What a Game

penagame5homerswing550x250.jpgCrazy. Tonight’s game was absolutely crazy.

I was glad I was a part of it. I’m obviously disappointed I wasn’t on the winning side of it, for all of our sake, but that was some game.

Right now, my main focus is to minimize tonight’s game to being what it was — just one loss. And the more we can take it as that, the better we will be the next time we take the field. As a teammate and personally, I’m just trying to make sure that we understand this is only one loss. It could have been 4-3 or 1-0, and it was worth the same.

It was like that home run you hit over the wall and the home run you hit that goes 100 feet — both count the same. So I think for all of us to understand that is incredibly powerful. penapregame550x250.jpg


  1. barkeep

    very very true. It is 1 game and do remember you guys went into Boston and won 2 of 3 games. Like the season take each series at a time and each game in a series at a time. You guys should be very very proud of what you accomplished in Boston (2 out of 3 is pretty darn good) The Rays are up in the 7 game series 3 games to their 2 and now you guys come home. Enjoy the day off at home, have a great workout, enjoy sleeping in your own beds and eating home cookin and being around your families.

    We will see you all at the Trop and it will be loud and fun to have you guys playing at home.

    Good job in Boston you guys make us proud

  2. brian.choquette@gmail.com

    Tonight was nothing Rays. You won 2 out of 3 games at Fenway, when you only needed 1 to send it back to the Trop. Don’t do anything different…..have fun on that plane ride. Make sure the guys stay loose and don’t tighten up. Stay hungery, we will not be denied this World Series berth. Go out and take it.

  3. marineangel0714@yahoo.com

    I have to say that tonight’s game was a great game, even though you didn’t win tonight it was obvious that you guys played well ’till the end, i am very proud to say that i’m a Rays fan and am very proud of the team! Now come home, play well, let’s win and make your hometown proud! Love you Rays!

  4. tbraysbucs

    I’m real proud and estatic about you and Longoria homering again tonight and in all 3 Boston games. Mostly a great played game but sometimes momentum can change suddenly. It does hurt to lose a game when it seemed like it was in your pocket already, but that’s the sox and they can’t be underestimated. Kazmir was great, I was stunned when I heard he was taken out when he was playing so well, but sometimes in defeat you learn and take what you can from it and move forward. The future is bright; keep believing in yourselves and teammates and Go Get Them Sox Saturday!!!!
    ….Anyways, I didn’t buy the ticket when I had the chance. Call me silly, superstitious, or just an idiot, BUT I felt buying a ticket meant I didn’t believe that you would win tonights game and felt that may JINX you! I still think I can come up with a ticket though, especially now they opened more seats at our TROP – Thank Goodness!!
    HEY, The GOOD NEWS IS; Now we can all celebrate at the TROP when you win Saturday night!!!!
    That sounds SO SWEET NOW!!!!
    Play like it’s game 7!!
    Let’s have a BIG ‘OLE PARTY Saturday night!!
    Go RAYS!!!!

  5. tbraysbucs

    I worked tonight but got updates every 15 – 30 minutes by phone. I am so looking forward to seeing Saturdays game!!
    ** You know what happens when you put milk or water on Coco Puffs, they get soggy, not Crispy; hummm…. DROWN THEM!!!!
    Go RAYS!!!!

  6. tbraysbucs

    Keep Smiling!!
    Keep Dancing!!
    Have Fun RAYS!!
    Good Luck!!
    Good night, Sweet Dreams!!

  7. tbraysbucs

    Upton got another homer too!
    Another game with so many stories and so many hits!!
    See GUYS, not sure what this game was all about, but it still spoke highly of you guys despite the final outcome.
    ALL OF YOU!!
    I BELIEVE it is meant for The RAYS to WIN AT THE TROP!!
    BTW- I LOVE our TROP!!!!
    That is the DESTINY for The RAYS and so it will be!!
    Go Fulfill Your Destiny Saturday!!
    Anyhow, let’s all put this game to rest and lets all get some good rest!!
    Go RAYS!!!!

