This is a Dream

penafollowthrough550x250.jpgThis is so cool. When I lived in Haverhill growing up in Boston, we used to live at kind of a corner, so it looked like a baseball stadium. We would pick one of the corners to be home plate. And then we would hit up against the house that was right in front of us, with plastic balls, obviously, because we would have broken all the windows otherwise.

My brothers and I used to play, and we used to hit so many home runs over the Green Monster in our minds. “Ah, home run over the Green Monster, yeah!” And I was doing that when I was 13, after I got to this country from the Dominican Republic for the first time.

And all this was a dream, that’s all it was. And the next thing you know, I’m still doing it at 30 years old, and actually doing it — really doing it. Tonight’s home run, last night’s home run, those were like a dream — something I’d done before in my mind.

So to me, I understand how really blessed I am every day to be in this uniform, and I know how that might sound really corny or cheesy, but look at these guys in here. The type of ballclub we have. How close we are. And compare this to like a college team. That’s the kind of chemistry we have on this ballclub.

And to be able to share my dream coming true with these guys, I can’t imagine anything better.



    Congrats Carlos! I just can’t believe it….I mean I can, because I have been watching this team all year, and you guys have just gotten better and better. But after so long, it’s just amazing we are in this position now. This has obviously been a great ALCS so far for everybody, but I love how the whole roster, 25 guys, have contributed to the wins. All the main starting line-up of course, but then there is Nando scoring on the sac-fly, Zobrist getting that walk was huge in Game 2, Big Cliff and Rocco with their HR’s, and Willy tonight getting 5 RBI’s. And that’s just the offense. That is probably the thing I am enjoying most about this season and this ALCS…’s somebody different every night, or in the case of the past 2 games, everyBODY every night.

  2. barkeep

    Keep living the Dream Carlos, good things do happen to good people and with hard work and dedication dreams can and do come true.

    I’m remarkably amazed at the entire season from the Namoli Complex with the workouts in February all the way through the last 8 months. Everyone associated with this season greatly deserves all the credit in the world for it’s execution. You all should be very proud.

    Keep focused to the end goal of a World Championship and bring this Dream home to everyone. We all enjoy living out the Dream as fans and that is something from the outside looking in we are all very proud of the things you are all doing too.

  3. braverays

    One more victory and it’s time to play for the grand prize. I don’t think that even any Rays fans, myself included, pictured this being the case in 2008. But this team has made huge strides in pitching depth, defense and experience. Add that to the years of good talent scouting and here we are now.Ride this wave for as long as it stays up. The impact will remain forever.Brenton

  4. tbraysbucs

    “Somewhere over the GREEN MONSTER RAYS home run balls fly”!!
    What another exciting HUGE GAME again tonight!!!!
    Our pitchers are doing GREAT! Garza was Hot! Sonnanstein was Hot!
    Awesome Home run again tonight Carlos!! This time you started things off and we had another RAYS wildfire in Boston!!
    LOL… The only Boston HR was by the TAMPA native and his 1st postseason game with the Sox. I’m sure in his mind he must be wishing he was a RAYS, but I’m sure he enjoyed his homer too.
    It must be such a wonderful thing hitting a HR over the green monster! To do that in the postseason even more special! WOW, you and Longoria both did that in both games! let’s try to get another in Thursday’s game!!!!
    Congrats to Crawford for joining the RAYS Green Monster club!! Let’s have other RAYS join that club Thursday!!
    We also had a TON of hits tonight! Singles, doubles, tripples, they all add up nicely!
    THANKS for another exciting night of baseball!
    Keep Believing!!!!

    “….Land of the Free and the Home of The RAYS”!!!!
    No MERCY on the Red Sox Thursday!!
    RAYS 2008!!


    It shows that you love it. You are making us all feel like kids who have a dream. Thanks for making baseball exciting and fun in St Pete. We are loving it! Go Rays

  6. tbraysbucs

    Even if you stick with Sheilds for your starter tomorrow it may be good to put Kazmir in there for an inning. Kaz has good stats in Boston and there is magic there for the RAYS and it may be what KAZ needs!
    Just a suggestion.
    Go RAYS!!!!

    How’s Percival?? We haven’t forgotten him nor what he’s capable of doing!!

    Thanks Gomes!
    They announced they are opening up the seats at the TROP for games 6 & 7 if needed. But it would be AWESOME to finish in BOSTON with a SWEEP in Fenway!!!!

  7. raysrenegade


    Keep the boys’ loose tomorrow, maybe do the shopping and movie thing to keep the pressure off the tops of your heads.
    Thursday’s game might be the tip of the iceberg for us this season. Either we will climb it like Mt. Everest, or it will drip away like a icecube on the stove.

    Remember that Boston had to come back from 3-1 last year against the Cleveland Indians. I do not think we have heard the last of this bunch of Red sox this year. Keep your heads up and your minds clear and we will be at the airport in the thousands waiting for you all to come home.

