    Sounds like crooked- liberal politics to me!
    I’m expecting liberals to add a New Tax on baseball tickets as I’m sure they think ONLY RICH PEOPLE GO SEE BASEBALL!!
    I’m getting FIRED-UP….
    WIN BIG!!

  13. tbraysbucs

    Oooohhhh What a mean Temptation when ME and a Thousand other Rays Fans could be sitting in those seats enjoying the game tonight!!!!
    Let us RAYS FANS Cheer The RAYS ON!!!!
    HELLO…. MLB Be Nice!! Open Those Seats!!
    I hear Ronald Reagan, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”
    But REAGAN is ordering something else, God Bless his soul, he’s saying, “MLB, Open Those Seats at Tropicana Field!”
    Gosh, I LOVE REAGAN!!
    Go RAYS!!!!

  14. tbraysbucs

    Hey Johnny Gomes,
    Please inform MLB for me about opening the “forbidden seats” at the TROP!
    I’m sure YOU’RE THE MAN to DELIVER the Message WELL!

  15. whelk2

    I will take Carlos Pena swinging 3-0 on a fastball down the middle that he knows is coming from a right-handed pitcher any day of the week. There’s a reason that some people are the best first basemen in the AL while others comment on their blogs, uclefty45. They know how to bat. Keep it coming, Carlos, better luck tonight.

  16. dodgerloge106

    OK. I tried to help the Brewers. I tried to help the Angels. Nobody is listening. You cannot tick off the baseball gods. Thunder sticks, rally monkeys and cow bells tick off the baseball gods because they have nothing to do with baseball, are white trash and do not belong in a major league ballpark. If you people want even a CHANCE to beat Boston, LOSE THE COWBELLS! Remember the Braves. The “chop” put them into baseball obscurity. It is just too obnoxious and discourteous to others. Take my advice or leave it. The Angels left it…

  17. tbraysbucs

    TRASH has no color. Trash comes in white, black and all colors inbetween. Let’s not start any race war, we get enough of that CRAP with politics!!!!
    Our Cowbells are AWESOME!! It’s YOUR problem if YOU don’t like our cowbells!!
    I heard our pitcher Kazmir didn’t look 100% warming up and I put a prayer in for him and he did pretty damn good considering! Kept the game tied when he retired and we WON THE GAME!!!!
    Was great to see our team come together- WHITE, BLACK, and HISPANIC- For all you race obsessed freaks!!
    RAYS are ONE TEAM!!
    Nice to see Wheeler do well overall besides the one bad pitch! Nice to see Perez bring his fast feet home!!
    Great game guys!!!!
    Character means so much more than skin type! GROW UP Ignorant Fools!!
    Nice WIN!!!!
    Go RAYS!!!!


    Congrdulations RAYS, stay positive, play hard. All seson long I have watched this TEAM never quit!!!!!!!!!!!! The Rays have come together and are playing for each other their manager and their fans. Carlos enjoy Mad Beach, I beleive you are one of the leaders in the club house among others and have done a great job with the younger members of the Rays. The Rays are here to stay, keep them in Tamps Bay. Will be rooting for the Rays all the way, from Gladwin Mi.

  19. kstars018

    Carlos, win or lose, you guys are all great, just remember it! You guys played good last night, no matter what anyone says. Only one team can win, that’s just how it is. And don’t worry about those Red Sox fans coming on here, they’re only doing it because they’re worried. I would be too =). Keep up the great work! WE LOVE OUR RAYS!

  20. kstars018

    And ps- MORE cowbell! Everyones criticism is just going to make us louder! It seems to be the only negative thing people can find to say about this team, and that is saying something! =) GO RAYS!


    The Rays are the best baseball team alive. They have shown more effort , determination, enthusiasm and kindness more than any other MLB team I’ve ever witnessed. Sure, they are entitled to a few errors and we all make mistakes. They are just as human as we all are and when it comes to answering the call to win a game, they seem to find a way to pull it off. These guys play their butts off and that’s why their at the top of the charts right now. They are interesting to watch and and they somehow tend to get the crowds attention at home and away, any audience. I love the Rays, always have from the start and until they are no more. Thank you Joe Maddon for all of your hard work and accomplishments and you have my best wishes for the World Series. GO AMAZING RAYS!!!!!


    Hola mi hermanito pena te saluda Jose Munoz . Tu no sabes lo feliz y orgulloso que me siento de ti. Me alegra mucho que las estes pasando bien con tu familia. Hace mucho tiempo que no hablamos por telefono y extrano eso por que siempre nos manteniamos en contactos. Mira dale saludo y un buen abrazo a tu viejo de parte mia y uno para ti y tu familia. Hermanito cuando puedas llamame al 727-320-7451. Cuidateme Mucho.

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