  8. brian106tw@yahoo.com.tw

    just wanna let you know that The Rays fans is not only in USA . this is message from Taiwan which is homeland of Yankees pitcher Chien-Ming Wang and Dodgers’ left hander Hong-Chin Kuo.
    Besides Yankees and Dodgers, there have more and more Rays fans arise in Taiwan, and we are well prepare for the first World Series of The Rays. The new pages of Rays in MLB history is written and will of course continue. Please keep the faith and move forward!and remember, there have many Rays fans stand with you guys even across The Pacific Ocean !
    Go Tampa Bay Rays !!

  9. pregador27

    Carlos! The game was exciting, but the highlight was to see thousands of Red Sox fans leave when it was 7-0 in the top of the seventh. They did not get to see the fight their team put up. They need to remember that time does not run out in baseball. As long as there is a strike left there is hope. The RAYS proved that many times this year.

    That loss was a fluke. Normally Balfour, Wheeler and Howell would shut down as opponent. Just need to regroup and heat up the bats from #5 hitter to #8. It will come.

    Keep up the good work!!!!!

  10. raygator72

    Crazy and baseball go hand-in-hand during the playoffs. Thank you for staying positive and upbeat. I don’t think I could do that if I were you. The bullpen has been wonderful all year, but sometimes things just don’t go your way. I was more upset for Kaz because he pitched such a wonderful game. But, as you said, that game is done and now it is time to finish this series at the Trop. May God bless all of you and keep you safe. GO RAYS!

  11. raysrenegade

    One of the things I have always loved about baseball is that you can never assume anything at anytime. I might have been in shock for a little while, but I have to be a little selfish here too.
    We now get to see the end of the series at home. Granted I might have wanted it finished last night, but I remember the last time we celebrated at home at it was pure magic to see you all run around the stadium with the faces full of joy and pride.
    Maybe it is extra selfish to want to celebrate it with you, but tomorrow night would be the perfect send off to honr and show how much this area loves and supports this awesome team.
    I know you are already back in the Tampa Bay area, but I still wish we could have met your plane and gave all of you the energy this area feels for this team.
    No fatalistic tendencies here, just pure energy and support for the greatest set of guys I have ever met.

    The stars are aligned, all we have to do is stay calm and the you can “Do That Dance, Carlos……….Do That Dance.”

    Rays Renegade aka Section 138


  12. bossman

    Carlos and teammates it’s as you know only 1 loss, dissappointing as it may be to be up 7 runs and lose.

    Kazmir was excellent and probably should have pitched into the 8th inning or until he got into trouble.

    You need to print these comments out or at least let Maddon read them. As I have stated before the redsox have a hard time hitting the off speed pitch and what does Maddon do? He puts in Balfour our hardest and fastest closer instead of Howell our ACE in the bullpen. Maddon should have put Price in if anybody. I don’t know who is making the stupid decisions on pitching Hickey or Maddon but they have to stop or you’ll lose the series when you are so close. If after the first 2 batters the pitcher is pitching badly maddon needs to take him out right then and there. If they are off they are off, no excuses, take them out!!!!

    I have the utmost confidence you will take the series hopefully on Saturday night but the coaching staff has to think of what works and what hasn’t worked. The offense and defense were super until he went to the bullpen.
    Hopefully Shields will have the game of his life if not Price and then Howell should be used in that order. Jackson should close if Balfour can’t throw strikes. Good Luck!!!!!
    GO RAYS!!!!!!!!!!

  13. soxfanjack

    Peña, I wish you were still a Red Sox player. We all know you’re from here and this is where your heart is. Yup, I just said that. There it is.

    Now, the bad news. Your season is about to be over. You all know it. Last night’s game was the beginning of the end. The Rays will choke in games 6 and 7, just like the Yankees did in 04. See, last night, you started thinking “oh my god, are we actually going beat the world champions and make it to the world series?” And that’s when it ended for you. You’re done. The Rays simply don’t have the experience to deal with a Red Sox comeback. This is how they roll. The Red Sox have all the experience, they are holding all the cards. Francona is a genius. Maddon wears those glasses – ’nuff said. This is your series to lose. And you will. Just an FYI.