    Remember to be patient with Dice-K, he got lucky last time we were putting too much pressure on ourselves. WOOOOOOOOOSAHHHHHH………………WOOOOOOOOOOSAHHHHHHH

    Bring it home, and Do That Dance Carlos!!!!!!!

    Rays Renegade


    Great Carlos & Team! 😀
    Just finish them at home, the dream is possible!
    Thanks for a great post season!


    Hey Carlos,

    No, it’s not corny at all. After reading all that you went through to get to where you are, it was an inspiration to me and I appreciate you. It’s wonderful that you realize you are blessed, you have worked really hard to get to where you are, but God is blessing it. I love the story about hitting the balls over the make-believe green monster with your brothers when you were a kid; the power of visualization! Thanks for sharing this.
    As a photojournalist, I covered the FSU baseball team for three years, and the Rays do have that same kind of chemistry, which is so special and rare in the big leagues.
    Last night’s game was just incredible. Do it one more time for your team, and for your fans! Go Rays, put Boston away!

  10. bossman

    Carlos and Teamates and Coaching Staff, remember your motto “WE ARE ONE TEAM” and thats how you play and win.
    Another great game from all aspects. Even though we are season ticket holders we want you to go for the win on Thursday. NO MERCY!!!!
    Remind Jim again to throw a lot of off speed junk it baffles the redsox hitters.
    GO RAYS!!!!!!!!!


    Carlos Felipe:
    No se si eres tu la persona que realmente escribe este blog. Si eres tu sabras porque te llamo Carlos Felipe. Es Gisselle tu vecina /amiga de tu niez (residencial aurora). No te imaginas lo feliz que me siento al ver lo bien que estas. Una mujer como yo que no ve pelota estoy que no me pierdo un juego tuyo. Que orgulloso debe de estar toda tu familia en especial tu padre. Mami y yo nos acordamos siempre te verte a ti y a tu pap siempre tirando pelotas.
    De verdad estoy super feliz de verte a donde has llegado.
    Una abrazote bien grande y Go Tampa Rays !!!

  12. kstars018

    I can’t even put into words how happy I am for you and the team! You guys really showed your stuff the past two nights. It’s been unbelievable! I am so happy to see that your dreams are a reality now, everyone can tell that you deserve it. Good things really do happen to good people. You guys really are the best team I have ever seen, you play so well together, and the best part of it all is that you actually care about eachother, and that makes it all so worth it! No one in this world deserves it more than you all do. To me, you guys have gone above and beyond since the very beginning. GO RAYS!

  13. penafan

    Carlosssss you are my hero!!!!! The Rays are my heroes!!!!!!
    You have show all the people with hard work it can get it done!! Lets finish this series here in Boston and pleaseeee you have to do the dance!!!!! wether is in Boston or here in Tampa!!! PLEASE DO THE DANCE!!!

  14. raysindiansfan

    El exito do los RAYS y el tuyo personalmente es prueba de lo que you siempre digo, “SI LO PUEDES SONAR, LO PUEDES LOGRAR!” IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN REALIZE IT! With hard work and discipline dreams come true-it’s not about money, it’s about loving your dream and wanting it badly enough despite any roadblocks and in the case of the Rays building the type of brotherly love that God does Bless. Forget about us here in Florida and the game ticket lotteries and all, just go ahead and take the red sox tonight-we won’t mind a bit! I hope that you take a lesson from the Indians last year and don’t disconnect from the game too much Wednesday. Keep it light, but stay connected. Best wishes!

  15. vinsinkin

    carlos carlos, are we having fun yet!!!!!! hey no one has made this comparison , but you are keith hernadez with power – I guess there is a fine line between nervousness and enjoyable excitement- keep walkin that line enjoy it all- and dont wake up carl – I think he thinks hes dreaming- go get r done – dont read this part carlos, dont want you looking ahead but to rays fans check this out we might celibrate on fenway park and then open next year at home against red sox so they can watch us raise the banner- ouch – that could be painful- oh i forgot there used to it they had 86 years of pain- im starting to thing they look more comfotable and familiar in this losing role there expressions and jestures a re priceless


    CONGRATULATIONS THUS FAR, CARLOS! I have been watching you guys during these playoffs, and you are simply awesome. I live in Chicago and was raised a Cub fan, but needless to say, we all know what happened with that this year (not to mention the past 99 years). My biggest smile and cheers came when you guys knocked out our south side rivals during the ALDS. I think my cheers could be heard throughout the tri-state area. Tampa Bay instantly become my heroes! THANKS MUCH! And now, from what I’ve been seeing, you guys have a chance of a lifetime to win the big prize. I’m pulling for you all the way – 100%. You say “this is a dream,” well; dreams do come true. Now, I’m running out to the sports store to buy a Tampa Bay shirt. I shall wear it with pride. Thanks again, Carlos! You have one heck of a team, and although I’m pulling for the Phillies in the NL (I wonder why), if push comes to shove and you play them in a WS, I’m on your side. GO RAYS!