    All in fun, boys. GO SOX.

  14. raysindiansfan

    Thank God that past performance is NOT a good indicator of present or future performance or we might all have the same delusions and be living in the past like the Boston blogger above. We’re not the Yankees of 2004, we’re not the Indians of 2007, WE’RE THE RAYS of 2008! Same that’s true with stocks is true with baseball teams-past performance is not indicative of present or future performance. Just look to the Indians and Yankees who are great contenders but this year finished well down in their respective division. Listen, Boston Boy, you’re on the wrong Blog….get ready to face the cowbell mayhem at the Trop-doesn’t matter if we win Saturday or Sunday, take your pick RAYS, as to just how long you want to give boston false hope, then bring on the Florida surprise and take the AL Championship! RAYS ROCK!!!

  15. roche.t@neu.edu

    Keep making Northeastern proud Carlos!

    As a Rays/Sox fan, I’m torn with this series. However, each time you step up to the plate I’m on your side. Go Rays! Go Huskies!

  16. tddpaquette@yahoo.com

    Carlos, This is Todd; I used to cover you from the Eagle-Tribune. You’re still one of my favorite players I ever met (and favorite people. )
    But my friends keep asking me to tell you to stop killing the Sox.
    I’m like “I haven’t talked to Carlos since he was in Texas. How is it my fault?”
    So no more home runs, okay?
    From your old friend, honestly, best of luck and I still miss you and your family.
    By the way; I need to talk to you about an idea I have so give me a hollar.

  17. kstars018

    You guys played great, despite the loss! I was upset to see it happen but at the same time, I couldn’t have been more excited because now I get to go to the game on Saturday and cheer you guys on! The way I think of it is, you guys lost so you could clinch it in front of your loving fans at home. Way to homer again, I saw that one coming. It wasn’t surprising! I have to be up for work at 4am on Sunday, but I could care less. I’m counting down the hours til Saturday! Just keep in mind, if any team deserves to win this, it’s you guys, so go out and crush those sox. GO RAYS! And remember, Do that dance Carlos! xoxo See you at the Trop!

  18. specialed77@gmail.com


    I have an chance to buy game 7 tickets tonight but I’m not doing it. I have my game 6 tickets and that is when this series will end. You guys are a better team. 1 loss means nothing. Lets wrap it up tomorrow!

    Thanks for a great summer for me and my nephew!

  19. tina@adamsair.com

    We are so proud of all the Rays players!!!! Although you did not win on Thursday it was an awesome game and part of me is so glad that you get to come home and win in front of the home fans!! I will be there Saturday with my cowbell cheering all of you on. So be sure to hang loose and bring you game with you on Saturday. We want another Champaign bath! LOL!!

    ~GO RAYS~

    Just an FYI on all my outgong work emails the last line of my signature info says: “Tampa Bay Rays All The Way!”

    ~GO RAYS~

  20. shaynomack04@yahoo.com


    Tough game tonight, but thanks for not picking that baseball on Longoria’s throw so the game could continue to be the best baseball game I’ve seen in a long time. The middle of your lineup sure is hot, and with the way Beckett has been throwing I think you boys should have a shot at taking it in game 6 so long as Shields has a good outing. I played a game at Tropicana field in the summer of 2007 and I can understand why you have such a home field advantage, it’s near impossible to see the ball well off the bat there as an outfielder! Pretty amazing to watch BJ Upton and Carl Crawford track down fly balls there, I can’t imagine how much work they have to put in during batting practice to work on their reads. I would think that it would be near impossible to see an infield pop up there was well. It seems as if the dome effects your depth perception on the baseball; I’d definitely wear one in the head. I will be rooting you guys on for saturday’s game, and I’m sure WWE superstars Hollywood Hulk Hogan and John Cena will be in attendance at the trop to root you guys on; I wish I could go! Good luck, play good, and have fun!

  21. David Horne

    Good thoughts, Carlos — and to be honest, if anyone said Rays take 2 of 3 in Boston before Game 3, I think everyone pulling for you guys would have taken it. Tough loss, but Rays did take 2 of 3 and are in the exact position everyone was hoping for a week ago. Having said that, come on guys, let’s win this thing in six and be done with it already…

    — David


  22. Tucker Elliot

    Good thoughts, Carlos — and to be honest, if anyone said Rays take 2 of 3 in Boston before Game 3, I think everyone pulling for you guys would have taken it. Tough loss, but Rays did take 2 of 3 and are in the exact position everyone was hoping for a week ago. Having said that, come on guys, let’s win this thing in six and be done with it already…

    — David


  23. info@atiempo.com.co

    Vamos Peña, gracias por levantarme el animo, fue un solo partido. Desde Bogota, Colombia seguimos tu carrera y tus exitos.

    Vamos con todo el sabado, tengo aqui mi campana lista.

    Un fuerte abrazo a todos los compañeros latinos.


  24. canderson@goldsgym.com

    Hey Carlos,
    Bottom line: You took 2 out of 3 at Fenway!!! Most of us would have been happy with 1 win. I look at it this way: The Sawx had to score 8 runs in the final 2 1/3 innings to AVOID being SWEPT at Fenway in the Playoffs by the Rays. Now they get to face Big Game James…AT THE TROP!!! Good luck Saturday!!

  25. bucs_champs@hotmail.com

    I am a teacher who works at the Trop for my second job, so I have been to every game this season. I often use the Rays working as a team as an example to my students about what hard work and team work can do for them. You are a perfect example of what getting along and working hard can do to accomplish your goals. Remember that as you go into tomorrow’s game. My students are rooting for you…we know you can do it!

  26. jkmarion@aol.com

    What can we all say, baseball and any sport is unpredictable. Yogi’s saying- it ain’t over til it’s over is so true. yes, it was tough loss to take, Carlos, but to take 2 of 3 at fenway was more than I expected. Boston is a tuff town to play in especially for the visiting teams. The Boston beaners were even booing out their red sox. Damn the Rays are in really good shape really- they come back home with a 3-2 lead. Can’t see them losing the series now

  27. indiansfan83

    Funny… Red Sox fans are so freaked out and so insecure that they have to come here to “vent” what’s actually never going to happen… LOL!!! They are actually rubbing in that they are still a whole game behind!! I’m sorry, but that’s funny stuff….

    This is your year guys… Sure they had a comeback (and it was a great one) but you have outscored them in such a way… that it puts all that “experience” that Red Sox fan up there talks about to shame!!

    Go Rays! And go all the way!

  28. penafan

    They have to win 2, we need to win 1, tomorrow we have Big Game James!!! I believe in my Rays!! Tomorrow we will get them at the Trop!!!!

    El Underdog

  29. ellenc

    Hi to the DevilRays Fans… hey.. I wish you, well no I cant do that , but I can be nice.. But remember that all RedSox fans are not monsters and we do not all come here to “vent”. I came over looking for a “regular” persons blog, you know like a reporter/beat writer (our Beat Writer is Ian Brown) who has a blog..I wanted to know what y’all were thinking as regular fans.. those are always the best blogs. They write their own stuff,,, on the players blogs a publicist does the writing.. Just like the one by Jacoby on ours..
    Great teams need great fans.. You have a great team and you guys can be the Base of the Fan base… Thats an awesome thing.. I just want a good game.. it’s going to be a tough one I can assure you of that.
    Have a good night.. and if you would like to come over and comment on our blog (thank you for letting me on yours!! I appreciate it), just log onto REDSOX.COM scroll down to the end of the page and on the left is the blog section.. click on IanBrowns Brownie Points.. we welcome your good sport comments!!! I hope y’all have a good night…

  30. william.reinhard@gmail.com

    Hello Rays, Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and enjoyible season. My son and I went to games all the time, amd when I was out of town working we would talk on the phone. You are winners in all of the Tampa bay community. Me and my son William will be there next year supporting you. God Bless!…

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