    Hey Carlos,
    What a Great season you and the guys are having!!! Another great win in Boston and another great 1st inning homerun to get the boys fired up. Let’s finish this thing up and bring home the pennant!!!!! Enjoy your day off. I have enjoyed every moment of this , and thanks for starting this blog. It’s fun to read. so………..LET’S GO RAYS….LET’S GO RAYS……LET’S GO RAYS…..

  18. richinpa

    Hey Carlos I am just so happy for you and the team it has been such a great year and has made baseball fun for me in a long time. I made mention in another comment how I met you last year. I was with Joe Maddon’s brother Mark and we were wating for Joe to come out of the clubhouse and you walked out, you came over to Mark and I and said to Mark “The great things you and the team were going to do next year” man you were so right maybe not what happen this year but how much better the team was going to be, I just cant get that day out of my head. It would be so great to finish this thing at the Trop but go out tomorrow and play like you guys have played all year and we are on our way to the WS.

  19. raysfan24

    Carlos, When I think of the Tampa Bay Rays the only thing that comes to my is mind ?FIELD OF DREAMS? Make sure you tell everyone we are very proud of each and everyone one of you guys! Great Job last night!!!


    Well I didn’t have to wait long to see when your next HR was coming Carlos – congrats again. Now lets get through this last one and we are in the Series. Unfortunatley they are being pretty picky with the tickets since it looks like the same people are winning the opportunity to buy tickets over and over but I can still watch it on TV. GO RAYS!!!!!!!!!



    I met you at international mall and you were eating at cheese cake factory. This was after last season where you belted all those homers. I’m George Bell’s nephew from the Dominican Republic. You took a picture with me, shook my hand, and really showed what a class act you are. Do us all a favor. For the fans here in Fl, and for your fans back home in Santo Domingo. Kick some red sox butt! Show them what we’re made of. Do it for the fans that have been there since day one, and even the band wagon fans! Show them we’re the real deal, show them a young team can represent just as well as any other team in the MLB. It’s great to see that a star such as yourself takes pride in his heritage, his home country, and his current surroundings. Some other players, which will remain nameless (A-Rod) totally dismiss their backgrounds, forget where they come from, and this makes many fans angry. Thanks again Carlos for all your work, good luck in game 5! Hit one over the monster for us! Give these Sox another taste of the future world champions! (Oh yeah dila a Coco Crisp que coma ******!) Go Rays!

    Chris AKA
    El Chino

  22. loganme


    As a die hard Red Sox fan, your performance in these playoffs gives me absolute fits (also can you tell Longoria and Upton to knock it off!), but having listened to you over the years I am consistently impressed by your stature and positive attitude. You are definitely one of the good guys in the this game, and I’ve never heard a thing to contradict that impression. Obviously with the ascension of Youk, there wasn’t a ton of space for you in Boston in 2006, so I’m glad you’ve found a good place in Tampa.

    I’m hoping for a big comeback for my boys over the next week, but would like to congratulate you on your success thus far. We need more of the good guys in this game moving forward.


  23. sweepla

    Hey Carlos and Rays fans!
    I am totally blown away by your performance both during the season and now in the postseason. Where did you come from? lol. It has been truly amazing! I am really hoping that you can pull this one out tonight and go to the World Series! Beat Boston! I am a Phillies fan and I would much rather play a team with your talent and class. Because even if my guys lose, I will know that they lost to an amazing team! I am watching your game now and getting the goosebumps…you guys are scary good! Good luck and may the best team win the world series (I’m assuming we’ll be seeing you there). Just try to cool off a bit before Wednesday 😉


    Carlos, Congratulations!

    The segment on TBS was such a good one about you and your family. You all really have class!

    Thank you for being there for Tampa Bay!


    I am an will always be a redsox fan but im very happy you are living your dream. A dream many of us have as kids not to just play baseball but to have the dream of hitting it over the green monster. Growing up in haverhill i remember playing neighborhood ball an if the ball was hit over the roof of wood school it was over the green monster. go chase those dreams from the streets of haverhill an win a ring. Good luck carlos


    As a hometown girl – Die hard Red Sox fan, it has been bittersweet seeing you hit homers over the Green Monster. I remember sitting beside you in the lounge of Spear Hall at Northeastern watching game after game after game … I knew you were good then because I’d watch you and Hernan play home games, but honestly I couldn’t be happier for you now. Congratulations on all you’ve done. IF you win the series against the Sox and go on to fulfill a childhood dream of playing in the World Series I’ll have to watch – and of course cheer for you!!! Swing hard – play hard and good luck… you might need it playing against our Miracle Team! LOL

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